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  2. Looks like a good weekend in Cadetland. Nice video in article.
  3. Somewhere in western PA on Route 666 lies Sheffield. They had quite a celebration every summer to include a fair and a drum and bugle corps competition. I think the first time we went there was 1973 or 1974. They housed us at this clubhouse across a creek which was across the street from the fair and the competition. Originally the competition was on the fair grounds until a few years after they moved it to the high school football field. I remember, vividly, the first year playing the solo in "IF" (Bread) and after the first two eighth notes my mind went blank for the rest of the solo until the last whole note. I was so embarrassed and yet no one asked me what happened or said anything about it. One year in the 1980's I was on staff with the Patriots and we did the parade. Our snare line was at 12 straight across the entire street. Wonder if they still have a show there?
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  5. As much as it hurts to say as part of the Class Of Florida Crusaders who infused the corps with talent at the turn of the millennia, This is the right move for the corps.. Texas not Florida is the absolute powerhouse in the Marching Arts activity. On average the student wanting to march Drum Corps is going to be a better musician and have better fundamentals than the average kid coming out of Florida. The larger impact in the Brass section.. The Guard and percussion will be coming from far and wide across the Country to try and get into this Top Guard and now recently Top Instruction Percussion Section.
  6. Walla Walla, Washington Pismo Beach, California Albuquerque, New Mexico Saskatoon, Saskatchewan If you think I chose those so that VK and the Bridgemen would be forced to reform and win some championships, well, you might be right.
  7. Anyone know from whom they drew members for the task force?
  8. Having not marched gives you a better insight into how young marchers think? That’s interesting. Vicariously living through your friends’ experiences is not the same thing. It puts us at very different perspectives. What I have, that you don’t have is the experience of marching. It was the drum corps experience that taught me how to appreciate other viewpoints and respect fellow marchers who were younger, older, or different than myself. We all worked together as a unit to strive for improvement and eventually success...despite our differences. The drift I get from many of your posts is that you missed out on that part of life experience. Looking at life in general through a wider lens. As for the supposed uproar that you find myself and Mello Dude in? We’re expressing a viewpoint that is different than yours or Kdaddy’s. If you think we’re attacking you for your opinion maybe you’re the one who should be doing the Charmin check. It’s a big world out here. Come join us.
  9. What would happen if they tested for 5 hour energy or Monster energy drinks?
  10. I've been very open about the fact that I haven't marched on DCP, open thy eyes (And if you didn't know I didn't, Xandandl will gleefully tell you for me). The reason I got into DCI in the first place is because I had many friends who did march and still have a couple who are still marching. I'm just a couple years past the age limit, I think "well past" is quite a stretch. What I do have, that you don't, is a better insight into the way young marchers (aka my peers) think. A better website design will not make or break the corps (and no one has suggested it would, so I'm not sure why you and Mello Dude are in such an uproar about Kdaddy's very benign statement). But it WILL certainly help the corps' image when prospective marchers, especially those less familiar with DCI, come poking around to see what each corps has to offer
  11. Wow... Tony Schlecta must have had a tough time keeping his beer cold that day!!!
  12. Yes an involved member, someone with skin in the game, albeit leathery and not an armchair spectator.
  13. Ah, to be forever seventeen. You are certainly well past marching age. You’ve dodged the question before. But did you ever march? Please take the time and go back to when I’ve criticized the “younger generation”and show me an example. I have expressed a dislike for what currently passes as show design but I’ve never criticized any marching members for their efforts. In the meantime I request you refrain from taking such broad strokes with your psychoanalyst’s paintbrush.
  14. Finally I can reveal the special project I was working on this weekend at the Medical School as a joint team of Institute Nationale health researchers mixed the virtual reality computer generated prospects of Continental"s, Cappybara's and Sutasaurus'esssss DNA so as to arrive at some agreement of unity without bickering or name calling within the Phantom thread. Here are the results with contributions honoring each that will lead to peace and harmony in concord (no, not the one in California.) It certainly looks American-continental, acknowledges tradition, experience and venerable ages while appearing dynamic, stylish and acknowledging that one of the three is a piccolo player, no not the piccolo trumpet but a (God have mercy on me for using the word) "woodwind." Let peace reign in 2020.
  15. It amuses me when older people think they're so in tune with the lives of young adults, while at the same time constantly criticizing the younger generation. I'm in 100% agreement with you (and yup, the new content looks great)
  16. I'm assuming to remind them of you, their favorite former board member?
  17. I remember two of our older members driving the equipment truck back from Canada and being pulled over at border. Truck was searched and so were the members...inside and out. Nothing was found and they were late returning to our rehearsal.
  18. This was mandatory viewing in college...great laughter ensued!!
  19. In most (I believe all, actually) states where possession has been decriminalized, you can't consume in public. Almost everywhere a drum corps travels, stays and rehearses would be public. Hence, you can't consume on tour. Some corps may look the other way, but whether or not the corps is in a decriminalized state has nothing to do with that.
  20. most are dead, a unless they are an alumni group
  21. Dude, we’re beating a dead horse. I’ll move on if you will. This is senseless and it gets us where? Let’s just be thankful for the new media connection and call it a century. Too much Unnecessary agida.
  22. Dude, I literally said that the webpage desperately needed updating and that they found the right guy to do it (which apparently isn't an okay thing to say somehow). I said social media is more important, but the website absolutely matters. You say it doesn't. But ultimately... WHY are you arguing this point? Why have an outdated website when you're trying to crawl out of 12th place? Why not try to market as best as possible? This hasn't been Phantom Regiment's strategy, but it desperately needs to be today. They should be going all out, including a smart webpage design to complement what I assume will be a smart design by the design staff. I really have no clue how you can argue with me about this. Here's the new promo material that I assume Robert Cawthorne is putting together. It looks fantastic: Or maybe they should keep doing what they've done in the past, because it appears that you and others think that's enough. Apparently this sort of thing doesn't matter to kids marching today.
  23. Audition Registration for the 2020 Phantom Regiment Drum Corps is now open! With 5 camp weekends in several locations throughout the country, talented brass, percussion, front ensemble, and color guard performers are invited to spend a weekend with one of the most historic organizations in drum corps. This is an excellent opportunity for musicians and […] View the full article
  24. It's definitely both. I understand there's a certain level of attention needed here but I'm more interested in providing a different perspective for others. I know things have changed—I've witnessed it as a returning patron—and am excited to learn and discover more.
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