Old Music Stars

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The “Old Music Stars” (OMS) are made up of former Showband members. They have already performed a few gigs in the past two years and would like to perform in the future as a stage ensemble. “These are stand performances with their own repertoire,” the group announces. “For the first time, clarinet and saxophones are also desired for the OMS. Thus, there is a clear demarcation to the main division, Spirit of 52 ‘, which continues to complete show competitions and marching performances. “If you enjoy music and want to reinforce the dozen musically, is welcome. We are looking for musicians of all ages. The rehearsals take place once a month in the clubhouse of the Showband. The next training evenings are on Monday, April 30, Monday, May 28, and Monday, June 25. “Get off the sofa, up to the stage and writes a new capital of our club history, “the band calls to participate.

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