DCA Votes To Add Championships To The 2021 Virtual Production

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Drum Corps Associates (DCA) Logo Drum Corps Associates’ unprecedented virtual 2021 season — which will be comprised of weekly competitive events, featuring live-streamed remote performances from a host of entertaining drum corps — is set to include one more marquee event: the 2021 DCA World Championships.

After much discussion, the DCA Executive Board recommended to feature the 2021 season’s finale virtually, among the full-season series of virtual events, which was then unanimously voted upon during a meeting of DCA corps directors.

The DCA Executive Board and DCA corps directors reached this decision with participant, staff and fan safety at the forefront of all conversations. The DCA Championship competition will be included in a one-time purchase for the season’s full slate of virtual events, with no additional charge.

The city of Williamsport, which has long been a supportive and valued partner of Drum Corps Associates, has been faced with a variety of roadblocks and restrictions that make the September event unattainable given the current landscape of Covid-19.

All previously-purchased tickets to the 2021 DCA World Championships, scheduled to be held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, will be honored for 2022, as Drum Corps Associates looks forward to a full-scale, exciting in-person event next summer.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t watch “LIVE” DCA drum corps in 2021.

In brief, here’s what you need to know:

1.) Not only will every single competitive performance this summer be available each Sunday in the comfort of your own home, but — while individual areas’ restrictions and guidelines will certainly apply as necessary — DCA will post the locations of live rehearsal and performance sites for your local DCA corps on its website as such information becomes available.

2.) 2021’s virtual events, which will be edited and streamed by Box5MediaTV and feature remotely-recorded performances by participating corps, will be available for one full-summer subscription price. You can read more about what to expect from DCA’s virtual events here.

3.) A new and enhanced schedule for 2021’s virtual productions is set to be released soon, and will included mini corps and alumni corps performances alongside Class A and Open Class competitive drum corps.

You can support the present and future of the drum corps activity with your subscription, all while enjoying the entertainment of virtual competitive performances. But you can also support DCA and its member corps as they prepare to put together an entertaining and fulfilling summer season for members and fans alike.

Your support goes an incredibly long way in helping build that experience. Drum Corps Associates looks forward to bringing an exciting competitive season in 2021 to your community and your home, as we work toward a full return to the field in 2022.

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