1961-1962 Norwood Park Imperials Reunion

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The 1961-62 members of the Norwood Park Imperials Brass and Percussion Sections are getting together on Saturday, March 11th at Sam Tessitore’s factory. Let’s get together! If you have not been contacted, please call Roman Blenski at 414-327-2847 or 414-333-2235. You can also email me at: dbcpmilw [at] execpc [dot] com. This will be a reunion of top talent for sure! Having everyone present will make for a great afternoon!

PS: I am searching for Bill Gallagher (Baritone) and Bart Blum (French Horn). Any leads on either or both of these two will be much appreciated!

Thank you!
Roman Blenski
Norwood Park Imperial Baritone

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