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  2. Until something on or in your body hurts, every, friggin' day, you ain't squat. 🤣
  3. I hereby nominate Old Corp Guy for Sainthood. Pope, take it from here.
  4. Per your request: All the source music titles I am aware of, and are available, should be there. I will continue to update as more announcements are released.
  5. Gonna be an amazing ballad if they choose to use it that way. And the Cowboy Bebop tune on top of that!
  6. You summed this up pretty well. When BD got 10's from all 4 GE judges in 2014...that was a 40 in GE. Highest score one can get. Nothing is perfect. Correct me but didn't SCV get a 30 in GE in the 70's? Back then 30 pts was the highest one can get. And back at that time it was the "tick" judging system.
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  8. The only thing I would say is that this season might well have alot to do with what each corps did or didn't do in the last 24 months.
  9. With ST underway, will there be any predictions when corps break for the road? Any bold predictions? Any rumors out there changing any early guesses? I’m doing ST visit next week and will make my guesses/predictions after that.
  10. I searched for this and didn't see it. Perhaps you could post a link?
  11. I don't think that would happen as that changes the performance fee structure for the corps and perhaps the pool allocation as well. We already had a huge riff about that several years ago at a higher level in the food chain. It was also my understanding from what I read that the open-class corps like having their own division.
  12. I am very jealous you get to spend this time with the corps. This is a nice time of the year in Vermont except maybe it rains a bit more often. I wish I was a fly on the wall watching practice.
  13. Woke up early today to the sounds of the field lining crew redoing the practice fields. BAC uses three fields here; the actual stadium (which is artificial turf with lights) and two practice fields which are natural grass. All three are in use virtually all day, then everyone comes together in the stadium each night for full ensemble. Since the members sleep in the dorms, there are also two gyms available as well. Another nice day here....partly sunny and in the low 70s.
  14. I'm so excited to know that Crown is putting Jacob Collier on the field. He one of my favorite musical artist. He's such a musical genius. All of his work is amazing. Can't wait to hear Crown and BD battle it out because they both have Jacob Collier pieces in their repertoire. I have a feeling this is going to be a great season. Good Luck Crown!!! I'm 100% rooting for you. I encourage everyone to check Jacob Colliers Music, he's amazing.
  15. The administrative and logistical requirements of World Class would drive all of the OC's out of business. On-field product aside, there's a *massive* gulf in funding and structure between the two. Mike
  16. How would that make it more competitive? As stated above, and been the practice for a few years, open class is allowed to compete in world championships if they want.
  17. I took one JNJ in April 2021. That was it for me. I take them all, too. Shingles, flu shot, taking the pneumonia when I turn 65.
  18. So that semis and finals are more competitive.
  19. In some ways they already do. For example, its good to see Open Class Corps get to compete at Championships in the World Class Division now where the Open Class Corps have sometimes scored and placed higher than some of the World Class Division Corps when given that opportunity.
  20. Yes. This year’s show is basically 2020’s show. As I understand it, they did use last year’s show as kind of a prequel as you put it. Tocatta is even being repeated, though maybe not quite the same. Gives them one movement that 2/3 the corps was already pretty familiar in. I haven’t seen any of the visual but I hear that may be upped a notch or two from what we’re used to seeing- don’t know exactly what that means.
  21. It's probably about time to combine open and world.
  22. That twitch just means the Vax is working. I'm sure pfizer appreciates you
  23. 2 shots + 2 boosters later, I'm doing just fine. (Except for the new twitch.)
  24. I just wanted to thank all of you who took the experimental vaccine so that we could get over the hump to this new normal.
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