Rising Tides By John Riley: Chapter 2

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pacific_crest_100x100Rising Tides summarizes the past week of tour with in-depth reviews and interviews of Pacific Crest staff and members. We are grateful to alumnus John Riley for writing these stories!

Oceanside, CA – June 26, 2015
If you’ve been around the corps for any amount of time, you know that in addition to fielding a World Class drum corps every summer, Pacific Crest has also run other programs. Past programs included a winter guard, Snare Camp, and Dance Theater. Maybe you were part of one of these programs years ago. You knew that it wouldn’t be easy and you knew that it would be demanding of your time and energies, but you did it anyway. You knew through it your skills would be refined, but maybe what you weren’t expecting was your character to be challenged and shaped in the face of adversity in one of these smaller programs. And you met people who were there for the struggle and who pushed you farther, simply because of their presence and their sheer unrelenting will to pursue greatness in performance.

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