Skyliners Alumni Announce 2016 Staff / Music Program

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skyliners_alumni_100x100The New York Skyliners Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps is coming off a banner year “…with our flags unfurled and flying high”. Following a busy 2015 season featuring 6 outdoor performances, fall parades, and an exhibition at a high school band competition, the corps has been busy preparing for the fast approaching 2016 season. In order to continue to present and delight audiences with the remarkable and reminiscing NY sound, the corps constantly digs into its vast and historical “HY” Dreitzer song-book, searching for those gems of the past, and 2016 will happily feature some new and exciting tunes not heard in a while. Besides new tunes, SKY Alumni is pleased to announce that James Stanko is the new corps director following elections held in the fall. His resume includes 50 years with St Joseph’s Brigade as a French horn and baritone, guard instructor, and 14 years their director. He also played baritone with Bill’s Boys. Jim played baritone in the Skyliners field corps back in the late 70’s and 80’s and has been a playing member of the alumni corps since the early years. For the last 13 years, he has also served as assistant director. He was inducted in the New York State Drum Corps Association in 1995. The corps would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Rich Evans for his time and service as director for the past 6 years. Although he decided not to seek a 4th term, the corps will continue to benefit from his experience since he was also elected to and agreed to serve on the Board of Directors.

Following his election, Jim Stanko has assembled his admin team and he is pleased to announce the 2016 staff as follows:

Jim Stanko – Director
Cathy Bonadonna – Assistant Director
Barbara Rogers – Secretary
Bob Gironda – Treasurer
Evelyn Krejci – Business Manager
Al Goas – Quartermaster
Trish Gariola – Assistant Quartermaster
Charles Vayda – Music Librarian / Public Relations
Carl Ruocco – Staff / Administrative Consultant

The 2016 creative team and instructional staff are announced as follows:

Jim Shea – Caption head
Pete Chez – Horn Tech, bari line
John “Grass” Urspruch – Horn tech
Wes Meyers – Caption head / arranger
Jack Murray – Instructor
Joe Fontana – Instructor
Joe Musich – Percussion tech
Bob ‘Jomba’ O’Conner – Percussion Tech
Jack McGuinness – keyboards
Mike Tangredi – Caption head
Brenda Peregrim – Caption Head

The Program Coordinator and riding herd on the 2016 creative team is none other than the immortal Greg Cinzio,
a former Drum Major of the Garfield Cadets.


The Skyliners Alumni mission is to keep forever alive, the legendary charts of their master arranger – the late Herman “HY” Dreitzer. With that, the corps is happy to present the 2016 music program which will be under the direction of some veterans.
Drum Majors: Bill Siddon, Carl Ruocco, and Bob O’Conner.

“Slaughter on 10th Avenue”
from the 1957 film perform by SKY in 1960
“Once in Love with Amy”
from the 1948 Broadway musical “Where’s Charley” performed by SKY in 1965/66
“Havah Nagilah”
Israeli folk song traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations performed by SKY in 1965/66
“Elk’s Parade”
the famous 1940 Bobby Sherwood hit performed by SKY starting in 1972
“Sing, Sing, Sing”
the 1936 song by Louis Prima and performed as our production drum solo
Exit Medley
“Give my regards to Broadway”, “42nd ST”, Traffic Jam, and “Lil OL NY” from SKY 1975/77
SKY’s legendary finale and calling card

The Skyliners Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps is currently celebrating the 22th anniversary and is co-sponsored by AL Post 1523 Staten Island NY and VFW Post 4591 Hasbrouck Heights NJ. The corps mission is to provide an opportunity for those wishing to be a part of a traditional drum and bugle corps by performing in a variety of indoor/outdoor performances, while maintaining a twice a month rehearsal schedule. For more information, complete rehearsal/performance schedule, corps history, pictures and audio/video of the corps, please visit our website at or contact our corps Director Jim Stanko at skybari80s [at] yahoo [dot] com

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