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  2. Jones set the prototype for the touring corps ... and his leadership spawned the likes of Emmonds, Meehan and Sanford to travel further West to define the future of corps like Santa Clara and the Blue Devil's ... all paying it forward ...
  3. Thanks, haven’t watched yet as figure you know who will come popping up.... Have to prepare myself for that... 😝
  4. I had that DVD. The corps was great, the DVD was crap. I was on tour with them that summer. As I recall, The video person quit at the end after the idiot boo-fest in Pasadena. I think the corps had the get the data from the video person and piece it together.
  5. Camden county NJ has opened the mega site up to all who live and work here thru online scheduling.
  6. Jim Jones Casper Troopers. Founded a junior corps in the "Middle of Nowhere" and groomrd them into a National Champion.
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  8. Major Costa who molded Our Lady of My Carmel from Brooklyn passing his leadership skills to Joe Genero, Carman Cluna, Sonny Calvagna, Al Koch and more, who then led Our Lady of Loretta, St. Rocco's, St. Joe's Patrons/St Rita's Brassmen and on and on all the way up to the NY Skyliners and CT Hurricanes ... hard to match what he propogated throughout the drum corps lineage that followed him ...
  9. Back on topic.... 2 weeks into 2021 and have any corps released any updates since the new year? Hope the WHO had it right in Tommy “got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year”. Of course Rog was singing about 1921....
  10. One of my favorite “you’re not in HS band anymore” stories (joined “Sr” corps at 16). Don the snare aged around 30 was subtle as a train wreck. He just lit up a cig before practice and drum instructor wanted them to warm up. His buddy kidded him about having to waste a cig and response was “the hell I will”. Smoked the whole cig without using his hands once while doing the warm up. When done smoking he turned his head, spit it out and never missed a beat the whole time.
  11. No, but smoke gets in your eyes does.
  12. I agree with Mike for the most part, but there have been exceptions. In Garfield's 1977 opener, "Primal Scream", Ron Kruzel's 8-bar sop solo was improvised at every performance, though it was over blues changes (in tempo, on the move) and always ended on a nice, fat high "G". These days, Ron is the pastor of a church. He always aimed high.
  13. Off topic a bit but Drum Corps related - remember BITD when smoking was allowed, perhaps just not in uniform.
  14. And what if you smoked or currently smoke and no damage done? Late spouse would be in phase #2 due to seizure condition which was beyond her control. So someone who puffs would jump ahead of her. 😡 Funny as I was at my Blood Pressure check (hey is too d... fat a way to jump line in NJ?). I was asked if I smoked and answer was cigar and pipes decades ago. Try to fit that to a check box.
  15. You can see the dysfunctional states clearly with the distribution of this vaccine.
  16. Don't advertise this, but once they are close to the front of the line, have them show their pack. If it's "in the car/truck", have an admin person go with them to their vehicle. If they have an un opened pack, ask them to join that admin person for a smoke break outside. Check their teeth. Use a K9(s) dog for a training session.
  17. Bluecoats’ Down Side Up opens with Heat of the Day by Pat Metheny. Session 44 is essentially about a jazz singer. But do the programs allow improv jazz as an idiom? No, because it is impossible to do improv on a strict BPM visual cycle.
  18. Jumping smokers to the front of the line has angered a number of people here in N.J. There have also been a couple of interesting questions raised about this: A.How do you prove someone is a smoker ? B.If you were a smoker and quit,especially if it was recent,are you still considered a smoker ?
  19. Wow! How did they get scheduled if they are not in the high priority group here in NJ? Lucky them! I am scheduled for my first shot in late February, as I am over 65. Friends in my 55+ development can't get appointments, as they are all booked up near me.
  20. My annual for Phantom Regiment to perform Janacek's "Sinfonietta". Been asking for them to play it since before DCP even started...and they have been ignoring me since before DCP even started. 😎
  21. 2010 BD is a good example but the naysayers don’t mean “that kind of jazz”. I love that they totally threw down and rubbed it in everyone’s face. Yeah, I’m petty that way. Lol
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  23. Nice. Silvestri is so good at tugging on those heartstrings. Reminds me a little of his Cast Away theme crossed with the stuff from The Abyss that Crown did.
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