New 2019 DCE Championships Package Deals, Program Book

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Drum Corps Europe has blocked 165 hotel rooms in Enschede. In order to give fans more choice in booking them, Drum Corps Europe introduces new package deals:

  • hotel room + premium seat
  • single hotel rooms (without a ticket)

The package deals are available now.

DCE has blocked the hotel rooms until August 15th. After that, booking at the ticket site is no longer possible.

There was a lot of interest in a program book last year. This year there will be a one again. Since there are lots of left overs most of the time, DCE will sell the program book by advanced order at the ticket site. You can find the program book at:
After ordering, you will get a ticket of your order. The program book will be available at the helpdesk of DCE at the main entrance of the stadium. Just bring your ticket and receive your copy.

DCE already introduced group discounts of € 1,50 a ticket from 25 ordered tickets on.
To stimulate people to come with groups of their friends, DCE introduces a free super seat ticket for those who order 50 or more tickets. There is an addition free hotel room available for those who order 100 tickets or more. Please send your order to: info [at] drumcorpseurope [dot] org

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