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    Your agenda is crystal clear if necessary all us donors and alumni will step up and support the Cadets fully on their 2020 world class tour
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    It's going to be a tough fight for sure, but BD is always prepared. I think something that I often forget about it, is that I have been lucky enough to watch and / or perform through 3 decades of drum corps greatness. And through all of that, names like BD, Cadets and SCV have maintained that greatness and successfully changed with the activity without losing a step. It's simply staggering the level of talent from both staff and MM's that I've witnessed. Some have been involved in drum corps longer, some shorter. But I hope that all of us can take a few moments throughout the season to come and celebrate what we helped to create in some small way whether by being a fan, staff, volunteer or MM. I'm proud of my drum corps heritage and proud to have competed against some great talent. Much ❤️ Blue Devils.
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    The great Bill Hayes has passed. After serving as an Air Corps turret gunner in WWII and earning 4 bronze stars, he completed his music degree, became the first "Cherry Pink" soloist in the Caballeros, and taught both music and drill to dozens of the finest drum corps in the country. If you ever marched in this activity, you either learned from him, someone else who had, or one of their students. We all carry Bill's Drum Corps DNA to some degree. He was the personification of "The Greatest Generation", in every sense of the word. Details: https://tilghmanfh.com/tribute/details/1343/William-Hayes-Jr/obituary.html#content-start
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    Mostly, we’ve been walking down Gulf Blvd and eating too much. Starvation will be my only friend when I get home.
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    Having a private organization wanting to be all male is NOT discrimination. Legally or otherwise. You lost the debate big time when you brought up white supremacy.
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    A three-peat will have to wait until 2021....remember that SCV took the title in 2018. They've been close to a three-peat 5 times...in all cases when they lost the third one, they won the following year. The streaks were broken by SCV twice, Cadets twice, and Bloo once. Going against BD is always a tough fight.
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    No you're not Terri. How much did you make?
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    man - it's like a bunch of 80s Garfield Cadets stole of bunch of these anonymous posters girlfriends back in the day...
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    I have structured settlement but I NEED CASH NOW
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    Don't give up so soon.
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    Extreme allegations?!? He sexually assaulted young women, and you’re justifying this? What kind of ####### statement is that? Whether or not they were 18, 28, or 45, he sexually assaulted people and you’re criticizing people calling him out. Do you actually ####### believe it matters if they were any age? Sexual at any age is monstrous, and you downplaying is in the way you did is disturbing, disgusting and pathetic.
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    There were young women involved in the allegations, corps members from the early 80’s. They are not part of the legal charge, as they happened too long ago, and probably not in the PA jurisdiction in any event. The reporters story was sexual abuse committed by GH against young women. Financial stuff would not have been on the radar.
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    Hopefully explosives will be involved. It would indeed be a poetic end to this chapter of the Hopacolypse.
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    This is great to hear and I hope your Son has a great experience this year.
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    Guess who I am thinking of....
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    Oh - I thought when they say they are the “oldest” corps it meant something else.
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    Thanks for the update sir. Very excited for the 2020 Cadets!
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    These are actually two of the highest paying parade fees that I have encountered and Tom Augnst is one of the Directors at Dartmouth which will also save us money on housing while in the Boston area.
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    NO more bad juju !! be positive..peace
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    If I were auditioning, before I signed a contract (thereby promising $ to the Corps) I would want to know if I am signing up for an Open Class tour or a World Class tour. And if I signed up for World Class & it was changed afterward to Open Class, I would expect (at least) a reduction in amount owed, and hopefully the offer of a full refund so I could go elsewhere to march a World Class tour schedule.
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    Unless, of course, the natural acoustic sound is indoors and manages to overpower the indoor acoustics themselves. Drums are especially bad, since their sound is omni-directional. Bugles and drums are for outdoors.
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    Well you’re clearly not going to stop theres a webinar explaining the arrangement of the new Cadets organization and the path forward It’s Thursday night night and you should tune in instead of just spreading rumors and asking silly leading questions on DCP
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    What did you do on vacation... watch drum corps! Almost did that years ago in Canada. Drove by a stadium near Toronto and saw a corps on the field. Found out later it was a major competition. If only there had been the internet to tell us we would have rescheduled whatever the heck we did that day.
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    Right now may be the perfect time to donate to Cadets because when an organization has so many people watching it, more often than not there are tighter controls. My thought would be every penny will be accounted for in the upcoming days. That being said, trust is very hard to earn when there have been so many ways that trust has been violated. In the case of the Cadets, the people most responsible and in particular one person who was especially a lightning rod may be gone, but regaining the trust will take a while.
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    keep the remote handy when the commercials come on
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    DCI posted 2019 Championship show clips on Youtube (3 minutes each)
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    So, I think DCI needs more Cavies championships... 🙂 lol
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    Why serve someone a cake that's not completely finished? Maybe they're getting things finalized and presentable before they decide to let the cat out of the bag? Why people on here think they're entitled to know the inner workings of an organization when THEY think it's appropriate is beyond me. I would like to think that when the information is ready to be presented to the general public, they will do so. Until then, we have no choice but to just wait.
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    Too bad they didn't do a GG show when his son was the synth driver.
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    I don’t know - it’s a drum corps discussion forum. So some people come here to discuss? The point is to strive to understand. Why does seeking the truth threaten you? Because kids might leave Cadets and go elsewhere? I doubt that would happen from some back and forth on an Internet forum. So what is it?
