Ascend Marathon Relay Team Wins 3rd Place Award

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ascend_performing_arts_100x100A torrential downpour of rain on Wednesday night didn’t stop winners of the 10th Annual Colfax Marathon from making the journey to DeVita’s world headquarters in Denver, Colorado for the marathon’s award celebration. Ascend Performing Arts was one of those winners in attendance.

60 winning relay teams were recognized at the event in a crowd that included Olympians Constantina Di??, and Nu?a Olaru, as well as Denver mayor Micheal Hancock who opened up the awards ceremony. Hancock commented on the race, lauding it’s uniqueness as one of only three marathons in the country that incorporates charities. Later, a representative of the Denver Zoo chimed in on the race as well, noting that it is one of two races in the country that goes through a zoo.

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