Meet The Marino’s

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dca_100x100There is an old expression that goes “the family that plays together, stays together”. That can be said about sports, church activities, scouts, social groups, and of course drum corps. One drum corps family that highlights this is the Marino family from Fusion Core.

Holly and Ralph Marino have been involved in the drum corps activity for several years and have been joined by four of their six children marching with them in competition at different times since 2009. Samantha Marino has nine years in the front percussion ensemble, while Nicole Marino has six years in the front percussion ensemble and in 2012 served as Assistant Drum Major. Toni-Anne Marino has played in the front percussion ensemble, bass drum, mellophone, trumpet, and served as Assistant Drum Major in her six years of service to the corps. Christian Marino starts his seventh year playing in the front percussion ensemble. This season Samantha and Christian will join dad Ralph on the field as Fusion Core celebrates their tenth anniversary!

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