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  2. FYI for those attending. The BEST dive bar in America is located in Waco; Scruffy Murphy's (aka Scruffs). All of the men's urinals may not be attached to the wall, but that's ok. It's all part of the ambiance. About a 5 minute drive from the stadium.
  3. Possibly. Most fans believe judges are checking what others have tabulated in the caption that they will be judging that night.
  4. I would have to go back and check to be sure, but my hazy recollection is that the apparent spreads did tighten up last night as to BD but not Mandarins.
  5. People don't know what they want, that's why there are 14 varieties of oero cookies..... 🙂
  6. I honestly don’t feel the same. Could the whole corps stand in the center of the field and play technical passages, sure. But you said it yourself, they are running in the last two stances, not very conducive to playing technical passages. I think the ending visual sets need polishing both before and after the wanderer is revealed and I expect that would be in the plans.
  7. I could see you being correct. I could also see Bloo running the table with an impeccably performed smartly designed unique show - it will be a challenge to gain ground on them. If they do, that will be a real achievement against some great competition. The competitive arc always looks inevitable in retrospect, but at this moment I can’t tell.
  8. I still haven’t seen Spirit. Looking forward to that. I know this isn’t being streamed. Just thinking out loud.
  9. This is such a great lens through which to view shows one is not connecting with. A good way to check our biases.
  10. I'm not one for predictions or making bombastic, unfounded statements. So, I'm with you on the sit back and observe front, and most importantly, just enjoying the shows. In regards to the closer, it's actually my favorite part of their show this year but I'm usually one for "inspirational" epic/heroic-sounding closers. As for the pace of the show post-ballad, I don't necessarily disagree with you there. But I'm assuming they can't because they've already packed so much in the pre-ballad part of the show. Or maybe we've all just come to expect a "shout" section after the ballad. Who knows.
  11. It’s been one of the greatest runs in DCI history. Like all the corps, BD will undoubtedly keep striving for excellence and push the show to its highest level all the way to the end.
  12. Today
  13. I don't think anyone is saying it's not a good show. Of course, it's a good show and the judges are responding well to it, they are in 4th. If Madison was forth i'd be doing cart wheels down the road. But, when we compare it to the top 3 it's just not there on the design level, and that will hold them back. But, again, FOURTH PLACE - that's not bad at all. Not in the least. We are all just discussing are own opinions on the shows and where we think corps are going to place. Those of us who said they were 4th and have design issues have pretty much been proven right. Like I said earlier, if I could do anything I'd be a flag member in Crown's guard. I'd love to perform that book, and I wouldn't care whether I was 1st or 10th.
  14. It's fair to say that judges across the country pay attention to what their colleagues are doing for the time being. No one wants to be "an outlier".
  15. Good. That is step one of a multi-step process. Vessel - when are you going to sack the enablers?
  16. It is kind of surprising it hasn’t happened yet. The talent and demand has been there for a while. With this book, it seems like they hit the balance between serving the show while really showcasing the unique qualities Bloo’s hornlines have
  17. Yeah... I'm really enjoying Boston and Mandarins... I am really really so proud of Boston, i don't know why, maybe it's their journey. I enjoy BC as usual but my eyes are on Boston. This is my heart, If BD doesn't 4peat that's fine, but i would be happy the most if it's Boston walking away with the Gold, but if BC should be the one, i am still happy and I solute them, because they would have deserved it and are amazing.
  18. They're only 1.5 points down from the Mandarins despite that super dirty ending and brass issues. Blue Stars had a big gain but hasn't faced Cavies since. Cavaliers score gains have slowed, bit I wouldn't call it stagnation just yet. They've changed quite a bit of content in their show so that could be part of it.
  19. I sent the instagram post to DCI ethics and compliance (anonymously).
  20. Yeah I’m really starting to see some stagnation in the cavs scoring, though that could be because they’re adding and changing so it’s less clean right now. But still..
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