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    This thread appears to be comprised mostly of folks who “haven’t supported dci in years” stating they will “not support dci this year” shocking! That aside, I’d suggest the folks who are upset about current events send a letter to the DCI BOD voting members
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    Danny Boy Wheel - 27th Lancers!!!
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    Every word you write may be true about George's behavior towards alumni, YEA employees and others in the normal course of their daily interactions. Maybe he now regrets his terrible behaviors towards so many people (not just alums). However, that has zero to do with his being a sexual predator against the women who have come forward, including two who were marching members at the time he preyed on them, and the two most recent victims the prosecutor was able to use to charge him in the legal case. The idea that he would put his hand on your leg at dinner when you first met does not show a person who has had much of a change of heart on the predator side of things to me. That was just an exploratory move. His and Kristy's FB profiles both show they have been together since 2015, so he had no business going after you, again IMO.
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    On the actual rule breaking , I'll generally play Devil's advocate on that side of the argument, purely because I've had to make that kind of call and I realize it's a bit ambiguous when you have stakeholders who are angry. But, to the defense that it wasn't an official rule violation, when DCI's own media partners literally publish an article praising the offer (referring to FloMarching, can't find the article link), and when the brass caption head of one of those named organizations literally posts a thank you to Arsenal for the offer to those members, maybe it's a good time to weigh out whether or not the rule-violation-decree should be so damning.
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    People should go back and read the accounts of these women and ask themselves if they sound like a collective of haters.
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    " Hell Hath No Fury Like 10-12 Women Scorned " " The Power of 10".... Georgie.
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    If saying that corps shouldn't abuse their members is considered disparaging, there's a HUGE problem. Arsenal did everything they should have and then some. No reasonable person would interpret that post as anything even objectionable.
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    Yeah he acknowledged he was wrong for stealing a kiss PERIOD. And you are buying it hook line and sinker. So women are baring their souls by talking about the most painful thing in their lives. And willing to testify in court where they could have perjury penalty if found lying. Think about it, multiple people take a chance of throwing their lives away for a corps alumni association? Someone thinks that is the most important thing in the world or it’s a bs line. Worse part of your posts is you ignore what he is really being accused of and refuse to answer direct questions where the answer would make GH look bad. IMO he likes to talk about himself and he found someone willing to listen and buy what he is selling. done until the trial
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    oh dear i mentioned i said hello to him at Sheetz. how gossipy. oh horrors. I mean I said Hi to Terri and Big W at DCA this past September. if I mention that here, am i gossipy too? wait...i went to pay my respects when Jim's wife passed away...even gave him a hug ( even if he came up to my armpits). Is that gossipy? Personally the saddest thing in this whole sordid mess outside of whats happened to the 12 women is the damage done to people are close to people close to Hopkins. Talk about collateral damage...people I have known my whole life tainted by association, yet did not one ###### thing wrong. or the kids in C2 now without a corps. or the kids that were in CWP or CWG.
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    No, they are too heavy. But trumpets on the other hand....
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    Gonna go ahead and put on the tinfoil hat now so that they (DCI/DCA) can't read my mind..... What you are saying here certainly appears to be true. I think a lot of it goes back to something that many have said. They've managed to avoid truly giant failures in the protection of MM's and staff and it's been fairly easy to sweep under the rug for a very long time. I would think that none of us was truly naive enough to not suspect that things happened in the past and present times. Whispers travel pretty far in our activity. Survivors in most cases didn't come forward until recently and DCI took the "see no evil / hear no evil" approach. Thank goodness that's changed. However, an individual posts something on a social media site now calling out other corps / directors....well that's something that DCI CAN'T control or spin. With the utter lack of trust and suspicion which already exists regarding the organization, it spreads like wild fire. And DCI's only response is to nuke the #### out of it. DCI....please, for the love of all things holy in the universe.....get a PR person. At least a mediocre one. Watching the organization flop around like a fish on a hook, firing off reactionary punishment to anyone within their scope of vision is starting to get embarrassing.
