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  2. Ugh memories of my 6 years of being trailer trash while saving for a house... 🥵
  3. Haven’t gotten any mail from them since they went inactive... Dub, Kris and I were on the feed and hydrate the corps at a show plan so good reason to keep me in the loop.
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  5. and the low brass is already tagging themselves, not as Buicks or Cadillacs, but LandRovers (who will do a drill!)
  6. how soon before BAC has to register as a bank and hire Mr. Ream as loan and mortgage officer?
  7. It's when they abandoned teal and started wearing beige, brown, and tan that corps problems coincidentally began to go ...ugh, brown.
  8. especially any constructive comments about how to construct the props for under $$$ if props be used in the future.
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  10. how many steaks can the Cavies get out of that?
  11. Well, considering that we don't need as many seats along the front side as in the past, it would seem any decent small to mid-size college would do just fine.
  12. I gotta figure... never mess with anything the size of a horse that isn't a horse.
  13. Since you were very young at the time, you mean a miniature horse right?
  14. Lol just don't sleep outside. This reminds me of the time when I saw one that looked about the same size as horse.
  15. IDK timing but could some of this be due to at one point Crown & Boston (albeit briefly) being part of YEA?
  16. I miss this Corps! They weren't afraid to go their own way in regards to pit instrumentation. I found that refreshing. (But -- "old school" can still get my attention.)
  17. Similar question. Sprung for the Super 3 seats at Finals last year for this season. Now wondering when ATL tix go on sale.
  18. The one year I couldn't go to prelims and semis, I had no problem finding a buyer for those nights.
  19. which corps' put out videos last summer with their designers explaining the shows? I know at least a couple did.
  20. Um no constructive comments welcome by all in this thread has been my experience
  21. The Cadets start at 3:20. This house is in Naperville! I’m going to go see it tomorrow!
  22. I have been wondering the same thing myself as there is no way I can do the super 3 or Friends of DCI and I am putting in for PTO this week. I bought semi finals tickets the past 3 years (and got pretty good seats) a lot earlier than this time of year.
  23. Highly doubt it. The video from the Cadets performance looks like garbage by today’s standards and is irrelevant to the story. I doubt there will be much more than 60 seconds total of athlete video and that will be mostly to establish that’s it’s the Olympics.
  24. With the Netflix release of this next week, I wonder whether Cadets' memories will be renewed or make an appearance? Recent history is also the inspiration for Clint Eastwood’s retelling of the incredibly sad tale of “Richard Jewell” (Dec. 13), the portly security guard who went from national hero to wrongly accused villain in a matter of days after a bomb exploded on a crowded plaza at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
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