2020 Buglers Hall Of Fame Inductees

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The Buglers Hall of Fame is proud to announce its 2020 inductees, comprising the largest and most diverse class in its 15 year history. Thirty-one outstanding buglers will be honored, eclipsing the previous record of 28 in the inaugural Class of 2005.

The 2020 BHOF Class includes buglers from Drum Corps, the US Military Services and beyond, ranging from a 3-time CYO Individuals Champion, to the first performer to win National Titles in both DCA and DCI, a recording artist who spent years with the Woody Herman Orchestra before taking up the bugle as both player and instructor, 2 European members, 4 Canadian members, and 4 female members.

Buglers Hall of Fame Class of 2020

Dennis Argul – Baritone soloist, Bridgemen, Bushwackers, DCI Adjudicator

Wayne Boyd – Defenders, 27th Lancers Alumni, Sancians instructor, brass judge

Gene Boyle – Soloist, 27th Lancers, Brigadiers, DCA Soprano I&E Champion

Benjamin Chaffee – Rochester Crusaders, White Sabers, DCA I&E Champion

Peter Cheznovitz – Baritone soloist, Edison Saints, Buccaneers, Sky Alumni

James Covington – Marksmen, East Coast Jazz, Hurricanes, DCA I&E Champion

Genevieve Danis – Glassmen, Baritone soloist, Les Etoiles, Syracuse Brigadiers

David De Andrea – Soprano soloist, Edison Saints, Sunrisers, US Navy Bands

Wayne Dillon – Soprano soloist, Toronto/Seneca Optimists, DCI brass judge

Robert Doyle – FH, Les Compagnons, Melo, Caballeros, Canadian/US I&E Champ

Gerald Dunn – Soloist, USN D&B Corps, Thunderbirds, Steele City, Crusaders

Bob Fizette – Blue Eagles, Avant Garde, Reading Buccaneers, Skyliners, Sunrisers

Jonathan Gifford – Tarheel, East Coast Jazz, Carolina Gold, Crusaders, US Army

Jamie Gibbs – Empire Statesmen, Prime Time Brass, DCA, Legion I&E Champion

Stephen Jones – Contra, Bridgemen, Star, Blast, multi DCI Individual Champion

Laura(Schachner)Hanlon – Orbits, Ramblers, 3-time CYO Individual Champion

Hans Kloppert – Soloist, sop/contra, Jong Jubal, Jubal, Matadors, Bucs, Empire

Winona Lieux – Mellophone soloist, Crossmen, Westshoremen, Caballeros

William McClellan – sop/FH/melo, Yellow Jackets, Raiders, DesPlaines, USMC

Bud McCormick – Monarchs, Muchachos, SC Vanguard, Bucs, 1st DCI/DCA champ

Tom Michalski – Sop/Bari/Contra, Caballeros, Bushwackers, BHOF contra champ

Shaun Owens – Erie Mavericks/Thunderbirds, Madison Scouts, 2X DCI I&E champ

Chuck Penfield – Soprano, Roch. Crusaders, Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Brigs, Empire

Alan Keith “Boomba” Peoples – Soprano soloist, CMCC Warriors, Bridgemen

Silvia(Hernandez)Perbetsky – Floridians, Fl Vanguard, Muchachos, Westshoremen

George Rabbai – Woody Herman Band, Chief Bugler-12th New Jersey Volunteer Inf

Henry Staab – Medford Grenadiers, US Navy, Rochester Crusaders, Sky, Hurcs

Scott Stansfield – Bucs, Westshore, Grenadiers, Brigs, Naval Academy D&B Corps

Paul Tucker – Basildon Blue Eagles, Kidsgrove Scouts, BDE, DCUK, DCH I&E Champ

Chuck Wilson – West Point Hellcats, Hanover Lancers, Rhode Island Matadors

Gary Wood – Lakeview Shoreliners, Hamburg Kingsmen, US Navy, Sky, Erie T-birds

A formal Buglers Hall of Fame Induction ceremony is planned for later this year

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