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  2. Your patience is amazing. Do you work at target? Are you a jet?
  3. Yeah I hadn’t hit my second gallon of caffeine so problems with posting is a given....
  4. The money part is fairly recent...her 2014 Bluecoats reaction was the first one (which I paid for)...and not all of them are paid ones. She had a ton of vids before '14 Bloo that were just from suggestions in the comments sections. She has 62K subscriber and 503 vids at this time. Her most popular DCI vid is the 2017 BD one, #41 on her list if ordered by # of views. Most of the corps vids are low view counts, relative to the sports or military ones. She's not making tons of money off her channel, if she's even monetized it....she views needed to live off it aren't there,,,,she i
  5. I can only answer the questions he asks, not the unstated "objectives" you impose on them. If you have an "objective" you want me to speak to, state it. Oh, that is a whole different question. I know that an unabridged list of "sick days" at the full corps level is way beyond my memory alone. A few that spring to mind: 2015 Cavaliers were a singular instance I recall, in that the stomach virus or whatever it was impacted the corps for several weeks. They dropped out of a few shows, and downgraded to exhibition status at least one other time due to over a dozen absences fro
  6. I think your objective was understood. We live in strange times. We use the past as reference to understanding the instability of the present.
  7. Eh... should have titled this Shows AFFECTED by sickness instead of cancelled.... IOW include shows that corps dropped out of also
  8. Polio I understand but I wasn't there during the emergency. I was not there as well for the initial thalidomide problem but I have also been affected by those that were exposed. We have even had outbreaks recently of some diseases that we initially thought were confronted but that were due to anti-vaxers having caused flair-ups (measles comes to mind).
  9. Like what? (Sincere question. Jeff said many things... not sure which you refer to.)
  10. Thank you. Your response is greatly appreciated. Yes, I lost you. I lost you a while ago.
  11. What are you insinuating? Oh, is that it? Well then, you lost me. Somehow, my response to a question is trying to prove something wrong? You cannot prove a question wrong.
  12. Yep and just looking for examples in the past that might have been missed
  13. Jeff Ream brought up some very good points about the ramification of the current situation in other threads.
  14. Pandemic, local outbreak in show location, corps hit with health issues (had few of them since 2000), and that polio thing that is thought I read somewhere is what I was thinking of
  15. It doesn't matter what is posted Jim. There are a bunch on here who love to partake in trying to prove every single thing wrong. "When you're a Jet, You're a Jet all the way"
  16. Jim I knew what you were referencing in this day and age of a pandemic. We can pretend otherwise with some posters. Weather related phenomenon have affected the activity since the beginning.
  17. “Do you know of any” (stupid editor) No I do not know of any, that is why I asked.... As for disagreeing i was not thinking of weather related as been through a few of those myself.... those I do know of
  18. The question was whether shows (other than the obvious 2020, I presume) have been cancelled due to "health concerns"... so I answered it. IMO, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and slip/fall injuries are "health concerns"; let me know if you disagree. Lightning, on the other hand, is not a matter of opinion. There have been injuries and at least one fatality I recall due to lightning strikes at corps rehearsals. The 1955 VFW Nationals were still held in Boston despite concerns about a polio outbreak that caused corps (Audubon and Sac, for example) to cancel their plans to participate while
  19. Must have read this somewhere (History of DC book?) as polio and AL was in the back of my mind. Will have to check further but good starting point. Thank you.... note to self: most complete VFW results are in HODC Vol 1 and not the 2 websites I usually check 😫
  20. Not exactly what I was looking for but thanks anyway....
  21. I actually have a YouTube channel that specializes in watching the reaction of people eating lime flavored Jello. Some of the reactions are quite funny and many of them are clearly fake as you see people putting all sorts of stuff in the Jello that tends to affect the purity of the flavor. I got a very good grade on that part of my studies.
  22. Cool story bro. Maybe if you had paid attention at University, you'd know how making and running a YouTube channel worked. I'd say you're more special than a specialist.
  23. Perhaps you are right. She used all the millions from her DCI video watching to buy florescent lime-green nail polish so we could track the movement of her hands as she reacts to various shows. It makes her reactions more effective. But that is what I see as during University I thoroughly studied the use of visible nail polish when reacting to videos. Some would say I am a specialist in the same way there are body language specialists.
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