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    Let’s take proactive measures to help each other at least in the mental health area. If you’re bouncing off the walls, feeling panic creep in, or just need a sympathetic ear, post it here and let’s work to encourage each other. We WILL get through this but it will take time. If you want to start the blame posts go somewhere else. Love you all!
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    And this is why Dan Acheson is DCI Executive Dir and not you or me, and corps representatives voting membership makes the decisions about the season, and not you or me. They've been doing this for decades. Their primary focus is on the marching members and their participant's safety. They'll make the right decision at the right time. That time is not now.
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    The biggest overreaction? I wish the country where I'm living had've "overreacted". If they did, then the world wouldn't be going through what it currently is. Instead, things were covered up in an attempt to calm the public. Now we have a global pandemic. Let me give you a tale of two cities where I live - China. Wuhan has a population of 11 million people, with 68,000 cases and 3,000 deaths1 (per the entire province of Hubei). Though, I do highly suspect the deaths and cases are both far greater than what has been reported... as Italy is now approaching 1,000 deaths itself... but lets leave that discussion out. Shanghai - where I live - has a population of 25 million people, with less than 350 cases, and (as far as I know) less than 5 deaths. Wuhan's government initially tried to cover up that this existed. They did so for about a month, at least. This lead to it spreading, and now we see where it's at. Shanghai's government took the exact opposite approach. It basically completely shut down. Everything closed down at the very first sign of a case - all here in the economic center of the world's second largest economy. We've had to close entire districts - millions of people - due to one single case popping up. We've had to shut down everything and push everyone to stay at home for weeks and weeks. No restaurants, no stores, no going outside unless you are buying groceries. You get your temperature scanned before you go into any store, before you are allowed into your apartment community, before you enter your office area, before you enter your office itself. You get work documents that show records from your phone company that prove you've been remaining within a certain area. You get work documents tracking your temperature history over weeks. I can't even walk my dogs without wearing a mask (respirator) of some kind, they simply won't let you back in knowing you went out without one. Some of those things might also be taken as "overreaction", but it has kept my city from turning into what happened in Wuhan (which again, is less than half the size - so you can imagine what could have happened here). For those of you being critical of what these organizations are doing, you need to be THANKFUL that they are stepping up and doing this. That is being proactive. If you start being REACTIVE then that is when things are going to crumble, and quickly. If organizations do not step up as they are right now, then you might very well have to see what I've seen here with cities doing these "overreactions". Don't let it get to that point. Be happy that people are stepping up now before it gets to that point - because I can assure you it's not super fun. Additionally, these precautions are being taken to PREVENT the spread. Not just to keep someone from getting sick at the event, but to keep others that might not even have symptoms from spreading it to others. For those saying "OH but seasonal influenza kills many more people!" Yes, the seasonal flu has killed more people in the US so far this year. If this spreads to the same level that influenza has, then you will not like the numbers coming from it. The seasonal flu has a death rate of .1% (I believe this year it is actually .06%, but I may be wrong with that), and is uncontainable. Coronavirus has had a death rate of 3.4%2 (Just under 15% for those over the age of 80), and is still at a point where it can be contained - though that slips by daily. If these events (WGI, and many other expos and other events) do not step up as they have, then you would be spreading something with that death rate. Yes, it is primarily fatal in those who are older or immunocompromised, but we have seen young doctors dying here in China as well. We have seen young people dying all across the world. The virus can attach and linger on without any symptoms for at least two weeks3 - though it is expected it can survive even longer than two weeks (as a comparison, the seasonal flu has an incubation period of 2 to 4 days4). Going to one of those events, you can have it attach to you and then you walk out and spread it along without having a single clue of doing so. The numbers aren't as high as the seasonal flu, but now you see that it has the potential to be an absolute nightmare if it spreads - and it is much easier to spread than the seasonal flu. Let there be an overreaction so that the US does not become what China was, and what other nations are now becoming. Take the overreactions as a good thing. It's a luxury to look back and say "wow, that wasn't as bad as I expected it to be". Don't go out and panic, don't go and spread fear, but realize that this is absolutely something that needs to be combatted and have proactive measures taken against. It is very real, and hard decisions need to be made. Lastly, no the media is not going crazy with it - as was stated earlier