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    The Cavaliers Drum Majors are serving as the Honor Guard at Don Warren's Funeral service today. I just couldn't possibly be prouder that my son has been given this amazing honor. All 4 Drum Majors are participating, and honestly because of the hats I can't tell if the one on the left is my son or not. But I think it is. Rest Easy, Mr. Warren. And thank you for creating the organization that means so very much to my son. He consistently uses the term "life-changing" when describing his time in the Cavaliers.
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    Can everyone PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD find something new to ***** about? This has been happening for 4 years now. It's not going to change because you don't like it and get on a message board and complain about it with other folks who are stuck in the mud. As with any changes in this activity, you have to move with the times. If you don't like something new you're going to have to get over it or stop watching. That's the facts of the life of a drum corps fan. The activity is evolving all the time.
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    I exchanged msgs with several corps members during the early part of their ride to PA a couple nights ago. Each one said morale is through the roof, they feel like they had a great spring training in Castleton, and they LOVE the new uniforms. They are excited for Detroit and can't wait to "throw down" as one of the drummers put it. Tomorrow night, Win, Place, or Show, is another step in the progression of the organization. I visited Vermont twice, and I was moved by the quiet confidence of Chris, Gino and Colin in particular. I'm sure the rest of the design team feels the same. I am proud of all the members and staff and am counting down the hours til tomorrow night's show. One other thing...there has been some not so subtle gnashing of teeth by some folks in reaction to what they consider to be HYPE coming out of Boston. For anyone who has been to Castleton in the past month, we know there is substance behind the enthusiasm. For anyone who hasn't seen the entire show yet, this is the Boston Crusaders we having been dreaming about for decades. Eat'em up, Boston!
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    Hey everyone, I have some good news that I would like to share with everyone here... I am auditioning for a chamber orchestra that is being conducted by the assistant conductor of the Houston Symphony. It is apart of class ensemble at my local college. I figure this is a fantastic way to dip back into the professional world of music and to meet amazing musicians. I admit that I really do not care about chairs, but I am taking principle chair. 🙂
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    Brief thoughts: Phantom: Not sure this will make finals. Doesn't seem a very mature design. If Spirit and Academy really bring it, they could be in trouble. Blue Stars: I loved the carpenter show. It was totally charming and a joy to watch. This one is not that. It's hard to get a sense of a winter landscape on a green turf field and the outfits were pretty tragic. The much maligned Bob the Builder suits were quite visually effective, but this riot or patterns, fur and dull colors was not very coherent. Cadets: Yikes. Seem to play pretty well, but the design was all over the place. We were totally baffled by the queen's reappearance in a fish net. Needs major work on clarity. Boston: Obviously very strong. Possibly over designed. Expected to like it more than I did, but it doesn't really breathe. Very dense and driving throughout, and even the ballad is not really a moment of rest. Cutting out the vocal recordings would help a lot. Goliath on stilts laid an egg in our theater, with considerable chuckling when he mock falls onto the pegboard. High quality in all sections, but last year's package seemed to communicate better. Crown: I loved this. Very clear and coherent thought and design. The look of the uniforms works extremely well and everything made sense. Reminded me of 2013 and is designed to be a contender. This may be the first ever use of nude shoes on a guard that actually works, because they smartly did a fade of the same color up the legs. The show was fun, moving, engaging and nicely paced. Bluecoats: As with last year, next-level design. You almost can't compare them to the rest. Costuming is fantastic. Show is wonderfully paced and incredibly fun. Focal points direct you to the right place at the right time. Props are beautifully simple and effective. The found a way to get some of the best moments from the Beatles woven together without it feeling like a stitched Frankenstein. Tons of potential here.
