2007 Drum Corps Japan Championships Report

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Welcome to the 2007 Dram… I mean Drum Corps Japan Championships… whoops, someone misspelled "drum" on the championship flags. But that did not stop the seven drum and bugle corps from both east and central Japan from putting on an electrifying show for the masses. Though it was assured the name did not change, Drum Corps Japan introduced a new line of fashion at this year’s championships, including the introduction of their new logo. The scoring system also had a makeover as tonight’s championships began using the standard hundred-point system used by other drum corps circuits around the world. With that, the Yokohama Inspires with their production "M" earned the Spirit of Arita award and the highest score ever recorded in DCJ’s history with a 91.95, taking also high brass, and color guard and high visual captions. The Yokohama Scouts followed in second with their production "Colored Jazzy Volcano" with a score of 91.15, taking also the high percussion caption. Tokyo Phoenix came in third with their production "Melting Pot" with a score of 89.90. Phoenix Regiment rounded out the division one competition with their production "Phoenix" with a score of 84.65.

In division two, Imperial Sound defended their 2006 title and earned the Spirit of Konno award with their production "be HOT" with a score of 82.20. Cherry blossoms came in second with their production "Gilgamesh" with a score of 76.25. Sonic Lancers was third with their production "British Fantasy" with a score of 63.10.

Judging tonight was provided by both Drum Corps International and Drum Corps Japan. Drum Corps International was represented by Ken Turner (Music Effect), Tim Ochran (Visual Effect), Gino Cipriani (Music Ensemble), Mike Anderson (Visual Ensemble), and Kyle Miller (Color Guard). Drum Corps Japan was represented by Katsumi Okawa (Brass Performance), Shinichiro Komori (Percussion Performance), Yoshiyuki Tanaka (Percussion Performance), and Masahiro Kato (Visual Performance).

This summer, the Yokohama Scouts will be bringing a team of 60 or so members to Pasadena, California to compete in the 2007 Drum Corps International World Championships as a division III drum and bugle corps.

1 – 91.95 Yokohama Inspires(Div1 Champion)
2 – 91.15 The Yokohama Scouts
3 – 89.90 Tokyo Phoenix
4 – 84.65 Phoenix Regiment
5 – 82.20 Imperial Sound(Div2 Champion)
6 – 76.25 Cherry Blossoms
7 – 63.10 Sonic Lancers

*High Brass: Yokohama Inspires
*High Percussion: The Yokohama Scouts
*High Visual: Yokohama Inspires
*High Color Guard: Yokohama Inspires
*"Spirit of Arita" Award (Div1 Champion): Yokohama Inspires *"Spirit of Konno" Award (Div2 Champion): Imperial Sound

Drum Corps Japan – www.dcjpn.org
Full Recaps – www.dcjpn.org/cgi-bin/dlcnt/dlcnt.cgi?file=f_champion2007

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