in the thread. They have simply been reporting what is actually happening around the world with it. Sorry if I rambled a bit, but I do get a bit heated reading through this thread and seeing several people wanting to act as if this is not serious. If you fail to be proactive, you're not going to like where things go from here. Sources - So I can't be slapped with the sarcastic comments about suddenly being a specialist: 1: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-03/11/c_138865315.htm (Note: Chinese English state-run news source, take that for what you will) 2: https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-covid-19---3-march-2020 (Also read the talks of how it can be contained, which precautions are needed to accomplish) 3: https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses 4: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/influenza-(seasonal)
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    Contracted for my third season of World Class, pretty much everyone I have talked to wishes for the cancellation of the season. I am fine with reevaluating another week or so, but they need to act. Everyone understands the situation, that the season cannot go on under these circumstances. It just is what it is. The Olympics, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS- all have changed their schedules. Any sort of a move to shorten tour will only provide worse show quality, and more importantly, a worse member experience. Build contingency plans for corps' survival, get a refund out to everyone, and extend eligibility another year. This needs to be done as quickly as they can to work out logistics. No matter what they do now, we already know that attendance at DCI events will be down. I'm open for discussion, it's been a while since I've been on here.
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    I figure you guys are probably aware, but just in case. The Madison Scouts has decided to pursue classes with staff and current members throughout the summer. They are also hoping for a week or two in late July or August to bring the corps together to get somewhat of a summer experience. I thought the email and video were excellent. My kid will be participating and in return, contracts will be extended to 2021. Still a Madison Scout family socially distant! 💚⚜️🤍
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    I'm challenging every DCP member to post your support here. My pledge: I will give every dollar of my refunded Friends membership, plus my refunded finals week ticket costs, directly back to the corps. Approximately $4,400. Further, I will pledge immediately up to $2,600 additional contributions to individual corps. Total $7,000 because I LOVE this activity and what it does for young musicians. I'm also thankful to John Donovan and all the mods for giving us this sandbox in which we can stay connected to it.
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    My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant, that when I pee, it cleans the toilet.
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    Six years for me. I still flip the bird to my employer every time I drive by.
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    This question has been answered numerous times and can simply be found by googling. You're still going to get the same answers.
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    Was going to finally get out on my own when I got back from doing admin stuff again. Will probably do that sooner. Get my first place. Have been working to and have lost weight the last year and a few months, will get to keep doing that. And focus on some clients I have during the fall for marching band. Play video games. Read some books. Be big sad.
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    "BREAKING: The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out."
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    Lots of hard decisions to come I am sure. In the end what needs to be done is keep everyone safe. WGI didn’t just cancel because they’re scared, Ohio/UD were probably going to make restrictions on events with higher attendance events and the like. I suspect if DCI would do the same it would be for similar reasons. There’s housing for all parts of the tour, performance venues, the environment that corps operate in, different states restrictions on events should this continue to escalate, etc. I and I’m sure many more will be heartbroken should something happened his summer, but if it needs to be done it needs to be done.
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    I can think of a certain corps from Canton that would like a say in the matter! 🤗 ✌️
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    I used to spin the toilet paper roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now, I turn it like I’m cracking a safe.
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    This post probably did more to cement the notion that all drum corps boomers are ******* from the perspective of CMMs than anything I’ve ever read on this board. “YoU aRe YouNg aNd PunY! ShUt Up aNd LiStEn tO Me; mY WizDuM iZ BeTteR.” I DGAF about the opening “disclaimer” that attempts to whitewash it; it’s hard to believe the moderator let hubris & disrespect of that magnitude pass. As a drum corps boomer parent watching his 2020 WC Finalist / DCI Year 7 performer (2021 age out) currently work two jobs (thankfully no cutbacks yet) to make tuition happen they are very much aware of both the risks and the reality, especially since he attended a mid-March camp back East that wasn’t cancelled. For him & his CMM buddies it’s about safety.