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    Saw the show yesterday, I was trying to post a review but the comments tool wasn't working? If this gets posted I'll start typing one up. Edit: Hey it works finally, OK I'll edit this periodically. Edit 2: The corps director said many times that they really didn't want any video getting out until Thursday. I kinda worry I'm gonna #### people off writing this written review, so if anyone from Cadets wants me to stop, feel free to message. I don't like going over anyone's heads and you guys deserve to control stuff until Thursday. ___ Non Opinionated Review ___ I'm a lapsed drum corps fan who doesn't really enjoy the current product, but I'm also a band director and I observed them during the performance & week for my own development. Just giving you context for what you're reading. I'll give a non-opinionated review first. * The show did not start at 6PM which was a bit frustrating. Lots of people showed up expecting a show at 6PM, but they just did full ensemble rehearsal until 8:30. I kinda wish they would advertise this ahead of time, especially in the age of social media. In their defense, the entire Midwest has been rained on for the last week so I doubt they got much visual rehearsal and their members come first. The director validated this. (but again, we're living in the age of social media and people have lives). That said, it looked like pretty much everyone either waited and watched rehearsal or came back by 8:30. * There are 4 giant white staircase props wheeled around the field during the show. I do mean GIANT. There was a scary moment during rehearsal where a colorguard member seemed to have pulled a muscle or something moving the staircase. She was shouting "OW" and lying down on the ground for a minute or two. Not sure if she came back in. I kinda worry about injury/safety regarding these giant wheeled props. That's a ton of weight and anyone caught by it or under it is getting a ton of force on a tiny little human body part. DIRECTOR'S COMMENTS: I went into this show expecting a very women-centric theme, but via the director they're going for a more open ended interpretation. It's rather a show about power. Paraphrasing - One group/person holds all the power and is eventually stripped of it by various uprisings. After the chaos of conflict dies down, both sides build a bridge to try and form a better future. PRESHOW: A Queen character in a very extravagant, poofy, Victorian queen-style dress makes her to the backfield. This was a nice surprise as we didn't get it during rehearsal. As she passes hornline members, they bow to her (the staff reminds them on the speaker to do this). The hornline is set up in a giant set of 2 diagonals emphasizing all 4 giant staircases in the center of the field (3 staircases together leading down to the audience & one behind them in the middle for the queen to walk up from backfield). I'd assume it's supposed to symbolize a castle or something. Fanfare for Women: Several trumpet soloists open the show and lead a royal-feeling fanfare with open intervals into eventually introducing the Queen from backfield. One of the things I appreciate about this opener is how many tempo changes there were. Tons of em. There's a great slow almost-fugue section starting with the tuba section that also becomes a very lengthy accelerando, so props to everyone involved for not wimping out on something hard to achieve on a field. We finish out the opener very fast but slowing down to a more majestic pace. Very classical/royalty feeling coming from the music. The queen wields a staff representing the staff of "power" and the corps finishes with dual company fronts into a very LOUD ending. Just/Blueprint: The drill dissolves as we hear some electronic choral vocal samples singing "Just her crown. Just her royal crest. Just her looks". Music is much more tense and slow. And after each line, the queen is torn apart by members of the corps. Like literally; they're taking away her headpiece, her crown, and ripping her dress off of her until all that's left is the wiring underneath. A giant dissonant crescendo leads into a great mellophone rip until the staff of power is finally taken from the Queen from atop the now-breaking-apart white staircases symbolizing the falling kingdom. The queen rolls down the back staircase where she remains out of sight for the next movement. Estancia (1st mvt): This is not your granddaddy's Estancia. They are marching in 3, meaning the tempo is like 215+bpm for a solid 3-4 minutes. Crazy difficult just to play accurately at that tempo. Tribal-chant vocal samples boom emphasizing the first beat of every 3. The drumline is atop the staircase with the staff of power celebrating with a primal attitude, and the hornline joins them after running around and moving the (now all 4 separated) staircases about. There's a full corps almost-haka dance before the hornline rips into a huge crescendo and visually dissolves to let the drumline take center field. (Sidenote: There's a TON of drumline features in this show.) After drumline feature the staff of power is passed along to the 4 staircases set up all over the field. Snares/Trumpets feature on a staircase leads to Bari/Bass feature leads to Mello/Quads feature leads to Contra feature. We continue passing along features until the hornline gets to show off by itself. Eventually nobody seems to hold the staff for very long, and the dissonant music & conflict causes everyone to Bridgemen-style collapse at the end of the movement. (I loved this part). The queen character returns and sticks out as the only person standing, but also in a gold traditional-looking outdoorsy short dress. Bridge Over Troubled Water: A baritone & trumpet duet leads us down a melody that we aren't quite recognizing yet. Once we get into