That! Announces 2020 Program

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Remember back in September of 2019 when there was supposedly going to be more than one million people converge on place in the Nevada desert known as Area 51? Remember when only 150 showed up and none actually stormed the joint? Remember laughing yourself silly? Yeah…we do, too.

Well, this summer, a ragtag bunch of performers will actually get away with it. However, instead of wasting a bunch of money on a journey to the notorious alien hideaway, this group will bring our version of Area 51 to the SoundSport stage this summer in Indianapolis…where we will, then, proceed to storm it.

THAT!…the infamous SoundSport team from all over the place will use all their cunning, deviousness, and imagination to expose the truth that those 150 nimrods last year couldn’t.

Oh…and if anyone wants to join our quest, go to our website,, and signup to be a part of the most unique performing organization in SoundSport. There is minimal commitment, you don’t have to audition, and you just need to show up the week of the show to learn everything.

THAT! wants you…THAT! needs you…and the entire drum corps/SoundSport universe craves THAT!

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