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    I continue to believe that people are basically good. Annoying, but good.
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    I want to salute those of you who are soldering on and trying to keep this thread on-topic in the face of all the “my healthcare system is better than yours” talk. In my little corner of the world I personally know of two students who returned from Barcelona Friday, and both have now tested positive. So, huh, they had a test. And, it gives me reason to doubt the - Spain has it under control - talk. This is gonna be bad. It was gonna be bad no matter what any politician in any country in the world did. Those of you who want to get political gain from it make me shake my head. The best thing You can do is to do your part and make sure your family is too. Those spring breakers on the beaches in Florida. Want to blame the governor or mayor? How about - where are these kids parents!! Shame on them for not Demanding there kids get out of there. Everyone wants mommy and daddy government to save them. Where is the personal and family responsibility? The 2020 dci season isn’t going to happen, sadly. Question- does this mean Blue Devils won’t be able to claim a three-peat when they win in 2021?
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    You realize Italy has more medical resources like ICU beds and breathing assistance devices per capita than the US, right? Overwhelming a healthcare system has nothing to do with having single payer coverage or not.
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    Two major differences: H1N1 was an influenza variant. Which meant that some portions of the population already had at least partial immunity, and the extant influenza vaccines and medications had at least some effect on treating the infected. COVID-19 is a novel (meaning "new") coronavirus. It is a mutation so unlike any other coronavirus known to man that no one on the planet has any immune antibodies for it, and there are no vaccines or drugs designed to treat it (yet). COVID-19 is much more contagious. In infectious disease research there is something called an R0 ("R naught") number, that measures/estimates how many new people get sick from contact with an infected person. The R0 rating for the 21st Century H1N1 outbreak was 1.4-1.6. The R0 rating for the "Spanish Flu" H1N1 outbreak of 1918-1919 was 2.5-3.0. The R0 rating for COVID-19 is being estimated at 3.0-4.0 right now. This disease spreads VERY easily and is VERY durable outside the human body (initial research shows COVID-19 viruses surviving for up to 3 hours in air and up to 3 days on certain surfaces). Or to put it another way: if a disease with 10% mortality but a low R0 infects 500,000 people you'll end up with 50,000 dead. But if a disease with only 1% mortality and a high R0 infects 100 million people you end up with 1 million dead. (Side note: the disease with the highest known R0, i.e. the most contagious disease we have discovered, is measles with an R0 value of 18. Followed by pertussis/whooping cough with an R0 of 16. Always get your vaccines, people.)
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    If we are all going to die, why do we need so much toilet paper?
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    Ah yes! The old tried, true, and tested "lets have a virus strain jump species, cross oceans, kill people, and impact literally every organization and nation so that we can justify lower scores for how we blow air through metal, slam wood on things, and work up that good-good sweat while running (accompanied by the ever classic spinning pretty colors)" excuse. I'll never forget the time that Blue Stars used that same excuse in 1908. True story, but don't look it up. tl;dr - Get a grip. Seriously. You need to get your priorities checked if you're upset over this.
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    I thought they were fantastic and so much fun. Best use of a prop ever. Get to a show, @Skeletor '96. These videos just don’t translate as well as being there. I watch on flomarching and it’s nowhere near the same as being at the show.
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    LMFAO @ "I like the electric light bulb; the fact that I don’t know what it means doesn’t matter." So sad that the design team completely "wastes" the greatest collection of talent every year. Leave the DCI discussions for the grown ups please. EPIC FAIL.
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    I believe,regardless of age,the mortality rate for human beings is 100% . :-)
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    I'm no lawyer--just a bored self-quarantiner. Thought this might be of interest to the people here who deal with this subject. https://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2020/03/24/17-56006.pdf
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    I’ve finished three books today and trust me it was a lot of coloring.
