Pioneer 2017 Show Announcement

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pioneer_100x100For 2017, Pioneer Corps presents, “Irish on Broadway” that will showcase the music of
Les Miserables.

The well-known musical has been used by several corps and bands, but by using by only a part of it with lots of clever imagination, the corps’ design team plans to make it another audience-pleasing production, Pioneer version.


Corps Director Roman Blenski has announced several changes to the instructional staff:

DAVE CAMPBELL is our new Program Coordinator and Visual Designer is who was with Pioneer in 2002 in the production of, “Oliver.” In addition to judging, Dave is in demand as a writer for indoor percussion groups as well as East Coast competitive marching bands. He and his family reside in McKee’s Rock, Pennsylvania.

RANDALL BENNETT besides being our Brass Caption Head is taking on a new role as Pioneer Music Director.

TYLER WIERNUSZ will become the Staff Coordinator as well as continuing to be a brass technician specializing in low brass.

JA-MALH WALLACE returns for his second year as our Guard Caption Head. Most of his technical staff will be returning also.

JOSHUA PIER is returning for his 7th season. He has been and is our Visual Caption Head. Besides the visual work, Josh heads up our Physical Fitness/Athletic Training Program.

PERCUSSION CAPTION At this time resumes are being sent in and interviews are taking place for our new Percussion Caption Head. A final decision will be announced soon.

DAVE EDWARDS returns for the 5th season as our Snare Drum Technician.

COOPER MANNON is returning for his 3rd season as our Cymbal Technician. In addition, he willing be taking on the role of Front Ensemble Design and Effect.

LARRY CASE will be our consultant for our show and staff helping with this year’s planning and execution.


December 16-17-18 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
January 20-21-22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
February 22 – 28 New Orleans, Louisiana (Mardi Gras)
March 31, Apr. 1 – 2 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 28-29-30 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 26-27-28 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Pioneerland)
May 30 SPRING TRAINING (Pioneerland)


All Rehearsal Camp Weekends bring at 8:00 (CST) on Friday and end on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Since you are given plenty of time to prepare, arriving late or leaving early for camps is disrespectful on you part to others. We all travel. Planning ahead is a Pioneer way of being Better Every Day!


For our February New Orleans Camp, We will leave Wednesday night from Milwaukee picking up our students on the way and leaving the following Tuesday after our noon performance in the Mardi Gras Parade. We will drop off students along the 1,000 mile trek back. Airport shuttles will be available.

not to have a bad school attendance before. When you come to the December Camp, you will be given information as to ways of approaching this matter with your school.

Just as we are on tour during the summer, we will stay in a school and have 22 hours of rehearsal time like we would at a normal camp. The good news is that we will be aided by nice warm weather outside! We will perform in 3 huge and colorful parades! They are the epitome of excitement that only happens in New Orleans! Besides that the money earned from the parades helps to offset the expenses of the trip. The last parade we will do on “Fat Tuesday” is nationally televised and the size of the crowd will be overwhelming!

Those arriving by airplane to New Orleans should arrange their flights to come in on Thursday, February 23rd in the afternoon. And plan to leave late Tuesday, February 28th, after 5:00 pm.

More information will come to you about this exciting time….I can assure you that you’ll have no regrets!

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