Blue Knights-Bahrain Daily Blog Post (4.18.17)

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Wow, all of the beautiful things we were able to see today!! We got to sleep in and enjoy the last shower for probably close to 48 hours. We made a trip into the Souk, which is an amazingly intricate Middle Eastern Market. Spices, clothes, art, food, toys, you name it, it was probably there somewhere!

Main streets turned to back alleys real quick, and everything turned into a crazy labyrinth before you knew it. The food was INCREDIBLE. We had a table that could have/should have sat up to 8 people….we sat 5, and filled the WHOLE thing up with food, fish, rice, curry, veggies, lettuce, tea, chicken, lamb…We decided the motto needed to be “just say yes”. We were very unsure what could have come out, but it definitely worked in our favor.

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