Alumni Spotlight: Meet the First Female Drum Major of Spirit of AtlantaNatasha (Johnson) Jones – Drum Major 1989-1992

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In the world of drum corps, where precision, discipline, and musical excellence reign supreme, one remarkable individual shattered stereotypes and broke through barriers to make history. Today, we shine our Alumni Spotlight on a trailblazer who became the first female drum major of Spirit of Atlanta, leaving an indelible mark on the world of marching arts and on Spirit.

For Natasha (Johnson) Jones, joining Spirit of Atlanta was a turning point that boosted her self-assurance tremendously. As a reserved 18-year-old, she was entrusted with not only a leadership position but the coveted Drum Major position. This experience left her with an unshakeable belief that she could overcome any challenges in college and beyond. It taught her the importance of dedication and pushing her limits to achieve what she once thought was beyond her reach. She greatly admires those who took a chance on a flute player, like Freddy Martin and other staff, to name her the first female drum major for Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps.

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