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    In 2017, Bluecoats had an 8’ high prop known as the Jagged Line. When it was delivered at Spring Training, it had no rails up top. The admin and board overruled the design team and had safety rails installed within a week. Good corps have checks and balances.
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    No one seems to have an opinion about him
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    So, a quick update from brass camp: Horns worked the opener this past weekend. I honestly don't know what the music is, but it has a very cinematic feel to it, almost like Bernard Herman and the old Hitchcock movies. As is expected, there are a lot of notes. Anyone thinking the horn line has lost a step will be sadly disappointed. I've been going to their camps now for ten years and this line is on par with some of the top lines of the past 6-7 years. There is a sense with this group that they have some unfinished business after last season, and the work ethic has improved. Each line has a unique identity, and you can see the vibe start to form in camps. Last season you kinda felt they were a little less mature, but this season they feel more focused. Let's see how things sound when they get to the April camp.
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    Props were in vogue. Then they went away. Now they're back. They will probably go away again. (Please dear sweet Jesus make them go away again soon!)
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    Cadets pioneered a new era with such drill moments. It was a big risk, then. Maybe they can shake up the activity's currently (imho) stale visual model with something totally new that the fans will love.
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    My corps does not have someone that can do backflips. Ergo, we will likely not do backflips this year. So no, I don't really see it as that big of a deal. Mike
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    Let’s put it another way. If George Hopkins is reinstated at Cadets, or anywhere else in drum corps, then I will never buy a ticket again.
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    It’s about 11-13 minutes long.
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    Because that's how many titles they'll have after this season.
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    I posted the final playing of the Corps Song/Rainbow in the LOS parking lot after the 2018 season on Facebook 6 days ago. It's been shared over 400 times, and is running up on 30,000 views. These were Dayton's last notes as a Cavalier. I love that that MM's, staff, and administrations compete so ferociously, but know how to take care of their "own" regardless of corps when the time comes for it.
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    It was just something I saw hanging in a window and I couldn’t resist.
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    Maybe explain to the 'young uns who lurk that the ELP on a drum corps thread isn't the same thing as the EPL used currently in DCI lingo for most corps in THIS century. ELP= Emerson, Lake, (&) Palmer. EPL= Eat, Pack, Load (the buses)
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    We see 777 that your disdain for Boston is still in place, even though no corps has competed in 2019 yet.
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    I’m seeing more similarities to Cadets and Cavies rises rather than Madison. You have to assemble the staff to attract the talent and get the results. Staff moves so much today, very few corps have “their staff” for long periods of time. Boston Crusaders also worked to build a foundation for success prior to attracting the new staff. I don’t think you’re going to see a collapse too soon.
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    Just goes to show that the size of your prop does not matter. It is all in how you use it!
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    The problem is probably as basic as; do the people there (PR org) even understand how the show they are getting to perform is at BEST a lower scoring BOA show? Let that sink in. The kids/young adults are not the problem. The staff is not getting it done AND they haven't had a product to really get excited about. Whomever is selling these show designs needs to take up being a car salesman because they can sell.....
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    Not sure how you wound your way to the above comparisons from the earlier discussion, but for now...here goes... 'Equal value' is determined by what and how the judges evaluate performances/shows, a totally subjective concept, as has always been the case. They. use the criteria and scoring methodologies decided by the corps themselves at winter meetings. If adjudication is "skewed", it is skewed to determine ranking and ratings based on the desires of the corps. Does the show with complex drill/body sculpture align itself with the judging criteria to achieve a maximum score? Or would it be missing some of the elements contained in the various adjudication standards? Talking in generalities about show designs is really impossible. Ditto the G vs Bb horns comparison. Bb horns are here to stay, so the difference in sonority and timbre of a G horn section might be an issue with the evaluation. Again, talking generalities and what-ifs in a vacuum is impossible.
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    Must have long hair for hairography segments.
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    I’ve been hoping for a new Tommy since 1990. Love that show!
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    Don't let the corps hit you in the fanny on the way out.
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    Flo doesn't carry DCA any longer, because the venues they stream from can't meet Flo's bandwidth demands...and even then there's issues when a band mom wants to plug in a coffee pot
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    Service was yesterday. It was lovely to see how many of his Cavaliers and Guardians friends made the trip to celebrate his life. Music City also posted a very nice musical tribute. It's always surprising to see how the ripples of one person's life can spread, and gratifying to see how the drum corps family cares for each other. Mike
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    Though that Don Ellis book from 1993 is arguably the best brass book to ever hit the field in DCI. They played pretty #### well too!
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    Crown can be consistently number one in brass, as long as BD is consistently world champs.
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