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  2. When exactly does the good work start? Its been 10 years of nothing.
  3. That’s the only finals I’ve ever been at. And I’ll definitely never forget it for the rest of my life, either. And the encore!!
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  5. And I raise you the four corners of AZ, CO, NM, & UT.
  6. On your trips up there, have you ever paused to stand on the spot where Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana all touch?
  7. Choral pieces like this is why I will always believe a great human voice is the best musical instrument.
  8. this would be haunting! the section at 2:55 where each voice just sustains and the choir creates this single mass of stacked notes and then finally resolves is genius!
  9. You'd have thought Cadets were folding based on the posts on this thread. Looks like people are really trying to make 2020 a success for them.
  10. Really Garfield, after all these years, you can’t let me have this one little moment? Buckeyes really are useless nuts. Go Blue!
  11. The times I've seen Michigan's band in person (usually losing to USC in Rosebowls 🤣) they seemed like a class organization. This story confirms it.
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  13. I still remember the crowd in the last minute of our show. I'll never forget that for the rest of my life.
  14. Try MARCHING that. It made more than my lungs hurt.
  15. Right down the road! I lie to people and tell them that Hillsdale, MI is actually 10 miles on THIS side of the Ohio/Michigan line.
  16. Yea, no need. They won't remember it in the morning anyway. (Kids are cute. Any age a music fan is great by me!)
  17. Kidding aside. The story is about the kid in the blue ans grey shirt standing at the door to the band room. Oh, I O U ! Always try to be nice to OUr younger brother.
  18. And my son, The_Kid, goes to Hillsdale.
  19. You know, I’m from Michigan, but lived in Columbus for 14 years. As much as I hate admit it, TBDBITL is far superior to Michigan’s band. So what the heck, I O!
  20. hahahahaha! Oh my, have I ever been there. Even worse when the people around you all know you really well and they just roll their eyes. I've never Not Cared so much as when I've been at drum corps shows.
  21. Oh my, it was ELECTRIC in the stands. This is such a GREAT show! One HORRID tear that couldn't be excused but also demonstrated their ability to recover. I've always wondered if, in the moment, I would have ignored the rip after hearing how well they recovered. Good Golly, I love this show.
  22. Those last 3 minutes. I remember being up in the stands going nuts. Didn't matter that it was the third night in a row we'd seen it, it was just crazy time. We'd roar and be half out of our seats then everyone was like "ok hush down, over there now" ROAR. then "shh shh shh, don't miss this..." ROAR.
  23. you need to call them or go to a camp
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