Meet The Ripley Family

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dca_100x100Over the past several months we have been posting articles on families involved in a drum corps. Some families have over one hundred plus years. Some not as many. One similarity in all of these articles, is that they have been doing it as a family. Such is the case of the Ripley family of the White Sabers.

Mother, Jill Ripley first joined the White Sabers in the fall of 2005 without having ever marched in a drum corps. She had the opportunity to attend a Blue Stars camp after graduating from high school but things did not work out. So Jill came to the White Sabers and played soprano. Many family members had marched in high school bands but never in a drum corps. When her sons, Jordan and Josh, were able to join the field band at their school.Jill attended several of their practices. Another parent Jill met there happened to be in the White Sabers with his boys. She mentioned how she missed her high school band marching days and wished she could do it again. They attended a White Sabers camp to check it out and the rest is history.

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