Last 2010 Beatrix Brass Concert

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On Christmas eve, December 24th, the last (Christmas) concert by Beatrix Brass took place outside the old Catholic church at the Melkpad in Hilversum.

Over the years, it has become a tradition to give away a Christmas eve concert at this pleasant venue; a special location with a unique atmosphere. The setting was a truly wonderful scene with a camel, ducks, chickens and a pony. There was also a herdsman who had to endure the cold weather for the entire afternoon and evening.

Because of the cold and the snow it was very difficult to tune the instruments. Nevertheless it was a good concert that created a warm feeling around the plaza. There was a special Christmas service for children, and Beatrix Brass played for half an hour before and afterwards. After that the musicians quickly went inside for some soup and sandwiches. Also the chocolate milk with a little bit extra added to it was popular.

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