Bridgemen Announce New Performing Arts Organization

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After coming off a very successful and entertaining 2016 farewell tour, which included electrifying performances at the DCI Eastern Classic & the DCI World Championship Semi Finals, the Bayonne Bridgemen are proud to announce the formation of the Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization.

The Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization aims to provide performing arts education through a variety of musical and visual ensembles at low or no cost to performers of a broad range of abilities. BPAO fosters personal and artistic growth through the expectations of excellence always. Constituent members will learn and demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and high levels of personal responsibility. All stakeholders in the BPAO, including administrative and creative staff, parents, volunteers, drivers or other paid or unpaid associates dedicate themselves to providing a safe, enriching, encouraging atmosphere for members to express their creative energy, achieve individual and group goals, and develop as people in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Groups currently under the BPAO umbrella will include:

Bridgemen Mini-Corps –

The Bridgemen Mini-Corps will continue to pursue excellence at the Mini-Corps competition at DCA World Championships. Members of the Mini-Corps enjoy the comradery of working and playing with other drum corps enthusiasts that still enjoy that competitive spirit.

Bridgemen Brass –

The goal of the Bridgemen Brass is to keep the musical legacy of the Bridgemen alive, but as a different type of musical entity. To encompass our past but expand to the future and work as a Brass Ensemble.

Bridgemen Percussion Ensemble –

The Percussion Ensemble is dedicated to keeping the legacy of the Bridgemen Drumlines alive. Performance Ensembles are just a start while other competitive outlets are being explored now. The Current Percussion Ensemble is looking forward to competing in the 2017 DCA Percussion Ensemble event.

Double B Indoor Guard –

Founded in 2013, Double B Indoor Guard, is a competitive indoor guard that provides an educational opportunity for its membership during the competitive indoor season. The guard is the current 2016 USBANDS Indoor Independent Class A Champions.

Bridgemen Senior Color Guard –

The Bridgemen Senior Color guard in another group that continues to keep the Bridgemen Spirit going. This is a recreational group that enjoys both working and entertaining together at a more casual pace. The BSG is the current 2016 DCA Visual Ensemble Champions.

Additional Groups and Events are being explored and announcements regarding the direction of those will be announced in the coming months.

George Lavelle, President of the BPAO Board of Directors also adds, “In the coming days, we will be announcing a New Director of the Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization. This individual will take all of our groups to the next level along with adding new and exciting opportunities for more people interested in participating in this great activity”
New Web Sites, Facebook Pages and other Social Media Initiatives will also be unveiled, bringing more people together with the Bridgemen Performing Arts Organization.

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