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thurrock_marching_brass_100x100Thurrock Marching Brass is pleased to confirm that they will now be offering TMB personalised apparel in a deal with ESO Personalise that will see every item purchased provide cashback that will go directly to the members needs.

Visit our web site for access to the merchandise shop or go direct using this link:-

The first item uploaded is the new corps jacket which has gone down incredibly well with everyone on board and over time more and more items will be uploaded for member, friends & supporters plus general public purchase.

Speaking of the venture Thurrock Marching Brass chairman, Paul Morgan comments: “We are blessed with a number of skilled individuals in this space who have an affiliation through TMB in some shape or another either as friends of people involved or as Alumni and so the decision to work directly with ESO Personalise was taken on the basis that it’s director is currently actively involved with his son as a current member of the percussion section, and him seeing first hand on a regular basis just what we provide the youngsters under our care. Mark Jeffrey at ESO Personalise has put together an incredible package for us that will see the introduction of bespoke and standard items that will be accessible to all members, parents, friends and supporters as well as the public. The deal includes ensuring that any income will see a cash back element that will go directly to the members needs and so the more items sold the more the members will benefit as a result. Working with Mark has been a pleasure and the team at ESO Personalise have been incredibly supportive. I would like to thank them for all they have done so far in getting the merchandising arm off the ground for us and look forward to new and exciting items being added over the coming weeks and months.”


Adding, ESO Director, Mark Jeffrey says: “Seeing the work first hand that takes place at Thurrock Marching Brass made the decision to work directly with them a very easy one for us to take. Charities like TMB deserve special support and I am happy to provide a small incentive to them which I know will benefit so many youngsters. We look forward to extend the merchandising arm of Thurrock Marching Brass together very much.”

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