Thurrock Marching Brass June 2016 Jack Petchey Award Winner

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thurrock_marching_brass_100x100Thurrock Marching Brass is delighted to confirm that the June 2016 winner for the Jack Petchey Achievement Award goes to Demi Kiddell.

Demi has been a long standing member and has excelled in all areas that she has participated. She is an extremely proficient young colourguard member and holds a British Championship Bronze Medal at cadet level for that. She also has several marching band British Championship Gold and Silver medals to her credit.

For the 2016 season, Demi has moved into the trumpet line, and although this is the first time that she has ever played a musical instrument, she has demonstrated that her abilities to learn and to adapt are simply amazing for someone her age. She is rapidly progressing on her trumpet and has already performed at a number of events this year.

She has a really good approach to new things and her attitude is one that many follow with her determination to succeed and her politeness in approach to learning, Demi is rapidly becoming one of our little stars here at Thurrock Marching Brass which has been confirmed by the members confidence in her. A truly wonderful Achievement Award winner.

JP - June 2016 winner - Demi Kiddell

Speaking of the award, Corps Director, Jay Lindner commented “There were four incredible finalists for the June 2016 Jack Petchey Achievement Award and all of them have demonstrated very high abilities in so many areas. I am delighted for all of them but especially for Demi who has been one of our more consistent members for showing the right attitude to learn and to help others. The members have clearly shown just how much they think of Demi, and I hope that she enjoys every second of this very well deserved recognition. Congratulations Demi!”

Thurrock Marching Brass would like to thank Sir Jack Petchey and the Jack Petchey Foundation for their support in our organisation and allowing us to participate in this special award for our members. Congratulations again to Demi on her achievement.

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