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  2. In terms of Madison, is there no love for MacArthur Park? I don't that I can take it.
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  4. Also, a " throwback Thursday " ( 1980 ). 27th Lancers ( Revere, Ma.) were lead performers for the Opening of the Winter Olympics, and for Closing Ceremony. Later that 1980 season they finished 3 tenths behind the Blue Devils at DCI Championships. And who can forget this pre game motivation remarks to his his USA Ice Hockey Team : If we played them ( USSR ) 10 times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight we skate with them. Tonite we shut them down, because we can. Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world " Herb Brooks, USA Olympic Ice Hockey, Head Coach.... 44 years ago this past Thurs.
  5. That was the plan with G7 and even further back in the 90’s with the supercorps idea.
  6. "We will be wearing the Cadets' traditional maroon and gold uniforms "....
  7. Dancing on the head of a pin....apparently, the Cadets BOD read the post the same way that I did, since they felt the need to actually vote against selling them.
  8. This is just beyond sad if the Cadets do not return and it's not looking likely from what everyone is saying. In 10 years there are going to be 6 corps, and yet DCI will still have a quarterfinals, semifinals and finals in Indiana.
  9. I know, and I don't care about being bashed anymore. The "yes" men and women and the constant complacency are at fault for where Madison is. Even people on here defend them and seem to be deluded into thinking they are magically going to rebound. They are not. You can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. It's maddening. What's it going to take? For them to lose to an Open Class corps? If so, I'm rooting for that to happen.
  10. A post on Reddit shows an alleged text from Mr. Hall. The text never mentions buying the cadets uniforms, instead just buying their traditional maroon and gold uniforms that they could have bought from anywhere.
  11. Based on the statement I figured it was really a rental
  12. They had to. Or suits against YEA would have killed it
  13. Check some of that persons other posts. Plus the profile that has “#### off” IIRC. Lot of anger shown IMO
  14. Somebody from MBBB posted on fb earlier in the week that they had purchased Cadets' unis in hopes of increasing their fundraising and recruiting. It turns out that this is untrue, as the statement from the Cadets BOD the other day verifies.
  15. If I were going to sell them, they’d be offered to alumni first. And if there were any remaining, then offer them for sale to the volunteers and donors.
  16. The last thing I had read/heard was the uniforms were not being sold. That would make it about the only asset that remains.
  17. I’ve heard nothing about the uniforms being sold to MBBB.
  18. I am happy that is the case, things like that are very necessary in my field.
  19. Jeff, I got to know Scott in college and he's a Big Brother to me in KKPsi. I've had nothing but deep respect for him since I've known him and it really bothers me that anyone would do him wrong. I'm just shaking my head on it...
  20. i am really hoping they get more bodies....that will help a lot. I realize their business model won't have them knocking on the Saturday night door since they get seriously started later than everyone else, but man i'd love to see Friday not be a question mark up to the final day
  21. so.... we heard lots of rumors of bad business prior to April 2018. After that exploded, more and more came out, and eventually YEA dissolved and the only 2 valuable items....the corps and the band circuit....splt off and were bught respectively. The corps had rumors of issues financially but then again, after Hopghazi and splitting off on it's own, that wasn't a surprise. things seemed stable enough. Then Scott got pushed out after literally keeping the corps alive. then covid. then they came back out in 21, and back full force in 2022 with a new director after i forget the person that replaced Scott. Oh and that director and end of the season had drama and rumors of serious financial issues. Like a legend fired and that terminationended up driving that director out. Then they moved 7 hours away from the home base and came out last year. Rumors seemed mostly quiet, even right after the season...and then October hit. Then word of the lawsuit got out in addition to other rumors of financial issues that came up as 23 ended. so really, for 5+ years, the financial issues have always seemed to be lurking under the surface and just needed a trigger incident. the move to Erie didn't produce any kind of funding results and ###### off long time donors. No more band circuit to help keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. Maybe covid sped it up, but in hindsight....this may have been inevitable anyway. i noticed after Hopghazi USbands lost bands. since BD took over, it's gained a lot of bands and rave reviews for how it's run. of everything that happened in this time, in addition to feeling horrible for alumni seeing this all go down, i feel bad for Scott. He brought Crossmen back from dead in the 80's. He retired from a great teaching gi early to help keep his corps alive. And because they didn't bounce back right away and people got sold a bill of goods on others ( especially one who never got the top job anywhere else despite their best efforts)..man. so sad. but really....i'm not sure we wouldn't have ended up here anyway
  22. All of this matches the info that I have heard....exactly.
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