Park City Pride Alumni Corps To End 12 Season Run

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ef7e58_323f8f770568e28ea7136192c11663baAt a meeting of Corps management held January 14, 2016 a decision was made to discontinue operations of the Park City Pride Combined Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps from Bridgeport, CT.

The decision was made after considering all options for maintaining the organization at its high level of excellence. The Corps began when a group of more than 200 people who gathered in January, 2004 had a common passion for drum corps and a desire to provide one magnificent performance at the famed Champions on Parade Drum Corps show held annually in Bridgeport, CT.

That memorable one-time performance in June, 2004 turned into 12 years of great performances and everlasting memories. Members made new friends, renewed childhood friendships from their marching days of the 1960s and 1970s, and solidified the everlasting camaraderie that the drum corps activity uniquely forges.

Park City Pride would like to extend a note of thanks to all of our supporters including our fans, the City of Bridgeport, Drum Corps Associates, Show Sponsors, The Alumni Corps and our many World Drum Corps Hall of Fame instructors and management.

Most of all, the Park City Pride would like to thank all of its special members over the 12 years of existence for their time, dedication, support, patience and “espirit de corps” which made the experience very special for all.

As our signature song, the last piece of music arranged by Hall of Famer, Joe Genero said……”I’ll Be Seeing You”.

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