A Journey of Passion and Progress: The Legacy of Music City’s Executive Director

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In the world of drum corps, few names resonate with as much dedication and impact as Music City Youth in the Arts. At the heart of this thriving organization is Mike Webb, whose journey from a soprano bugle player with the Madison Scouts in 1984 to the Executive Director of Music City has been marked by passion, resilience, and a commitment to positive progress.
A Transformative Beginning

Mike Webb’s connection to drum corps began in 1984 when he marched with the Madison Scouts, playing the soprano bugle. “I can’t think of another experience that shaped me more into who I am today,” he reflects. Although he pursued a business career, his love for the marching arts never waned. This passion was rekindled when his oldest daughter became involved in the activity. It was through new acquaintances that Mike was introduced to Music City in 2008, during its inception. His journey with Music City began on the board of directors, where he served as president and later as treasurer. In 2021, he transitioned into an operational role and eventually took on the mantle of Executive Director in November 2022.

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