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  2. It's my longtime pet peeve in pageantry and ice skating. The "nude" fabric and shoes that don't actually match anyone's skin tone, even from a distance. And yet, they keep on using it like no one is going to notice. WE NOTICE! WE NOTICE! Please just stop with it. It's so foul. 🤣
  3. Ain't that the truth. There's never a 9 year old around when you need tech support.
  4. That's great news Hook'em. May you reach your own rainbow.
  5. I'm sure some who have connections or first hand experience with the BOD and higher ups can attest for the Financial reasons why the corps was saved but from a standpoint of what was happening on the field. Suncoast Sound. Various members who marched in the Suncoast Sound and friends (H-Dub, Kevin Ford, Bob Barfield, Johnny Zollo, Tom Santino, John Campese, Rich viano etc..,) who at the time had affiliations with Tarpon Springs took over the production design and along with having camps in South Florida infused the Corps with new talent. That new talent got a taste for Drum Corps and made Boston a contender. Now this purely my take on it being from South Florida, and being part of said talent. But I think even the most diehard Boston (Super-vet) would attribute some of the new success in 99 and the early 2000 to having camps in South Florida and having the ability to field a full-size corps along with a new design team that brought some new fresh ideas to the table..
  6. Congrats. Any chance the chamber orchestra wears green?
  7. While I have yet to see this thought posted, it may be time to pull a 'Crossmen' (i.e. move the corps to a market that is more conducive to financial support). Rockford is apparently not that market. While I would not like to see this happen, it is better than the corps disbanding. So, what are those markets?
  8. Strange. We only ordered ours maybe 2 weeks ago and they arrived on Saturday!!
  9. AGREED! However, it will take someone from the outside to monitor/ensure that those funds go where they are supposed to.
  10. Before anyone @s me these are more what I think will happen than necessarily want to, though I don't think I really did anything weird with them.
  11. I was not aware of such a situation in 1998. What happened, and how did they recover so effectively?
  12. I am a fan, and I marched. That does give my takes/posts an edge no doubt. I thought your "enlightened" opinion on cheese was taking a shot. So I took my shot with an "enlightened" opinion of your post - specifically your cheese. obviously YMV.
  13. It’s amusing to read some posters who pontificate as if they are uninterested, objective observers but in fact are as partisan as those who are unabashed fans. The pretense is transparent and really quite absurd. You’ll notice there was not a response to the Paramount reference because there is none. Their recent success speaks for itself. In any case I’m glad Crown has more actual drill than some more of the flutter-stand-play groups. Far more enjoyable, challenging, and satisfying to have actual choreographed drill than to run from place to place and call it staging. I hope Crown medals or wins just to prove to other designers that challenging drill is a viable choice in drum corps. It’s what uniquely defines the activity.
  14. Hey everyone, I have some good news that I would like to share with everyone here... I am auditioning for a chamber orchestra that is being conducted by the assistant conductor of the Houston Symphony. It is apart of class ensemble at my local college. I figure this is a fantastic way to dip back into the professional world of music and to meet amazing musicians. I admit that I really do not care about chairs, but I am taking principle chair. 🙂
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  16. The props seem a little ho-hum again... do they do anything with them besides drag them around?
  17. 2008 Carolina Crown for the 3rd, Madison Scouts 1995 for 2nd, and 2013 Santa Clara Vanguard for 1st.
  18. So the sneak peek looks along the lines of a “Victorian nod to the traditional M&G uniform” I had heard rumored for the Cadets this season. The show has a Victorian visual design setting to it I guess
  19. I believe you are partially correct. Yes -- in the higher registers, the partials are really close together. But, I'm told the lack of a cup in the mouthpiece means lesser resistance when you play and is less forgiving. I have a single French horn I bought at an auction and have played a little on it. It has a decidedly different feel (at least to me) than when I play trumpet (left handed valves notwithstanding).
  20. Oops! Looks like the fun police caught up with it.
  21. Let's not forget. He also wrote Cadets drill (2000, 1998's masterpiece, 1997's danger zone, etc.) I have no worries that he'll make this spectacular.
  22. Stopping by this thread to leave some hype for this show. I had originally written them out of finals then saw a recording of their hornline and immediately changed my mind. Saw the show preview and this is probably my favorite Crossmen show of all time. I actually think the guitar adds a nice tambre and you gotta love the trombone feature. Go Crossmen!
  23. This... Especially considering that by the end of the summer everyone is going to be somewhere between Burnt and roasted.. this Vanilla colored Armband is going to stick out.. They should probably color it pink or purple to avoid the Band-aid problem... Or as you suggested axe it altogether...
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