2019 Cavaliers In Focus: Transitions

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Welcome to third installment of The Cavaliers weekly photojournalism blog, IN FOCUS. Each week, I will be publishing a collection of photos in order to highlight the different experiences of a drum corps summer tour. I look forward to sharing the stories and experiences of the members, staff and volunteers of The Cavaliers as we travel from coast to coast rehearsing, performing and carrying on the storied legacy of The Green Machine.

Each tour presents its own unique challenges. With The Cavaliers making the trek out to California this year, there has been a lot of long bus rides and loading and unloading of props, horns and equipment. No matter where we are or what tour leg we are on, one thing remains consistent: we have to be able to pack up our entire corps and transfer it from location to location. Although the rehearsal venues may differ, we wake up, unload, rehearse, pack up and continue down the road.

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