Pioneer News From The Top – January 30th, 2017

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NO FEBRUARY CAMP: With the cancellation of the New Orleans trip, we will have no Rehearsal/Camp next month. We will use the time to continue recruiting and strongly encourage new interested people to use our Video Auditions. For $75.00 through the video audition, we will assess a person’s skill level, their potential, and where in the Pioneer Corps they will best fit and perform in the 2017 Season. Questions answered and advice through critique will be handled by the Caption Head and also possibly from the teaching staff..

MARCH CAMP: The next Rehearsal/Camp weekend will be held on MARCH 10-11-12 also at the Cudahy Middle School. On Sunday of camp will travel to Illinois and participate in the annual CHICAGO’s SOUTH SIDE ST. PATRICK’s PARADE! The parade will start early on Sunday Afternoon. Rain or Sunshine, or Cold, the parade goes on. You will perform for literally thousands of cheering Irish (mostly Irish want-a-bees)! On Friday and Saturday of camp you will be fitted with a Pioneer Uniform. Please remember: Bring a pair of “clean” Black Shoes and Socks. The new ones that you will receive will not be given out until the May Camp. After the parade, since we will be close to the Chicago Airports, those leaving from those airports will have an early head-start home.

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