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When Steve "Hairbear" Masters retired from drum corps after the '99 season with the Racine Kilties, he traded in his ol' mini-van for a Corvette (not a CorpsVet). Master's logic: "If I have a 'Vette, I'm truly done with all the long corps commutes."

Last week, Masters planned to rent a mini-van to haul percussion equipment to Wally, the Mad Plaid's famous cymbalist…Next day, he called saying, "I'm at a car lot looking to buy a mini-van. I need one anyway with all the bar band playing I'm doing and hauling equipment…."

Hairbear drove to Racine in his newly-acquired mini-van, full of congas and other bangin' gear. If he'd just play a soprano, even a scooter would do just fine, certainly a Harley.

The Kilties have had several Harley riders. This year's version scored 61 and 62 points on three consecutive days on DCAssociates score sheets at their Kilties' Klassic June 22, Rockford, IL, and Lisle, IL. Frontier scored 63 to Gulf Coast Sound's 60. Music City Legend got 61 June 25 at a DCInternational 'Bama show. When have non-Northeast DCA corps had such opportunities for so many early scores on DCA score sheets? True to predictions, DCI and DCA have worked through the scoring sheets snags.

Hairbear was a busy man in Racine, hauling percussion gear, covering the event along with Terri Erickson for DCWorld, , and marching in the A-Team, donned in his own kilt. (Thanks to JC Caspers for typing and submitting Master's and Erickson's article.) Many Kilties' alumni turned out for the event at Horlick Field. It took some adjustment, I'm sure, as it was played to the visitors' side due to construction. If only those stone walls could talk and tell the history.

At a packed DeMark's that night, Scott Stewart was toasted as the man who will take the reins of the Mad Plaid after this season. Stewart serves in a consulting role for now. With voluminous notes, Stewart has plans for the aught eight Kilties. The '07 plaid corps are in fine shape, too. Maybe Stewart can field 60 brass next year. It will be a memorable year indeed, the finest in the all-age corps' history, I'm sure.

On his way home Saturday morning, Masters stopped in at one of the unique Chicago oasises. Who should he run into but Stewart. Masters was on his way back to Cincinnati to play bass with his blues band, while Stewart was making his way to the DCI Rockford show. They had a nice visit again, slightly different from the DeMark's venue the night before.

'There are corps on the coast by the Wildwood….'

The Wildwood, NJ, show sponsored by the Hawthorne Caballeros is a phenomenal show. Al Katz et al. do a bang-up job every year. It is done indoors and is LOUD! No surprise that the Reading Buccaneers showed they are prime for a three-peat, winning with almost 76 points. Cabs snared second, a point over the Empire Statesmen's 73. Brigs claimed fourth at 68, while the Hurcs almost made 66. A li'l birdie told me, "I would have put Brigs in second." Interesting, as the source has no Syracuse allegience.

Renegades have brass cajones

Dave Leland called to report that he's still making the flights from Nashville to SFO to do the Renegades. Leland said, "The baris are so powerful. We have thirds who have played lead."

The Renegades' "dark" show was received well at the Blue Devils' Pavilion concert. Key Poulan has done a fantastic job with the 'Gades brass charts. Check 'em out, folks.

SoCal Dream will be in Rochester again. River City Regiment?

Alliance is hosting their own DCA show August 19, the day after the CorpsVets Rockmart, GA, show. Music City Legend host the DCA South Regionals August 4. Buy those tickets!

Gotta go. Gotta pack. The CorpsVets are leaving on the longest trek in their 10-year history, all the way to Bridgeport, CT. I'm tagging along this year. Ace Holleran is the emcee. Bill Flaker, DCW distinguished writer, is helping to host the event for the Hurricanes.

Bill McGrath, Jr., is seeking old corps recordings. McGrath requests, "The Emerald Cadets of Rochester, NY, operated for an all too short 11 years (1958 through 1969). On August 22, 1964, we competed in the 10th annual Cavalcade of Music in Marion, OH. We were in that show on a home and home basis in 1962, '63, '64 and '67! We won in in '63, came in third in '64 and won it again in '67! At any rate, we believe that a "Dale Johnson" recorded that August 22, 1964 Marion show. There was a recording made, as I remember actually watching him do so while I was on the field, as he was right in front of me at the time."

Anyone who has knowledge of such a recording or any recordings of the Emerald Cadets, please contact Bill McGrath, Jr., or me. Thanks!

Aught Seven is in motion. Catch it while you can!

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