Cavaliers In Focus: Beat The Heat

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Welcome to fifth installment of The Cavaliers photojournalism blog, IN FOCUS. Each week, I will be publishing a collection of photos in order to highlight the different experiences of a drum corps summer tour. I look forward to sharing the stories and experiences of the members, staff and volunteers of The Cavaliers as we travel from coast to coast rehearsing, performing and carrying on the storied legacy of The Green Machine.

It is now the end of July as The Cavaliers have progressed through the West Coast, the Midwest, and now into the South. This past week exposed us to the beauty and the heat of the Lone Star State. Texas is huge in Drum Corps: the stadiums are bigger, the crowds louder and the first regional sets the stage for the climax of the season. As The Cavaliers made our way through Texas, we experienced some of the hottest weather we ever have. The heat changed the vibe of the drum corps. Going into the first regional, the competition was heating up just as fast as the the weather. However, this brought out a sense of perseverance and determination in the members of The Cavaliers. Seeking to always improve, they used the heat as motivation to rehearse harder, perform stronger and have some fun along the way.

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