Cavaliers Mourn The Loss Of Troy Morgan

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The Cavaliers organization is saddened to hear the news of the loss of Troy Morgan. Troy was a larger-than-life figure who impacted the lives of many in The Cavaliers.

Current board member Marty Schlenker said, “Whether he was teaching the guard or the hornline in the early days of choreography, he radiated a playfulness that drew you in while still pushing you to your limits.” DCI Hall of Famer Bruno Zuccala described Troy this way. “Troy was an amazing Cavalier, designer, and friend. His insight and choreography set the stage for many future Championship Cavalier Color Guards. He took what the Cavalier Winter Guards did in the 80s and put it on the field. His biggest contribution was supporting each member as an individual and helping many during difficult times. His team approach made his tenure very successful. No matter what section, or staff member, or volunteer, Troy was there to help.”

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