Who Is Nikola Tesla?

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santa_clara_vanguard_100x100“Geeks stay up all night disassembling the world so that they can put it back together with new features. They tinker and fix things that aren’t broken. Geeks abandon the world around them because they’re busy soldering together a new one. They obsess and, in many cases, they suffer.”

Born in 1856, Nikola Tesla is often considered to be one of the greatest “geeks” of his generation; a true visionary in the field of developmental science. He grew up studying physics and mathematics but soon discovered a passion for electricity, a passion that would spark a lifetime of ideas and invention. In 1884, Tesla came to the United States to work for Thomas Edison, but their differing opinions on the topic of direct current versus alternating current ultimately led to a falling out. Tesla spent the remainder of his life advocating for the use of alternating current, the system we are still using today.

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