the chorus everyone recognizes, the 4 staircases are brought into the centerfield and made into an adorable literal bridge with the queen walking right in the middle of it. I thought this was a nice moment. There's a nice brass shout section which leads into a slightly humorous quiet gospel organ solo... which then leads into a very intense gospel brass shout section. There were 4 soloists supposedly mic'd up (2 screaming sops and 2 baritones) but I don't think the mics were working correctly. Do Better: A ton of electronic samples throughout this movement. It's original music by Aungst, so obviously percussion feature. The hornline is busy doing hip-hop-style dance choreography while the vocal samples rhythmically tut "DO. DO. DO BETTER. WE. CAN. ALL. DO BETTER". The drumline shows off a TON during this movement and represents two groups during a 'battle' of sorts. It's less of a battle and more of a fun show off section. The quads with the female CG weapons vs. the Snare/Basses with the male CG weapons. Interesting to note the CG members have the female & male symbols on their weapon's stocks. Like the female guard members have a female symbol while the male guard members have the male symbol. The feature ends with the 4 staircases setup backfield in a giant "X" (so two criss-crossing bridges) with hornline members running & criss-crossing on top of them. The drumline leads us into the ending with a meshed Snare/Quad line feature (think 2004 SCV) that pops the crowd pretty nicely. Symphony 4 (Maslanka) - I honestly don't remember much about the closer. Part of the issue is that the colorguard & queen don't have their choreography yet, so they were just doing drill. Nothing wrong with that, safety first. It felt very much like a recap of the first movement; lots of major triumphant tones. What I do remember is that they quoted their old dissolving vortex ending (1998, 2001) before breaking apart into a giant curivlinear set. The final set is the curvilinear set with the male & female symbols linked in the middle of the field (NOT IN THAT WAY GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER).
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    You know, I read this earlier (about the BAC fan base) and I have a slightly different perspective. While there definitely was a healthy portion of sour grapes hurled at our organization during the staff changes prior to the 2017 season, I think there is more to it. The Boston Crusaders are in their 79th year of existence, despite some very lean times. I can think of at least 4 times where the drum corps was virtually days away from folding but did not. (1957, 1973, 1983, 1998) For those of us who have been around the corps for years, our survival is nothing short of miraculous. Our entrance (finally) into the top 12 in 1999 was a game changer for all of us. And, remaining a finalist for 20 years in a row is something to behold. In 1983 the entire drum corps consisted of 51 members, an all volunteer staff and sleeping on the grass at Allentown because we had no housing. To go from those trials to now have a multimillion dollar nonprofit serving nearly 20,000 kids in various programs is mindboggling. I do think top three this year is quite possible..and a championship may not be far away. However, in the minds of many of us BAC supporters, we have already won. We are just waiting (patiently) for that final recognition. That's where the passion comes from.
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    I like the Boston fan base. They’re honest: they want to be champions. They’re protective of their corps. They did put up with a lot of flak two years ago, which was kind of silly. These staff members are free to seek employment where they please. They weren't tethered for life to any particular organization.
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    Well that was fun! I just caught Bluecoats ensemble rehearsal at Indiana Wesleyan University. The weather was almost perfect except it was a little windy. This show is so much fun! The music is extremely accessible—and hummable. I can’t stop smiling. Bloo has part 4 out of 5 on the field as of tonight. Horns are outrageously talented and despite the accessibility, they have some very meaty parts, especially in the mellophones. The front ensemble is expanded and sounds good to me. Battery is staged up front for their hardest licks—I think they want to strut their stuff for the judges. Whether they win, lose or draw, I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this show.
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    The guy on Jim’s right who was about four clicks started off with nachos. Horrible odor. Then he went to a bag of kit kats. Then, he pulled out another bag of candy. Solid eating for 2 1/2 hours. Plus, he was drinking from a cup that was the theater equivalent of a big gulp. Wouldn’t fit in the cup holder. Probably filled with Diet Coke because he’s cutting back. 🙄
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    I have been following and rooting for the Boston Crusaders since Ed Denon introduced them to our band in 1964. I remember those heady corps of the late 60's and have the worn-out Fleetwood records to prove it. (67 Shriners still a favorite) I joined the Senior Corps just so I could wear the colors, play Conquest and La Mancha and sing GIANT. I lived through the "we don't gava years" although deep down we really did. I have visited many BAC camps over the last 20 years and get excited every year for the new show. I am an unapologetically biased BAC fan. What I saw at Castleton this year was not HYPE. It was the best drum corps ever to march as Boston Crusaders. It was a show that will make an indelible mark on the 2019 DCI season. I have butterflies waiting for the Detroit performance.
