Thurrock Marching Brass Early November 2015 Update

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thurrock_marching_brass_100x10023 November 2015 – It’s been a busy November for TMB so far and lots more to come!

Remembrance Sunday this year fell on 8 November and the youngsters from Thurrock Marching Brass were again given the honour of leading the South Ockendon Parade down South Road and to the original location of Thor’s Oak where respects were paid by hundreds of people. The parade passes the house where TMB’s founder, Dave Loader lived, and the band were greeted and encouraged on by Dave’s Daughter, Christine and Son, John as the drum major saluted them both. An emotional tribute to someone who has left a legacy of achievement for youngsters to excel in the marching and performing arts arenas.

This year, Drum Major, Sophie Corcoran, had the honour of laying Thurrock Marching Brass’ wreath in memory of all those who gave their lives to safeguard all of our freedom.

The band then lead the procession back to the scout hut to march tempos including O’ When the Saints go Marching In, London Bridge is Falling Down and Born to be Wild, receiving many compliments from the entourage for their efforts.
On Remembrance day itself, Wednesday 11 November, TMB’s Chairman, Paul Morgan and Corps Director, Jay Lindner, were asked to play the Last Post and Reveille at separate locations with Paul situated at the Ockendon Centre and Jay playing at the Beam Primary School in Dagenham. Both were highly praised for their contributions on such an important occasion. Paul even gave the young school members that attended the event at the Ockendon Centre a quick lesson in how to play the bugle after the service which they all enjoyed very much.

2015 Remembrance Day Parade - Collage

Speaking of the achievements so far in November, Thurrock Marching Brass’ Chairman, Paul Morgan comments “It’s been a busy November for the band and we are still not finished with two major events coming up on Wednesday 25 November where a selected 12 members will be forming a carpet guard in the City of London, as well as the BYBA I&E competition on Sunday 29 November in Leicester, where our youngsters will be pitting their individual and ensemble skills against the rest of the UK’s contingent. So far though, it has been an absolute joy to see the members perform and to pay their respects in such a professional manner for those who are so young. This period of time is an integral part of what we do here at Thurrock Marching Brass and to be asked by the community to lead the Remembrance Day parade once more is such an honour. With Jay and I also taking on more community engagements personally, I couldn’t be any prouder of all involved right now”.

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