Atlanta CV: Changes For Success

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dca_100x100At many times in our daily lives we make changes or adapt to changes that were made for us. Whether it is in the work place, our homes or even in the world of drum corps, we all hope that these changes will succeed. Such is the case with Atlanta CV, the quiet giant from the South in the land of DCA.

In 1998, when the group was first on the field, the CorpsVets name was chosen as a way to really demonstrate who they were and what they were all about. The first group was almost exclusively made up of veterans of DCI and DCA corps from the previous few decades as a “Senior Corps “. As time went on, the concept of “Senior Corps” was no longer used and the corps really embraced the “all-age” approach and had an increasing percentage of younger members. As preparations were made for the 2012 season, the board and other key advisors had many discussions about the corps and how it had evolved and continued to do so. They focused on “who their target was” as far as recruiting new members and found that a large majority of their members had never marched in a corps before. Quite a few of them saw this DCA experience as a key stepping stone to DCI, plus people were under the assumption that you had to be a veteran of a drum corps to even apply.

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