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    Crown already set with clear ponchos
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    The staff says the talent in the corps is across the board better than last year and they have high expectations from all captions. The design team has created a show from scratch and not "band-aid" (though by Finals 2018 it was highly effective with changes) show, but they have been working on this 2019 show since last Fall. New additions to the design team. Great former instructors coming back. A year of planning tour both on and off the field.... The corps will be fine. What place? Who knows. But they will chase getting as close to 100 pts (which is the goal) with less obstacles than last year. #marchstraightandtrue
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    The reason Boston fans and Boston alums are "ridiculously defensive" is because over the years (many years) they did whatever they had to do to survive. There were many times they could have packed it up and been a memory like so many other corps. They suffered through poor management, no management, low membership numbers, no money, on and on. Unless you were there for the many years of struggle, you can't really know the extent of the struggle to simply stay alive. The turmoil at times, no money, no organization structure and support, the scrambling to go day to day, hand to mouth. Many people may not realize that up until the more recent years, all instructional staff, management, and assorted volunteers were actually ALL volunteers. No one was getting paid. They stuck around for the love of the corps. For years. They competed against corps with lots of money and lots of support. They kept working and grinding and after many years of that, they finally made it. But it really wasn't until a short few years ago were they finally in the position, had finally built a strong base, financially and administratively, to make the move to be equally competitive with the groups that had been much more fortunate over they years than they. Boston had put a lot of work in to get where they are right now. Until you have marched in their shoes, you can't understand the depths of the effort. When they were vilified for doing exactly what many other corps had done, and many had done this before them, they fell back on their survival instincts to make it clear they would not accept any $#^%# from anyone about what they put in motion to Build A Champion. They had to prove they were not the insignificant corps other corps thought they were, because they were not competitive with them. Once they became competitive, and now that they are, there is still a residual sense from other corps that they aren't as elite as they are and don't belong. There may be perceived chip on Boston's shoulders, and maybe there is. But that is what fuels their desire and drive to be a Champion. And not just to be a Champion but to be a Champion once again. For those who cannot look back pre-DCI era, there was drum corps before then and Boston WAS a National Champion. Long before others became one. To be clear, there is no inferiority complex at play here. There is a unified confidence they are on the right path to be competitive with other corps and org's., and to prove they are where they are supposed to be. This year is important because it is the 3rd year of the plan. They are just now hitting their stride. They will be successful and they will be humble once they achieve their goals. They will be so because they know what it has take to get back. There is tremendous appreciation of the leadership, the BOD, the instructional staff, the volunteers, the level of quality built throughout the entire organization. And along with that is the experience they strive to deliver to each years MM's. I hope this explains a little about why they are ridiculously defensive.
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    So, a few words in defense of myself with regard to hype or not. When I spent time with BAC at move ins in 2017, I posted on DCP that they were so good I could see them coming in 6th or 7th. The collective wisdom here was that "no way...they came in 12th last August...etc". Boston finished 6th in 2017. When I visited last year, my reactions from the 2018 move in were that they might be as high as 4th or 5th. This time, more people found that to be believable. Boston finished 5th. It is not hype to say that the 2019 edition of BAC is by far the best. Everything from the design of the program, to the props, to the level of the amazing guard and drum line, and yes..you heard right....this is unquestionably the best hornline ever to come out of Boston. Hopefully, videos of tomorrow night's concert in the park will be enlightening. And WAIT until you guys see the uniforms... One last thing....somebody on here last week referred to me as a fair weather fan of BAC. For the record, I marched in this drum corps in 1980 as part of a 28 man hornline. I taught the corps for 8 years, including 1983 with 19 horns and a total corps membership of 51 (yeah...we took one bus to Miami). I have been around the corps in various capacities for 40 years. This year, my considered opinion is that they might very well win in Detroit and go on to medal in Indy. You're darned right that I am excited for these kids and this organization. Some may call this hype. I consider it the chickens coming home to roost after 79 years.
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    1) Independent governing/sanctioning body. 2) Adjudication by music/artistic professionals who are independent of drum corps.
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    Daughter performing in her first DCI comp. Good stuff. Proud parent here!
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    The uniformity in which I went through the last few pages and cleaned up...was pretty spectacular. To those involved, enjoy the vacation.
