Welcome To Colts #WarehouseWednesday

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colts_100x100Since early October, the Colts have been fully operational out of their new building at 2300 Twin Valley Drive. Because the offices are not finished, all work is being done from inside the warehouse in a very modern, open floor plan design (pictured at left). This current set up is just temporary, and the projected timeline to finish all construction is May 1. But, like any good project, it will never fully be done and there will always be things to improve upon. Various stages are already being planned for the building in the future, including leveling the cement pads in the parking lot, a grant for solar panels, a movie screen, and more. Thank you to every parent, member, alum, and volunteer who has helped in the moving and construction so far! The Colts are truly thankful to have such a wonderful support system. This project wouldn’t be possible without you!

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