Sweet 16 – The Silver Journey

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BlueDevils_100x100The journey from the beginning of the season to the final days in Indianapolis are filled with so many stories. From auditions, to the first camp, to every days at Mars, to hitting the road, the grind of tour, to the final days in Indianapolis, we push and we push and we push. This year was no different. Yet this year was altogether different.

Our 2016 members were amazing. They were dedicated, hard working, talented, and genuinely great people. They pushed through bad weather, new instruments, demanding music, non stop visual demands, guard composition that pushed the best of talent, props, and a high level of dance with a determination like no other. We asked so much of our members, staff, and volunteers this year, and everyone rose to the occasion. We expect so much out of our BD World, as we strive to keep pushing and evolving. We really believe there are no limits to what we might accomplish. Because of everyone involved and those committed to the whole, we are able to achieve these goals.

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