Florida Brass Enjoying Busy Winter/Spring 2016 Season

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florida_brass_100x100The Florida Brass Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps based out of Lakeland, Florida between Tampa and Orlando at the Elks Club. The corps started in 2003 with just a few members now has grown to the largest corps in their history and new members are joining each month.

The Brass is busy this winter and spring season with concerts and parades all across the sunshine state and are going on their 13th year of entertaining the crowds in Florida. The Florida Brass marched in many Christmas parades this winter and had a great fund raising show in Lakeland this past January. The corps just performed their big two hour show on February 28th at the Charlotte Cultural Center in Charlotte County, Florida where they packed the house. Its was a tight squeeze on stage to fit close to fifty horns of The Florida Brass with a solid drum line showing off two drum solos and their new drums. The corps was directed by Dick Burns and Mark Daniels as they played their 2016 show, and to end the show played a robust sound of patriotic music for all the service men and women in the crowd. The corps has been invited back next year for another crowd pleasing show at the Charlotte Cultural Center. The Florida Brass plans on having their own in door show as early as next year.

The corps performed in the Vero Beach, Florida St. Patrick’s Day Parade and put on a great concert at the Elks Club for the members and the public. Now the corps is getting ready for a really big performance at Disney World May 28th for the Elks Convention. The corps will perform an indoor concert for the presidents of the state wide Elks Clubs. Followed by an outside concert for all the hundreds of members near their hotel rooms.

Terry Dowd, Marty Anguilli corps director, Junior Lorini, Bruce Bradly and Joe Chizek

Terry Dowd, Marty Anguilli corps director, Junior Lorini, Bruce Bradly and Joe Chizek

The corps performed at this event last year and was once again welcomed back for another show.

The 2016-2017 season schedule for the Florida Brass has many high school exhibitions, parades, and many more additional concerts. The corps plans on putting out over 50 horns next season and a larger drum line and honor guard. If you like to sit in on one of their rehearsals or plan on joining the corps in Lakeland, Florida at the Elks Club. You can visit The Florida Brass website at www.floridabrass.org for more information on rehearsal time and directions and have fun “Florida Brass Style”.

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