R.I.P. DCP-I Fantasy Drum Corps

DCP-I began in the winter of 2004, started by an Executive Director with a dream and several corps/players helping to fulfill that dream. The very first shows in the history of DCP-I were on March 1st, 2004. A total of 34 corps competed that day in either San Diego, CA, Willingboro, NJ, or Whitewater, WI. The first winners were The Gladiators, Phantasma and Buena Vista.

Twenty-nine seasons (2 per year in most years) later, the final DCP-I season took place in the summer of 2019, culminating in that season’s championships in Seattle, WA. The final DCP-I champions were Quiksilver (World), Sparrow Regiment (Open), and Nastalgia Percussion Ensemble (A). During the twenty-nine seasons of DCP-I, over 100 different corps won a medal in any of the three competitive classes.

Over the fifteen year run, participation waxed and waned. The COVID-19 pandemic and loss of the 2020 and 2021 competitive DCI seasons were the final nail in the coffin for our fun little side activity. After a couple of years of inactivity and server changes, the amount of work required to bring the custom DCP-I code and databases up to current standards and bring the game online again is simply too big of a task, with the resources available.

We thank all of the players and Administrators who put forth their time and effort into this game over the years. Executive Directors and administrators of the circuit included:

  • STEVE BURSTALL (DCP user: sburstall) – Founder, Executive Director seasons 1-6
  • JEFF HINTON (DCP user: CincinnatiGloryMello) – Executive Director seasons 7-15
  • MATT BRIDDELL (DCP user: Galen) – Executive Director seasons 16-23
  • KEVIN POGUE (DCP user: hostrauser) – Executive Director seasons 24-29
  • JOHN DONOVAN (DCP user: JohnD) – Drum Corps Planet owner/system administrator/developer

Drum Corps Planet International (DCP-I): 2004-2019