Meet The Leadership: 2018 SCVC Drum Majors

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At the center of every strong drum corps is a strong team of member leadership who serves the corps both on and off the field. As a liaison between performers and staff, this team of veteran members takes on additional responsibility, puts in the extra effort to lead by example, and sets a standard for the entire group. We are proud to announce our 2018 Vanguard Cadets Drum Majors and Conductors: Braydon Ross, Jessica Jackman, Tori Lane, and Yena Chung!

“I am most excited to introduce our Drum Majors and Conductors for the 2018 season,” said Mr. Steve Barnhill, Vanguard Cadets Corps Director. “Our two Drum Majors are in their second year with SCVC while our Conductors are in their first year, but they are quickly obtaining the skills necessary to exhibit the stellar qualities expected of someone from the Vanguard Organization in these leadership positions. I look forward to working with them and seeing their tremendous growth this season.”

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