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South Florida show my thoughts

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Since I thought the experience last night was so great I have nothing bad to say whatsoever, I thought I'd share. South Florida is so good this year I think I might want to even go to Dayton again. I don't know about judging and don't understand it or really care about that part, so this is just my thoughts.

Flannagan was gold. really gold. floor costumes, face paint. it was beautiful. I can't believe high school kids are this good. I think the show is about the guy who holds up the earth, and they make a live sculpture of that in the opening thats about the coolest thing. Really aggressive spinners, nailing catches. I see gold in their future, but I don't know that much.

Braddock - One of the best guards south florida has ever had. totally different than I ever saw them before, and I liked them before, especially Radiohead, and this is just even better in every way possible. I've been watching the wgi network and I haven't seen anyone better than this. and they are wearing practice clothes with maybe practice flags as well. unbelieveable. exciting and sexy, I just watched them again on the other website, they are going to shock people in every way possible.

Premonition - another amazing group. they have moveable doors they use to kind of trap the members in different places which makes their show look totally different as it goes along. very exciting, very intense. show is called obsessed, and they are very good. just watched them on the winterguardnetwork - hope that's not favoritism putting them online first so they can get more vewings. That's my only complaint about, those comments and stars and view counts are going to maybe offend people. The crowd went crazy for this guard so i'm sure kids can't get enough.

West Broward - where did this guard come from? They were so amazing, I don't remember ever seeing them before. I can't remember what class they were in but it was too early to be World, but that's what I was thinking. I am going to watch them again today.

I really hope I didn't offend anyone. South Florida is truly going to have an amazing showing in Dayton.

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