Thurrock Marching Brass To Re-Launch On October 18th 2010

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Plans are well underway to bring back to the Marching Band/Drum Corps arena the Band that was admired by so many; The  Thurrock Marching Brass. Aimed at bringing something back for the youth of Thurrock, the effort will see many new youngsters that have never been involved in Marching Bands/Drum Corps before start to enjoy just what being involved has given so many of us before, and currently.

To keep people informed of the activities going on a TMB Re-Launch Newsletter has been produced, which will be updated monthly so that everyone can see what is happening. In addition, Thurrock Marching Brass now has a web presence at where you can find a link to the current and future newsletters also.

Leading the effort, past member Paul Morgan (1975 – 1989) commented “Those of us that have been through the Thurrock ranks will know just how important the Band was for us all, and it is my sincere hope that we can bring new youngsters into the Band to start their journey on doing not only themselves, but the name proud. It has been 21 years since the Band was on the field of competition, and so it is with great pride that we start the journey in earnest to bring her back to life again. We know there will be significant challenges ahead, and we know that the social environments have changed dramatically over the years, but we have many that have stepped forward and are prepared to take on that challenge, and so I look ahead with optimistic eyes for the venture to succeed. Pete North (1974 – 1981), has also played a significant part in helping to bring back something that will benefit so many in so many ways, and I would like to thank him, and all others for their continued support”

BYBA Founder and Fellowship Member David Loader, also Thurrock’s founder in 1973, added “I always knew that at some point there would be a spark of interest in bringing back the Band that I founded in 1973, and I am delighted to see this effort being lead by Paul, who has spent no less than 15 years in the Thurrock ranks, as well as remained fully involved within the Marching Band/Drum Corps and Colourguard activities ever since joining in 1975. Having served in several capacities within DCUK, including 8 years as a Trustee, and also his current roles within the British Youth Band Association, which includes his current Trustee position, he has all the credentials to help drive this effort forwards. I am very happy and proud to see all the support this is getting and look forward to the official launch in October. The same day (October 18th) that I launched the Band originally in 1973”

For more information, please contact us at info [at] thurrockmarchingbrass [dot] org or through our web site at

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