DCUK Sponsor International Meeting At DCI Championships

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Each year Drum Corps personnel from across the world travel to the USA in August to attend the Drum Corps International World Championships. For the past few years at this event – held at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA – DCI have bought together as many of these visitors as possible during the Friday Semi Finals event by organising an International Reception at the stadium. The reception is designed to give all these different nations a chance to meet up and talk about their experiences and how we can all help each other to grow the activity

This year the Presenting Sponsor of this Reception was Drum Corps United Kingdom and DCUK is extremely proud to have been given this opportunity not only to promote what we do the UK but also to be part of helping grow the activity worldwide. Countries in attendance this year included UK, Ireland, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, Guatemala and USA.

“Having attended these Receptions in the past, the chance to mix and learn from others around the world is invaluable as we work to spread the word about this great activity and to be given the option for DCUK to be the Presenting Sponsor was an honour for the UK” said Alan Thompson, Chairman of Marching & Performing Arts, on behalf of DCUK ” plus seeing our logo on the big screen and our name in lights around the spectacular Lucas Oil stadium was quite a buzz”.

John DeNovi, Senior Director, Global Sales & Business Development for Drum Corps International added “DCI is committed to growing the marching music activity worldwide in partnership with great organisations such as DCUK. We’re pleased to work together to bring new opportunities to performers on both sides of the Atlantic.”

To be part of what DCUK has to offer then just get in touch http://www.dcuk.org.uk/about/dcuk_contacts.html and we can talk you through what’s available.

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