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    Most agree.. including the former Arsenal Corps Director himself... that in retrospect he should have made the helpful offer, but left out the comments in his post about these 2 Corps ( things that had already been stated by many when DCI HQ levied their penalties on these 2 Corps.) However, there was no " lets have a talk " offer by DCI. Thats untrue. From reports, Dan Acheson made this decision and without a personal contact and communication with this Corps Director AT ALL. It was Dan Acheson that can be assessed as acting prematurely and " emotionally " some might argue. The Corps Director was not even afforded a contact by the person that pulled the Organization's review application. Its like you were hired by someone, and without proper explanation and notice, you are abruptly fired, and notified of your abrupt firing by an underling to your boss. Your Boss never " had a talk with you " before abruptly firing you. He fires you because you said something about another fired person ( that was true ) but he did not like that you spoke about that fired person he fired, so he fires YOU !. Who exactly is the mature adult in this ? The Corps Director admitted he made a mistake in a portion of comments in his offer that on the face of it was helpful to parents and MM's left in the lurch by a DCI membership Corps that screwed up and was penalized by Dan Acheson for their actions. But Dan Acheson overreacted in this situation to a portion of that post by this Corps Director, imo and pulled the Organization's quest for Open Class status on something that could have easily been " talked out ", imo. But it wasn't " talked out ", now was it. And now we read in the newspapers the aftermath, Read their headline. Now tell us who the media and much of the public that reads this believes " overreacted " again ?
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    I will still go to shows. I’ll donate for a kid I personally know. and I’ll still be a pain in their ### and post things when I learn about them
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    You’re going off the rails again. If this thread is closed, it will be the third one that will be closed because you have strayed so far from the subject matter. Stop. This is important.
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    Cavaliers "Step-Over" Cadets "Z-Pull" Star "Cross-to-Cross" It must have a name and a hyphen to be truly memorable! YES, I AM THE "OLD CORPS GUY"
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    Gee what a gentleman. When I go out to dinner with a woman I barely know and put my hand on her leg.....oh wait, I just remembered, that’s something I would never do. This is not normal behavior. Normal perv behavior perhaps. But thanks. Maybe the prosecutor can use you as a witness.
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    They had open lines of communication before. We have the emails to prove it. :) Sorry. DCI had all week to admit they made a mistake in judgment. Instead, they issued two press releases - one to lie and smear the ex-director, and one to try and gloss over everything by saying they are working together to move forward and learn... as long as DCI gets to keep their heels precisely where they dug them in from the start. Are these behaviors consistent with the values of DCI ethics guidelines? And how do we move forward on the greater challenges DCI faces when their own office cannot set an example of ethical behav... , oh, ####, even abide by their own guidelines?
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    You are asking the wrong person this MikeD as I did not find his honest and truthful comments all that " disparaging " of either Corps. Heck, DCI HQ previously released statements itself said as much when DCI came down on these 2 Corps. The young Corps Director, as an official representative of a DCI Corps, probably should not have said what he did in a public forum, and in hindsight, he recognizes this. But good grief, he didn't further hurt these Corps in any way, shape, or manner, imo with his comments, imo. Dan Acheson likely did more damage to Drum Corps and to DCI with the overzealous, overreaction response and punitive, punishing, action he and his DCI BOD 's took with this. Just read the major city newspaper's headline that the public at large is getting as coverage from this. No amount of spin can construe that this was handled well by DCI HQ, imo.
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    Not only that, the director started the corps because he had been verbally abused by a staff member and also didn’t have his physical injuries taken care of properly and has chronic back pain. At 23. His efforts were to make his corps a good place to march. So DCI decides to crush him like a grape. I can’t decide if I’m sad, incredibly ###### off, or both simultaneously.
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    Not sure this required its own thread vs all the others to answer your basic premise - no, I do not believe the current events will lead to the loss of DCI and a new circuit i do believe Dans days are numbered - he needs to go, if for no other reason than symbolic change it’s way past time for new leadership and vision at DCI additional changes are needed - but typically the “fish goes rotten from the head” so it would be wise to start there
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    What Aresenal director did wasn’t wrong. He spoke some pretty obvious truth. If not, please point out to me the portions that were factually incorrect. So now, because he spoke disparagingly of sexual harassers and abusers of MMs, he gets tossed. Just insanely horrible optics on the part of Dan Acheson. There must be a bunker mentality going on at DCI right now.
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