Fusion Core Reveals Its New Look

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fusion_core_100x100Fusion Core unveiled its refreshed brand on social media today as part of the Core’s tenth anniversary season. The inspired new look, created by guard staff member Tim McLaughlin, will feature prominently wherever Fusion is seen.

“I’m thrilled with Tim’s work!” said Core Director Holly Marino. “It’s another great step toward this special season for us.”

The logo retains key elements of the group’s previous identity and focuses on the hallmarks of Fusion Core that make it unique.

“Beyond a drum corps, Fusion is a family–connected, energetic, powerful, and driven. These words describe Fusion’s symbol, the atom core,” said Tim of his inspiration.

That “core” is retained and represents the family feeling that is at the center of each Fusion program.

“The typeface reflects the energy and movement that drives through the members,” Tim said. “The refreshed logo gives a nod to the past and continues the momentum on to the future.”

The new look will represent Fusion Core on social media, and on merchandise, apparel, and equipment. Of course, it’s purple.

Visual branding projects for Core Lite, the Fusion mini-corps, and the 2016 production “UP” were also undertaken.

The Core Store, featuring Fusion items that sport the new brand, is now live online at the core’s website. Members and fans can order t-shirts, sweats, and tanks at www.fusioncorenj.com/merchandise.html. Additional items will be available soon.

For more information about the Core visit their website at www.fusioncorenj.com.

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