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    From what I have seen of clips of Corps so far, I think the fans are the winners tonight. Up and down world class corps are really working hard to get their shows ready.
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    I had the pleasure of seeing Crown rehearse tonight in Lexington, KY including a full run through. TheY sound great- lots of impact. Good blend of new and old school drum corps, lots of drill, minimal use of props, tasteful use of electronics, minimal reliance on voiceover to tell a story. I am not sure I followed the concept very well (math?) but I rarely pay much attention to the deeper meaning of show concepts. I liked the music and the kids are working their tails off. Drums have some cool licks. My middle school band kids remarked numerous times of getting chills. I'll always be a proud Bluecoat alum but sure enjoyed my evening watching Crown. Best of luck to them this season.
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    I was very surprised by the small gap between Bluecoats, Crown, and Boston. I think Bluecoats design is way better than the other corps in competition last night. I was becoming bored last night until Bluecoats performed. When they get it right, Bluecoats design team is the best in DCI!
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    I have just witnessed the first full run through! This show has a ton of potential and should be a monster when it gets clean. The field is much more clean propwise than in in the past couple of years and the brass sounds more mature as well. Speaking of the brass, they have some very tasty licks. There are some phasing issues to be ironed out but I am sure that will be worked out soon enough. And there are some great brass soloists as well as some really good screamers. Drums are solid and I especially enjoyed the pit. Guard is filling the air with high flying silks and weapons. This show seems to be an evolution from the past couple of years.. Well done Caviies!
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    Bluecoats: It's one thing to put out a great show. It's another thing to redefine great. As fans, can we ever look at the activity the same way again after seeing Bluecoats 2019? North Canton is stepping outside of our expectations and leading the activity toward their vision. There is no question that this corps will be competing for a medal. If they can keep their technical achievement above the competition, it will be gold. Last year's Achilles' heel, the now revitalized percussion section, swept that category. Staging, costuming, showmanship... all on another level. One of my favorite moments: the brass line in a wide circle, playing a decrescendo chord, and holding it over many counts. Never staying too long on a given piece, they touch 19 different songs. How many pieces of music have we heard butchered by drum corps?? Bluecoats 2019 is an example of a drum corps truly enhancing the original music. Yes, they could show Paul McCartney a new way to repackage the White Album. Seriously... as a businessperson, wouldn't it be sick for the rights holders to make a deal with Bluecoats for their show to be a trailer for the White Album's re-release? Enough dreaming... they're off the field. Prime example: the best don't merely do this activity well... they have a vision of making the whole activity better.
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    So Cadets having a snare drummer and man beat up a woman on the stairs probably not a smart design choice given the corps recent history. Maybe it's just me, and I'm not easily offended, but that was cringe worthy and about as bad of optics as you could get.
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    Lots of people in tears. This is a beautiful and very emotional show. You will never forget it. 💙🍁💙
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    Back in the day beer worked for us.
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    Full disclosure: I am a Boston Crusaders fan, and I have lived in the Boston area my entire life. My Boston accent is thick and people are surprised when they hear me that I grew up in a suburb and not Southie or Dorchester. I can not live without clam chowder and there is no reason to put New England in front of it because Manhattan clam chowder is not clam chowder. My favorite vacation spot is the Cape, and there is no need to put Cod after it, and a great day trip is Gloucester. Add to the mix I am Irish, very, very Irish. I love Italian food and good pizza, and I love the ethnic diversity that is such a part of Boston today. My Boston credentials are pretty solid. What you call defensive we call passion, whether it involves the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, the cultural attractions, the educational institutions, or the wonderful people. We may fight among ourselves, but no one else better say anything. This applies to drum corps and a Boston Crusaders as well.
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    Just got back from ensemble and watched tonight’s run. The corps was in their upper half’s tonight, and the unis are going to look sharp. They added 10 pages of drill to the end of the show tonight and I’m beginning to think this ending isn’t so temporary after all. And it’s a #### good ending. Got to watch the guard tonight a little more carefully and am convinced they will be much stronger than in past seasons. There’s a vibe with this group that I haven’t seen since 2013...
