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Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce its show for the 2018 season, “The Guitarist.” The production includes music by Arturo Sandoval, Robin Thicke, Laura Mvula with Snarky Puppy, and Arturo Márquez.

“The Guitarist” follows the rising career of a street musician. The show starts with the hot licks of Arturo Márquez’s “Danzón No. 2” as the Guitarist is first discovered. As he deals with his newfound fame, the show leads into an energetic and cacophonous mashup of “A Mis Abuelos” by Arturo Sandoval and Robin Thicke’s “Everything I Can’t Have.” The lush sounds of Snarky Puppy and Laura Mvula’s “Sing to the Moon” depict an artistic period of self-doubt before the Guitarist finds his confidence again through a triumphant reprise of “Danzón No. 2.”

The corps strives to present something both accessible and fun while ramping up its competitive reach from last year’s ninth place finish at DCI’s Open Class Championships. “Last year, we wanted to compete,” said Program Coordinator and Brass Caption Head Dell Trotter. “This year, we want to contend.”

Dr. Lawrence LeClaire, Southwind’s Executive Director, stressed education as a priority and an ongoing focus for the corps. “We strive to provide an educational experience each member is unlikely to receive in any other activity,” he said. “We don’t talk limits,” he continued. “Instead, we set high expectations and encourage each member to rise above what they think is their ceiling.”

This season, Southwind will perform and compete in eight states throughout the Southeastern and Midwestern United States, culminating in the Drum Corps International Open Class Championships in Michigan City, Ind. First established in 1980, the corps rejoined DCI as an Open Class organization in 2015 after relaunching the corps as a SoundSport group in 2014.

Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps is a program of Empower Youth in the Performing Arts, a nonprofit organization based in Mobile, Ala. Its mission is to provide educational and social life-changing experiences which help each student gain real-world skills, leadership development, musical training, and performance opportunities.

“The Guitarist”
Program Notes

From a city street corner, an artist plays melodies on his guitar. The sounds are sweet and entrancing, the rhythms alluring. As he starts to embellish and share his artistry, a passer-by notices his talent and becomes his first fan. Recognizing his untapped potential, she brings him to everyone’s attention and the previously-apathetic street traffic begins to recognize the power in his music (“Danzón No. 2”). The Guitarist is discovered.

The spotlight shines. The crowd cheers and begs for more. Struggling with his newfound fame, the Guitarist plays what the crowd demands but sacrifices his artistry. He struggles to keep up with his music and begins to lose himself (and his love). Revered but unfulfilled, he wonders if fame is worth the sacrifice of the things that mean the most to him (“Everything I Can’t Have”/“A Mis Abuelos”).

Lost, the Guitarist abandons his stardom. He goes back to the streets, searching for redemption. As he fades into obscurity, his love laments their losses (“Sing to the Moon”). She searches for him, wondering whether or not the Guitarist will again find his artistic compass.

After his period of reflection, the Guitarist begins to re-emerge, more steadfast in who he is and less willing to sacrifice artistry at the whim of the masses. He is home again, finally in a place where he can express his true self (“Danzón No. 2” reprise) while demonstrating a newfound humility in his performance ethic. Through this quiet confidence, the Guitarist is reunited with his love and finds an even larger stage on which to demonstrate his artistic abilities.

Musical selections:
Part I “Danzón No. 2” Arturo Márquez
Part II “A Mis Abuelos” Arturo Sandoval
“Everything I Can’t Have” Robin Thicke, James Gass and Moises Vivanco
Part III “Sing to the Moon” Laura Mvula and Steve Brown
(as recorded with Snarky Puppy)
Part IV “Danzón No. 2” (reprise) Arturo Márquez

Corps Director: Dr. Lawrence LeClaire – director [at] southwind [dot] org
Head Drum Major: Kyra Moyer (KEAR-ah MOY-er)
Assistant Drum Majors: Blake Norre (Blake NOR-ree)
Grace Rumph (Grace RUMF)
Rhianna Zaidan (Ree- AH-na ZAY-dan)

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