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  2. or when the alumni just realizes its time to embrace certain changes
  3. IMO, the numbers are meaningless. judging a show through a high cam view only where there is probably sound editing happening? no thanks
  4. This is usually where I get pulled into the conversation. 😄
  5. On Saturday, July 31 we will be hosting our last work shop session at Stellos Stadium in Nashua NH. We are inviting family and friends to come and be a part of our ensemble time beginning at 3:30PM Read the rest of the article here. View the full article
  6. After a month of preparation, The Blue Stars are ready to hit the road this week. We’ve been hard at work putting together “@ The Top of the World” and can’t wait to perform for audiences across the Midwest in person and across the Country on FloMarching. As necessitated by the pandemic, we have some […] View the full article
  7. I didn't even make that connection, but I'm currently a cat person, so I have no clue.
  8. Docking station… Cavies going to get their tails cut off? OK I grew up with Boxers and when I see the word “dock”.
  10. Well, since you asked….🤣 I was going to ask if he watched The Bee Gees documentary on HBO? It was really good.
  11. Were you going to ask if they liked the Beatles?
  12. I want to ask you something but I’d go OT and I’m trying to not do that. 😂
  13. As an aside to your aside, my gen Y neighbors were playing early BeeGees followed by Joni Mitchell over the weekend. Not all is lost. Lol
  14. Yesterday
  15. I loved Le Reve. Doing this arrangement was just one of the reasons.
  16. [an aside, someone really should arrange this for a ballad on the field]
  17. And will have to watch the clock better Wednesday. Some corps appeared to have partial shows.
  18. But seriously, if there ever was a year to go all in on a VK style show...
  19. Maybe they'll put all of them together to make an underwire for giant skirt for a puppet! The puppet can moan suggestively while stabbing MMs during a Paris shopping spree. [we might as well get all the things out of the way]
  20. Watch the video series. they’re producing weekly episodes. Holy Crap. The Cavaliers new equipment trucks are pretty impressive. Automatic ramps for the front ensemble to roll up (instead of lifted) and solar panels. Crazy. Also just saw that all members, staff and volunteers had to be vaccinated and are retested weekly. Impressive. Great hope for the future.
  21. So, how many female members do the Scouts have in their first season as a coed corps?
  22. I use the😂when I find something obviously funny, but I use it less and less and use the heart for liking a post more often, even a humorous one, just so the OP knows I am not mocking them.
  23. I thought the same thing. Much was made in another thread about criticizing a corps as not taking risks, but I think we're going to see more "conservative" and less "risk taking" this season. And there's nothing wrong with it.
  24. Lately I’ve been noticing a couple people who have taken to using the 😂 emoji mockingly. I don’t think they realize they come off as braying mules. Jokes on them.
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