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    You need to step back for a while and relax and find something else to do for a week or two. Info will be released when they are ready not when you want it.
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    I guess it all depends on how cynical one is about the Cadets. Personally, I trust the current management team at the Cadets. Their main focus is sustaining the Cadets into the future and giving the marching members an amazing and safe experience. It really isn't necessary to be mistrusting of the current Cadets team. The reason to be cynical about the Cadets is long gone!
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    Then they should be using the proper channels to request the information they seek, as opposed to asking random people on a forum.
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    Not sure about that. What I noticed seems to be an increase in schools worrying about liability (especially with the predator issue) and “outsiders” using taxpayer funded property. All it takes is one big mouth at a school board meeting or election raising hades and board takes easy way out and says NO.
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    That's why I had a problem from the start of the amplification nonsense, with some dude way off the field making decisions about half the sound coming off the field. It's no longer "for the kids," it's mostly about marketing for sound equipment retailers.
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    Why is this bothering you so much? You aren’t forced to read it. And I see nothing in here that’s irrelevant or any worse than in other threads such as Cadets. If you have new good information to share, share it. Versus trying to shut down other voices. Which is what you’re doing with the - go start a different thread - thing.
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    I always thought the 80’s was the golden age.
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    Don't know what was said about another corps from the northeast having camps in Florida...don't really care either. All I care about is that the Cadets are finally headed in a positive direction and they are starting to move past the Hopkins crisis!
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    Honestly I wish they would announce the show much earlier than the first show of the year. think about it they’ve done it for how many years... predictable is not a good look 😁
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    Nice first post ever, man! I don't remember my first post... it more than likely went something like "WOOOOO! GO CAVIES!!"
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    99.9% of them are wonderful people.
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    This is somewhat reminiscent of how we "took care" of our Corders drums at UA after the 1990 season was over. Unfortunately, Ludwigs don't burn as much as they explode...but it still does the job.
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    For us who marched in the 1970's.....Remember getting a winter copy of either Drum Corps World or, if you are older like me, Drum Corps News and maybe the corps posted their repertoire for the season. There was never talk of "the state of _________ corps!" The corps came out for the first competition in May or June or even July and then you see and hear. Today we wait (not patiently) for good or bad news from each corps or the DCI meetings so then we have something to whine about during the winter season. Today we even get to see what happens with bad corps directors on social media. BITD (yep I used that), directors and staff got away with anything and everything, which is sad! Today, you could get caught picking your nose with the wrong finger and you'll be outed on social media! Today we can't wait patiently for news from the few remaining corps left. We have to know what's going on with the Cadets, SCV, BD, Madison, and a few others. Maybe once in a while we hear about Blue Knights. The few remaining Open Corps are never in the spotlight and if they are then it's for a brief moment. Any change that happens in DCI is a chance for most to complain how drum corps is dying and how they want to go back to the old days of 2000, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's or to the days of REAL bugles with a valve and a slide. The people who are positive about these changes are shot down and are considered dumb, stupid, morons and idiots! How DARE drum corps try to get better! How dare corps around the country try to stay ahead of the game and put on a show that is musically and visually pleasing! John Doe who marched in 1970 and never performed again is still whining, "In my day we had a concert and a color presentation! We had inspections and marched in squad movements!" I thought about this on several occasions and I thought, Thank God DCI came along!!! RAMD (can I say that word?) came along and thus started the b#tching and whining. People became RAMD stars! We had "awards" that even I may have won! I never saw a plaque or certificate. I remember I commented on something and someone decided my opinion was not right and as I was waiting to go on at an indoor show I heard someone say to me, "So and so wants to kick your a$$ tonight!" I said (as a 290 lb ex Army MP), "ok, where and when?" He never showed. Then came DCP. Good idea! It was run pretty well and still is today. I did leave the DCP FB page because, well, there were to many people more intelligent than me and I was a moron and an idiot. You,know I can only take so much and thought since I was older....why bother. I have loved drum corps since 1970! I remember from 1973 till 2004 hearing my parents "why do you do that crap?" Today I have that answer...it made me the person I am today. It showed me you can have passion in something! The people, for the most part are pretty cool too! I could go through of ton of people I marched with, taught with, am friends with, but thats alot and I'll forget someone. Thanks Drum Corps!
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    Those last 3 minutes. I remember being up in the stands going nuts. Didn't matter that it was the third night in a row we'd seen it, it was just crazy time. We'd roar and be half out of our seats then everyone was like "ok hush down, over there now" ROAR. then "shh shh shh, don't miss this..." ROAR.
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    From reading Ms.Bonfiglio's background,I don't know how much "hand's on experience" she's had, when it comes to budgeting, and other technical aspects of running a corps. I also don't know exactly what her/YEA's responsibilities are when it comes to this. From looking at her background it seems that, if she does have to handle the technical aspects of the corps, she would know where her expertise is and the type of people she needs to bring in . That is,assuming she has the authority to bring those people in. But,at most,she is only in charge of the "front of the house". It seems that,from reading the posts on this thread, the "back of the house" is where there are the most "issues". Again,as I posted,its unclear what the current relationship is between The Cadets and YEA. If they are still "joined at the hip",The Cadets could have still have "back of the house" issues. I would think that,by now,accountants have combed through all of YEA's records and have pretty good idea where they stand,financially. What's worrisome is that If even 1/3 of the comments about their finances posted on DCP are accurate, they are going to need to make some hard choices to stay viable.
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    Skating on thin ice? Source please.
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