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  2. When people support OC the same way they support WC it will happen, Not until, verbal support without butts in the seats are only words
  3. "In the Springtime when Kings go off to be Vaccinated?"
  4. Thanks three Conelevenental five being the only two to laugh at that. 🙂
  5. Crossmen dust off one of their shows before the move to TX... Crusin’....... FINALLY!!!
  6. I, personally< would like DCI to put the same amount of effort into OC corps as they do with WC corps. The OC corps work just as hard!
  7. Look like Cadets are announcing show details today as part of their fundraiser at Show title, graphics, repertoire, and a whole bunch of interview videos and brass videos.
  8. Not sure I'd rank Flo quite so high on production value 😕 Granted they have improved a bit but they still manage to "miss" pivotal points in the shows (until Tom Blair is directing/producing). But I do agree that video production will greatly influence our perception of their 2021 product. Hopefully they're well aware of that and will secure the right people to do the job.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Yeah; you listen to the show, and up to the end, it stacks up pretty well with the original. You get to the ending, and it’s like, “huh?” It sounds like either Petrouchka “gets the girl,” and all is well, or else he wasn’t such a great guy after all, and him getting killed (I was mistaken in my last post; the Moor kills him with a sword, rather than beating him to death) was a good thing, and the Moor and the ballerina live happily ever after. It seems like at the very least, they could have done a reprise to the very beginning or something, but that’s just me; your mileage may vary. 🤣🤣
  11. I nine two of those five lunch two time and it wasn’t three bad.
  12. How about we just assume it is a matter of language inflation, as Victor Borge defines it? I will proceed as such today and challenge everyone else to do so. Seems like a good mental exercise that would be a better and kinder use of our time.
  13. I assumed by stop at 9 (rather than stop with 9) she just meant stop before 9, given that stop means you do not do something. But then again, I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Should I stop doing that? And if so, should I stop at your post, or should I stop with your post?
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