Condolences For A Spartans Alumni

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spartans_100x100The Spartans would like to extend our best wishes to the family of 2008 alumni Dylan Edwards on his sudden passing. Once a Spartan always a Spartan.. the following message is from an alumni and former staff member of the corps…

“Teachers are often challenged to explore better ways of engaging students and delivering higher levels of information to improve students’ experiences. Dylan was one student who required this extra level of attention from his teachers, myself included. At a young age, this ambitious student achieved very high levels of success. As many of Dylan’s closest friends and family members know, he enjoyed his pursuit of excellence, even when faced with obstacles. Although accepting his loss will be difficult for everyone, I believe Dylan would want us to take this experience as an opportunity for growth, and cherish not only our memories of him, but the unscripted moments that await us in life.”

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