2010 Kansai Regional Marching Band Contest Report

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This past Sunday, November 8, marching ensembles came together for the 31st Kansai Regional Marching Band Contest at the Maishima Arena in Osaka, Japan. Eight units representing Osaka, Hyogo, Wakayama, Kyoto and Shiga competed for two spots in the All-Japan Marching Band Contest in Saitama on December 13.

This year’s Kansai representatives are once again The Tonan Marching Band "Gryphons" and the Jokers Drum & Bugle Corps. The Gryphons continued their dominance in Kansai with their show "liberation." Music included selections from the musical "Elisabeth." The Jokers presented a rather serious look into "The life of a clown" in three parts.

The Soka Wakayama Blue Eagles soared in with their largest corps to date, competing for the first time in the large ensemble class. Following the Blue Eagles were Legend of Angels Drum & Brass Corps with their show "Freedom." This show demonstrated a very unique way of entering the floor, visualizing Hebrew slaves being dragged in to work, and ending with the parting of the red sea and Moses bestowing the tablets containing the Ten Commandments. Shiga Prefecture’s lone corps, Aqua, presented a darker show titled, "Vampire." The show opened with a casket being carried to the center of floor, only to reveal that it is mysteriously empty. A battle of good vs. evil then rages on, with good (of course) taking home the victory at the end. The Himeji Saints Drum & Brass Corps gave the audience a taste of good old fashion drum corps with their show "MIND -cool, love, energy-." Cool was represented by Adam Gorb’s "Awayday, Op.24," followed by a well known ballad from Casablanca, "As Time Goes By." Energy was represented by a well known Madison Scouts classic, "Remembrance." Maboroshi (translated Phantom) introduced an all original show titled, "The People’s Wishes (hitobito no negai)." Finishing up the lineup were the Susami Starfish from Wakayama. Starfish continued their show from last year titled, "A small seed," opening with what’s becoming a signature for this group, "Land of Make Believe," followed by Ron nelson’s Sonoran Desert Holiday. The show closed with selections from the Boadway musical, "Wicked."

31st Kansai Marching Band Contest Placements:
1 – Tonan Marching Band "The Gryphons"
2 – Jokers Drum & Bugle Corps
3 – Soka Wakayama Blue Eagles
4 – Legend of Angles Drum & Brass Corps
5 – Aqua
6 – Himeji Saints Drum & Brass Corps
7 – Maboroshi
8 – Starfish band Activities

The 37th All-Japan Marching band Contest will take place on December 13th at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture.

Japan marching band and Baton Twirling Association Kansai – http://marchingkansai.fc2web.com/index.htm

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