Help DCE Keeping The Live Webcast On Air

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dce_100x100Drum Corps Europe has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to keep the live webcast of the DCE European Championships going. Earlier this summer, DCE sounded the alarm about the costs of the popular webcast. Drum corps fans can help by sponsoring the webcast and buying airtime.

Drum Corps Europe recently announced that it would be forced to consider whether it would be viable to continue the live 13 hour webcast during the DCE European Championships in Kerkrade. The webcast of the European Championships, run by volunteers, is becoming more popular and more professional each year, but it also costs a lot of time and money. With hosts in a studio and interviews on the field, the webcast has grown into a big live internet event. The service has always remained free and has therefore been a great way to advertise our activity on a global scale, but DCE needs to avoid the situation where the webcast suffers structural losses.

Via Patreon, a special crowdfunding campaign has started, where people can donate money to make the live recording possible. This varies from small gestures of 1, 5 to 10 dollars per webcast, to larger amounts. Major sponsors are offered minutes of airtime and a tour through the studio by the webcast team.

Please visit DCE’s Patreon page on for the full overview of pledging options and the rewards for each option.

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