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The New York Skyliners Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary season. To pay homage to our heritage, this year’s repertoire features songs with a distinct “NYC neighborhood/street” theme. Lead by Brass Caption Head / Instructor Alan Chez (NJDCHoF) and his percussion counterpart, famed Arranger / Instructor Wes Myers (WDCHoF/NJDCHoF), this duo continues to bring the charts of the legendary master, HY Dreitzer, to life.

The 2019 music program begins with “Manhattan Towers”, a 1946 tune by Gordon Jenkins, as an opening statement and introduction to “Tenement Symphony”, the Skyliners concert number from the 1962/63 seasons. “Tenement Symphony”, composed by Sid Kuller, Ray Golden, and Hal Borne, is from the 1941 film “The Big Store” as sung by Tony Martin. The 63/64 concert also included “Sounds of the City”, where the original whispers of HY’s Traffic Jam can first be heard, and “Melancholy Rhapsody”, a 1950 tune by Sammy Cahn made famous by Harry James.

The middle of the show contains 3 popular hold-overs from last year’s repertoire: The color-pre – a medley of “Hymn to Victory” from the Pacific theater’s Victory at Sea Suite coupled with an arrangement of “American Fantasy” as performed by the Arizona State University Sun Devil Marching Band; and a crowd favorite – “Harlem Nocturne”, originally arranged for the 1978 Bridgemen. The Soprano and Baritone solos are a real treat. Of course, the show would not be complete without SKY’s most famous number – “Elk’s Parade”, a favorite from the 1970’s.

At the back end of the show, a little hint of the 1946 Alfred Newman “Street Scenes” leads into “New York, New York”, the 1977 tune by John Kander, performed by Liza Minnelli for the movie of the same name, and re-recorded in 1979 by Frank Sinatra. For those in the New York City area, this tune can be heard all season long at Yankee Stadium, following all home games. For a little history about “Street Scenes”, one must re-wind back to 1975. It was an intro to the Exit – “Give My Regards to Broadway”. Following the drum solo after “Elks Parade”, famous SKY soloist Johnny Grass breaks into the opening notes of “Street Scenes”. As he hits the 16 count sustained hi-Bb, and raises his left hand to the heavens in “We’re #1”, you can hear DM Butch Anderson bark the command “Ready, Move”. We will recreate that stirring “scene” this year. Rounding out the program is another staple, the ever famous Skyliner “Signature”, as it was played over the many years. We sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s show.

The Skyliners Alumni 2019 repertoire is conducted by Drum Majors:
Brad Coleman, (NJDCHoF), Bob Findley (WDCHoF), and Bob O’Conner (WDCHoF/NJDCHoF)

The 2019 Admin team:

Mike Collins Director
Barbara Rogers Secretary
Cathy Bonadonna
Trish Gariola
Evelyn Krejci Business Manager
Debbie Nunn Quartermaster
Trish Gariola Assistant Quartermaster
Charles Vayda Music Librarian / Public Relations
Carl Ruocco (WDCHoF) Staff / Administrative Consultant

The 2019 Creative team and Instructional Staff:

Caption head:      Alan Chez
Brass Techs:        Pete Chez
Brad Coleman
Greg Cinzio
Caption head / arranger:  Wes Myers
Instructors:                       Jack Murray
                                        Joe Fontana
                                        Joe Musich
                                        Bob ‘Jomba’ O’Conner
Bob Findley
Sue DeJessa  
HONOR GUARD:  Dolores Burbalak


“Manhattan Towers” a 1946 composition by Gordon Jenkins for a two-disc 78-rpm set on the Decca label arranged by HY
“Tenement Symphony” from the 1941 film “The Big Store” by Sid Kuller, Ray Golden, and Hal Borne arranged by HY
Medley of “Hymn to Victory” / “American the Beautiful” from the 1954 film by Richard Rodgers and Robert Russell Bennett arranged by HY combined with an arrangement inspired by Brad Pearson’s “American Fantasy”  
“Harlem Nocturne” a 1939 tune by Earle Hagen and Dick Rodgers arranged by Larry Kerchner with a Duke Ellington intro
“Elk’s Parade” the famous 1940 Bobby Sherwood hit performed by SKY starting in 1972 arranged by HY
“Street Scenes” a 1946 tune by Alfred Newman arranged by HY
“New York, New York” the 1977 tune by John Kander arranged first for SKY by Bob Pearson and then rearranged by HY
Signature SKY’s well-known and swinging finale from “Every Streets a Boulevard” arranged by HY

The Skyliners Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps is currently celebrating the 25th anniversary and is sponsored by AL Post 1523 Staten Island NY and rehearsals are held at: The Boonton ELKS Lodge, 125 Cornelia St, Boonton, NJ 07005. The corps mission is to provide an opportunity to those wishing to be a part of a traditional drum and bugle corps and for keeping forever alive the legendary charts of our master arranger – the late, great Herman “HY” Dreitzer.
For more information, complete rehearsal/performance schedule, corps history, pictures and audio/video of the corps, please visit us on our website at or contact our corps Director Mike Collins at skyalumdirector [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Please visit us on Facebook at or Twitter at @SkylinersAlumni.

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