Florida Brass Alumni And Concert Corps 2018-2019 Season

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The Florida Brass Corps will be performing at a variety of concerts in the sunshine state during the next several months. With over 20 songs now in their books including a sleigh full of Christmas songs.

With members from all over Florida and the southeast, the Florida Brass continues to be one of the largest corps in the south. Pushing 50 horns and a wide variety of music the crowds in Florida continue to enjoy. This corps is becoming very popular in the south.

The Florida Brass has members from DCA, DCI, High School and Colleges, with ages ranging from their teens to 90 years young and are going on their 16th years as a non-competing corps.

The director of the corps is Marty Anguilli, the corps drum major is Mark Daniels, the horn and music arranger is Stephen Simmons, the technician on horns is Jeff Mitchell, assisting on horns is Stephen Cooley. The corps drum instructor Ron Daw.

The Brass welcomes new members all the time for more information please go to their website at www.floridabrass.org and become part of the corps of the south the Florida Brass. Also if you like to hire the corps please contact the corps through the website.

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