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Over the last week, the nation has been plunged into a crisis by the latest in a long series of senseless killings of Americans of color, particularly African Americans. The burden of sorrow and pain imposed on our Black brothers and sisters over decades of racism and injustice is intolerable to all who believe in the promise of America. The Cadets stand in solidarity with those who fight for equality, justice, and peace, and against racism, sexism, hate, and violence.

As we build our new organization, we are committed to our mission of creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our participants. To accomplish this, we must build a deep understanding of the challenges facing our community, and particularly those students, staff members, and volunteers who experience racism. To quote James Baldwin, “Neither love nor terror makes one blind: indifference makes one blind.” We are committed to learn, to teach, and to be an organization that is anti-racist. Black lives do matter!

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