DCP Stats – Ranking Methodology

Unweighted Scores
Scores are determined based entirely on the most recent score and presented as-awarded.

  • Last: The Last (most recent) score recorded by the corps in this caption
  • Prev: Immediately previous “Last” score recorded by the corps in this caption
  • Diff: Difference between the Last and Previous scores. Green indicates an increase in score over the Previous, red a decrease from the Previous score.

Weighted Scores
The scores are determined by a simple formula.  A weighted average is used in order to make sure that the latest scores have the most significance on the weighted average, rather than the simple average (mean) which gives equal weight/significance to all values considered.  The four most recent scores are used in this formula.  The actual score is multiplied by the weight to get the weighted score.  These weighted scores are then summed to get the Weighted Total, which is the score used in the ranking system.

For example:

Date Actual Scores Weights Weighted Score
7/5/2003 16.3 0.1 1.63
7/6/2003 16.5 0.15 2.48
7/7/2003 16.4 0.25 4.10
7/8/2003 16.9 0.5 8.45
Weighted Total 16.66

Specific Weights are assigned to previous scores, using the following values. The weighting values are adjusted, based on the number of scores available for the requested caption and corps.

Number of Shows Weighting Values
4 or more shows: 0.5, 0.25, 0.15. 0.10
3 shows: 0.5, 0.25, 0.25
2 shows: 0.5, 0.5
1 show: 1.0
0 shows: 0

Other Considerations
Please remember that all scores awarded are ‘relative’ to those corps that are competing at the same time, with the same judging panel. Comparing scores from different shows, especially during the early part of the season – before the judging panels have seen all of the corps, will produce inconsistent results. We present these composite scores with these assumptions and the weighting algorithms described above.