2017 Marching Band Awareness Week

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Marching Band Activity United Kingdom has connected together all styles of bands across the United Kingdom. It’s been a roller coaster that has increasingly made the whole UK activity look towards the future and plan strategically.

No one would thought that this voluntary independent information News Network had all the answers or indeed has changed perceptions dramatically, but it has begun a process that can only be beneficial to the whole UK activity.

Helping to raise public awareness towards the banding movement is making a difference. Enthusiasts worried about the activity’s future always say we need more promotion towards performing arts, but what we really need so that our activity survives and prospers, as we have clearly shown, is for bands to get out into the public domain and sell themselves.

Marching Band Activity United Kingdom provides an independent platform and as one of the most popular pages here in the UK, continues to promote this unique activity nationally and locally.

Marching Band Awareness Week runs annually on the first week of May, has seen the most successful series of promotion of bands across all social network since 2013 Throughout the bands have staged extra local performances, recruitment evenings and workshops. This is ambitious initiative which cannot fail to attract major coverage and hopefully help to raise more public awareness of community based bands.

Marching Band Activity United Kingdom is already thinking further ahead to 2018 as we celebrate our 5th Anniversary and plans to established and connect further with other organisations in assisting the growth and promotion of bands.

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