Blue Knights-Bahrain Daily Blog Post (4.14.16)

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Today. Was. Hot! But amazing! Up early for a beautiful breakfast at the hotel, where there were legitimately too many options…. Good thing we have a couple days to try it all, believe me, I will be taking full advantage of the wonderful options. I walked outside this morning thinking “wow, it’s actually really nice right now! I can do this all day!” Then got slapped in the face with the reality that it was 6am and about to get A LOT hotter. The ride to the track was really cool. It was amazing to see the architecture, houses, and environment of this country. Also, a nice chance to ground myself a little before rehearsal on the track. The set up to the track was quite incredible. Love sacks, kid areas, a dinosaur exhibit (yes, you read that right), a LOT of food, tents, stages…. Everything. We got on the track for the first time to time our parade to the Grandstands, got to relearn some staging, as a racetrack and a football field are VERY different to move and perform on. We didn’t play a note until our final run through (as today was mostly visual) but DANG, it sounded good! Couple more things to work out, but definitely in good shape thus far.

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