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    Here’s a quick update on my step-father: He is doing well so far and is being weaned off oxygen. Thank you for all your prayers!
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    Those are stupid rules. It counts as a three-peat if it occurs in three competitive years.
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    Yep I sure am. I can wait one more year. I am all good with The Madison Scouts. Always have been, always will be. This Alumni is ready for the ladies to come join us. Looking forward to it! Go 2021 Madison Scouts!
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    I disagree.. I marched a corps that folded but still had eligibility left. I think the sensible thing to do is extend for those contracted ageouts for whom this was it.
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    Yes. Obviously. I already emailed a corps I bought tickets from to let them know that I don't want a refund, and hope they will use the money as a contribution instead. Hopefully lots of people will do the same, and corps will make it easy to do that when communicating with people about the refunds they're clearly entitled to.
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    This made me laugh….Heard a convincing doctor saying that staying at home as much as we have to, we should focus on inner peace. To achieve this we should always finish things we start, and we all could use more calm in our lives. I looked through my house to find things I'd started and hadn't finished, and I decided to finish off a bottle of Merlot I found, then a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiumun srciptuns, an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how feckin fablus I feel rifle now. Sned this to all who need inner pees. An telum u luvum. And two hash yer wands, stafe day avrybobby!!!
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    At first I was dreading the announcement, I’ve been to finals every year since 2004. But as this thing progresses the announcement will come as a relief to me. I couldnt imagine waking up one morning in August to find out members of a corps have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and the tour had to come to a screeching halt. Honestly I think the summer, if it had continued, would have been the source of constant anxiety for everyone involved with the activity, including the fans. As sad as it is, it’s what’s best for the activity we love.
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    We should be willing to suffer only modest and acceptable civilian casualties in order to keep Applebee's open.
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    “It’s time because something else might be postponed” ok gotcha - not the strongest argument I’ve ever heard I will flip that around and say “what’s the rush?” let the picture play out another ten days or so then pull the plug if needed
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    Yes! As an additional precaution, I am staying at least six feet away from the TV. (That is to keep the TV safe.)
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    From my church: During this time of physical separation, there is an even greater need to stay connected. From Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky: "Every hand that we don't shake must become a phone call that we place." "Every embrace that we avoid must become a verbal expression of warmth and concern." "Every inch and every foot that we physically place between ourselves and another, must become a thought as to how we might be of help to that other, should the need arise."
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    Good luck getting meds for the chlamydia they picked up when there are so many coronavirus patients ahead of them.
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    If we are really looking at 18 months then there will be way bigger problems than a DCI season getting cancelled.
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    A reduced number of performances of watered-down shows with extremely reduced rehearsal time is worse than no season at all. If there can't be a full, normal tour this year, then cancel the season and let the ageouts come back next year. Don't insult them by forcing this sort of substandard production to be all they get.
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    Thanks for asking. Yes after a very long day of travel he is now tucked away at our cottage in rural northern Wisconsin to quarantine for 14 days. We didn’t even see him. Dropped a car in the airport parking lot. He exited the airport, got into the car and drove to the cottage. He has two other students with him who also returned from Europe. So they can keep each other from going stir crazy I hope. We stocked the place with food before they arrived
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    Who has time to watch the news? I have to shop for toilet paper!
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    I think I've watched the last minute of that show 3000 times over the past 10 years.
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    Question to my fellow BD honks........what is more important to you, BD getting the elusive three peat, or continuing their insane run of top 2 finishes, which now stands at 13 in a row. To put this into perspective, the 2021 age-outs would have been 6-7 years old last time Devs was third or worse! All the other corps might get an occasional title here and there, but let's keep it 100, like it or not its BDs world and we are all living in it.
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    Along with everyone else since most barbers/hair salons are closed. Maybe its time for some to pull out the 'ole Flowbee from that corner in the basement.
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    If BD did their 2018 show this year: (source)
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