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    I went to Gardner Webb again this past Saturday and they have what seems to be half of the show on the field, and those 5-6 minutes go by fast. The show hooks you in from the first note (which also blows your face off). Whenever I am there, the members seem genuinely excited about the show and excited about being there. I, myself, have not been this excited about a Crown show since 2016. I was excited about 2017 too, but this show is on a whole different level. Crown will be back as the crowd favorite again this year. This show is so much fun to watch right now, and I don't even know what is going on at this point. The show is just that entertaining. I hope to make it up to GWebb again this weekend and maybe see the ballad barring no weather setbacks. I cannot wait until June 16th for the preview show and June 20th for the Tour Premiere
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    Only time BD finishes 3rd is in the annual predictions thread. DO IT UP DEVILS!!!
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    As someone who is marching this show I'll just say this. We are certainly working our tails off but man is this show fun.
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    Rain was a comin. It was starting by the time we got back to the hotel. It was an enjoyable show and as expected, the experience was much better than the theater. I found my young friend in the Scouts. It was by chance that we were leaving the stadium and I saw his name on his jacket. A nice kid. They’re all nice kids. I was happy to bring him some treats. I also saw our friend Matt who teaches the Cadets but who we’ve known since he marched in 2013. These are friendships that will last until I die.
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    To the 2019 Edition of the Boston Crusaders. The Alumni are proud of you, Before a single note, or step, or spin is judged. We are proud of you. You stand on all of our shoulders and reach new heights as a corps that all of us could only dream of. Live the dream and be undeniable tonight and for every other night going forward. Be Relentless, You are our heroes. You are True Blue Crusaders. For the Corps we Love. Glenn BAC CBS '00 '02 '04 '05
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    Just wow...that's all I can say about tonight. Cannot wait until tomorrow to see what the uniforms do to the show, but Crown has something special this year. That ballad sent chills up my spine, and the closer is just fun. I do think it is a temporary ending, but it is definitely more concrete than years past. Going to be a fun summer!
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    A note from the Don Warren Celebration of Life ... "A message from Paul Litteau (Cavies). Last night was the "Send Off" show for The Cavaliers, which was expanded to feature the Celebration of Life for the corps' founder Don Warren. Several hundred alumni and guests joined the current members of the corps for this event at the Rosemont Theater. Many speakers shared memories of Don. A highlight was the presentation by Hugh Mahon (former Garfield Cadet Director and one of the surviving founders of DCI) who spoke on behalf of himself, DCI and The Cadets. After he finished, virtually every current member of the corps thanked him individually, many saying they had not previously fully appreciated the long friendship and mutual respect between our corps. Countless alumni and other guests also extended their appreciation. It was a great event... and Hugh did The Cadets proud."
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    You ARE new to these here parts! Knocking what we have not seen is the bread and butter of DCP! 😎
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    For the record, the music book for BAC is written by Ryan George and Colin McNutt. I don't believe either of the men has ever been involved with Crown.
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    Lot's of talk on the new food truck which is well deserved. It is a phenomenal vehicle and as most know on the road, it is home base for the Corps. Also noteworthy is that the members and all staff are sleeping in college dorms and eating in the school cafeteria. This gives us a chance to break in the new truck by preparing snack only and it is a much better experience for all involved.
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    please ... Please ... PLEASE! Let’s not exhume the grave of this beaten horse again!
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    ' Just returned from 2 days up in Vermont with the Boston Crusaders at their Move Ins there. Things are looking up. What a great show they are putting together for us Drum Corps fans this summer, imo. I talked to a local farmer up there immediately outside the University's practice facilities where Boston has been practicing their 2019 show. He tells me he's never seen his generally lethargic cows so happy the last couple of weeks. He tells me his cows are groovin' to the beat now. I told him its not allowed to take pictures. videos, audios of people at Drum Corps practice. He gave me a confused, funny look. So anyway, I quickly changed the subject and asked him if I could take a picture of his cows instead.. He said sure thing, no problem... Vermont cows, I'm told, are harder to please sometimes than even some humans are. Especially when it comes to Music. So if these groovin' to the beat Castleton, Vermont cows are any indication. Boston just might have a fabulous show that awaits us this summer, folks.
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    Great score tonight Crown! Keep it up! I really believe this year's show has the potential to contend for gold. Couldn't be happier as a Crown fan with what I've seen to start this season.
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    I like everyone. It keeps my blood pressure down.
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    I have to be honest as a woman and a survivor; It was disturbing to me seeing her being thrown around and her dress being ripped off.
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    Or they can treat this like an actual competition and produce a competitive show, which they seem to be doing.
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    In Castleton now....HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HORNLINE!
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