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  2. Same problem, different resource: https://thecpsu.org.uk/media/445556/web_cpsustandards.pdf Code of ethics, linked procedures spelled out for staff... this is all stuff I've been harping on about for the last year. And yes, I'm aware this is a resource that pertains to minors. The pageantry arts must do a better job of customizing their safeguarding strategies because they serve hybrid age groups. College and pro athletes have pretty strict conduct to follow and, because more money is on the line, stricter penalties. Teams and coaches are culpable for their rowdy individual team mates. Or... the military has this down to a science, even if imperfect. And while none of these systems will apply to drum corps apples-to-apples, they're all further along in development and no one has to reinvent the wheel to drive improvements. It starts at not placing full blame on the individual member. Ultimately, they're still the young customer who violated policy and they should have been fully informed of exactly what would happen as a result. However, the staff also have a responsibility to act in the best interest of member safety immediately and always. Why weren't these members pulled? Wasn't that in the policy and procedure? So sure, they can either comply to requiered training or show they've done it themselves. At this point, video training is rock bottom minimum, given the industry's history. Better to seek the advice of those with real world safeguarding experience than rely on canned training videos. Ya know, like some of us who have been blowing the whistle or others who express concern to me more quietly. I'm waaay not the only one. Just from Vanguard alum alone. Employers should seek this skillset out and protective or current employees could both benefit professional development in this area. More importantly, the members benefit. Personally, I wasn't worried for my safety at retreats. We were often cat called in 04 by other corps though. Staff just let it happen, it seems.
  3. I hear you can get a few mosquitos in Whitewater.
  4. Our shenanigans on the track were to increase interval so our file was as long as Phantom, Madison, etc. As a contra, we were in the back so it fell on us to ensure this happened.
  5. Tell that to the restaurant down the road
  6. So no euphs this season and all baritones 👀 I hear they are spicy
  7. I just watched the video above and I agree, the shopping cart was in bad taste as well as a potential hazard to the member in it as well as members around it, but the underlying thing that I can't help but note.... Back when there used to be a full retreat at every show, members were taught early how to maintain proper decorum during retreat. That seems to be missing these days. Yes, we all remember flying elbows during the pass through, but the shenanigans ended on the track. Once you were back on the field, all games came to an end. The staff wasn't on the field to police your actions, the veteran membership did that. Now, the veteran members don't even know how to act. Perhaps full retreats should be occurring more often? Perhaps regional should have full retreats so that the members start learning what is expected of them before they get to finals??
  8. At first Pentagon job we were in Crystal City across street as Pentagon was being renovated; building we were in was same one Adm Rickover had used. His philosophy could be summarized as ‘The buck stops here’.
  9. I don't follow WGI, so I'm looking for information. Does anyone know if there's "bad blood" between the 2 groups ? Infinity's reaction also seems a bit "over the top" for a 4th place finish .
  10. She has been with the org for a while now. I won't personally defend her here cause I have zero connection, but I get the sense that many alum would. Specifically for her role last season. That said, I literally can't paint a clearer picture of Vanguard's legacy of risking staff and member safety (substances included or not, take your pick) without being censored. Everywhere. The board has never been held accountable for this, nor staff, because there is no governing body with drum corps in its jurisdiction. Thus, retaining a staffer who directed a group that is now on 2 years' probation for risking their own and others' safety requires a closer look at policy and procedure everywhere. At least, that's what any responsible leader's reaction to this should be. If she enthusiastically complies with all required training, that's a great first step. Again though, the video training doesn't prepare anyone for dynamic, real world scenarios. Period. That's not what they're designed for. Are staffers prepared to pull a star performer who violates policy? Is there a written policy and procedure for what to do in that case no matter the location? Are all staff and members informed of this policy? Does the org have signed agreement of said specific policy? Etc. Future Vanguard members deserve at least that. I personally argue they deserve more, given our history.
  11. A news story mentioned TaylorSwifr accidently swallowed a bug during a recent Chicago concert. With this as the inspiratiob, what drum corps-related bug stories can you share?
  12. Today
  13. Interesting thread. I know none of the players involved. Apparently a lot of inappropriate behavior probably fueled by “John Barleycorn.” If the person being cited by the OP was in some position of responsibility for that group then she should be accountable for it. And that would be the tie to SCV, who apparently has brought her on board? Responsibility is a funny thing. You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you. If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion, or ignorance or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else. Those are not my words. That’s from Hyman Rickover. If you are not familiar with him I invite you to look him up.
  14. Bye bye Buffalo? Shouldn’t that be Bye-son?
  15. I created a YouTube Playlist for anyone not familiar with the pieces in the rep.
  16. Adding to @gbass598 post, here's video from the awards ceremony. Infinity has the guy in the shopping cart with MCM to their right. In my opinion, ridiculously unacceptable behavior. 🤦‍♂️
  17. Jackson was rough..entire tour was rough especially with all of the floods.
  18. For DCI, domed stadiums ensure we’ll have finals. As someone who remembers well 1994 Foxboro where there was a deluge at quarterfinals that cancelled half the show, rivaled only by the pounding rains of 2018 Allentown, domed stadiums are appreciated. However when it comes to football and domed stadiums in places like Buffalo or Foxboro: the worse the weather, the better they do. Some of Tom Brady and the Patriots greatest games were in subzero temperatures and blizzards. The Bills have had some great foul weather games. New York and Chicago fans like inclement weather too. ⚡️❄️🌪️💨🌨️
  19. Some fun melodies in here, especially 7:00 and after.
  20. or having any New York shows anytime soon
  21. I'm definitely not diminishing individual responsibility. I know and care for alum who made bad, youthful decisions when we were younger. It just doesn't strike me as good leadership to place greater accountability on the young adult member than the full adult staffers, especially when safety was at risk. Are we seriously saying everyone nearby on staff thought the grocery cart was a good idea or somehow just didn't see it at all? Either way, accountability goes beyond training and most corps could use a thorough update to their substance use violation policies and protocols. The activity has quite a legacy on the matter and continuing to shuffle accountability never helps.
  22. with Crusaders, Empire and Brigs gone, the one thing Rochester bragged about slipped away...the local support. All Fronteir Field complaints/jokes aside, the crowd in 96 was the biggest i perormed before for DCA finals. even the first few years back after Scranton had good crowds. i agree about Annapolis, but the financial deal for Rochester was incredibly favorable for DCA.....until it wasn't.
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