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  2. *faint* more to follow after I recover.............
  3. We take you back to the very first DCI Championships in 1972! Our panel of DCI legends and luminaries WHO WHERE THERE on that first night will share stories as we watch some performances from 1972 DCI finals from Whitewater! With Brandt Crocker (legendary DCI announcer), Steve Vickers (Drum Corps World), Gary Dickelman (Blessed Sacrament […] View the full article
  4. What’s up with Bloo? The answer is…A LOT! In this episode, hear about all of the things that the Bluecoats have been up to. Fundraising, Bingo, Auctions, Bonus Content, Webinars, our Best Bluecoats Ballad Contest, and more! Catch up on the latest with your favorite drum corps. Episode includes Bob Chreste. Read the rest of […] View the full article
  5. Covid-19 has created an incredible amount of challenges for organizations like Spirit of Atlanta, and we are doing all that we can to continue to keep our family active and healthy at the same time. Based on the most recent information available we have made the decision to indefinitely postpone the 2020 Spirit of Atlanta […] View the full article
  6. It should go beyond saying that I am very sorry about what happened to your wife. But I don’t see how suppressing discussion or eliminating levity would change that outcome, or prevent other similar outcomes in the future. You think that just because I want to keep our spirits up that I don’t care about people dying? You really think I don’t care about people? My wife is high-risk and I have left the house exactly twice in the last 5 months (to take her to the doctor) so as to do everything I can to protect her. And since things have only recently gotten bad here it may well be many more months to come. I care about people as much as anyone. A little levity on DCP helps me get through the day. Or at least it used to. Taking a break from DCP.
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  8. All this squabbling about numbers is beginning to remind me of the chairs on the Titanic. Eventually, everyone will expire, it's true, some of them from this virus. The question is: How many does it take for that to matter enough such that the living ones wake up enough to actually mobilize themselves into effective action? It seems more important to blame each other about who allowed the deck chairs to get misaligned. All of us want drum corps, WGI, marching bands and strawberry sundaes with a cherry on top, and the sooner the better. Now, how are we going to make that happen? Regarding schools, I'm surprised no one has suggested just bagging next semester altogether in favor of going year-round for the next few cycles. Spring Break isn't sacred. It's not even in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. It's just possible to treat COVID shutdowns like instruction lost to "snow days", or baseball rain outs. Just play double-headers for a while to catch up. There are no good answers here, but some of them will cost fewer lives, regardless of how we crunch the numbers.
  9. Ironic timing as have to send one of my wife’s death certificates out tomorrow.... One that says pneumonia/acute respiratory distress (only difference is she caught flu and not CV)... laugh a minute here....
  10. How dare you minimize the serious of this? 😛
  11. I saw them at the Canton show on Aug. 8, 1999 (just a few days before championships) and I was shocked when they placed fifth, although one of my friends attending said she felt it was a boring show, adding something like, "I'm getting tired of the Bluecoasts' schtick."
  13. I'm trying to remember; did the Colorado Bandmasters Association cancel their 2020 marching season?
  14. OK, then how about this: 100% of the people who get COVID-19 will die.
  15. You didn't include me and now I'm having Delusions of Exclusion.
  16. I DID say it was directed all around. And to be clear I get upset when people draw the conclusion “well it’s not THAT bad” which is totally different from determining numbers without drawing conclusions of good/bad.
  17. Even factoring that in, it could easily be a 10x difference. I just think we want to understand the actual situation to a reasonable extent so we can make the best possible decisions.
  18. DCI and WGI if operated by the sample that is active around here, has no chance to return. One person gets angry because I make a sarcastic comment about numbers, yet they can post up info on numbers without anyone getting all bent out of shape - Hypocrisy controls and rules the day. If and that is a big IF people finally realize that we have to find a way to work safer with this virus in our lives then nothing is coming back. Vac is a huge if and when.
  19. From what Im told by many...hopeful for 2021 season.Likleyhood , pretty darn low and yes band season as well as WGI will have an affect.
  20. College basketball leagues are announcing they are not participating this season. And that’s just the beginning. As cases rise more and more out of people’s sheer ignorance and stupidity, more activities will be forced to cease operations. That alone should tell people that a niche activity like DCI has little chance of making a return next season.
  21. Little less murky but I’m OK. Just a reminder that death cert will probably not list CV as cause of death. More likely pneumonia or acute respiratory distress just like in regular flu deaths.
  22. Based on what has been reported (and opinions I myself have personally heard) there are other challenges if/when a vaccine is produced. There are many people who do not want to take the vaccine because of inane conspiracy theories. No, it will not have a controlling microchip embedded in it. Unless proof of vaccination is mandatory for participation in the activity, it's just another road block to having a competitive season.
  23. Veering back on topic, I am curious about something. This forecast was posted on page 1 of this thread: My question for all of you - Say C-19 is effectively mitigated by vaccine(s) which become widely available in the fall/winter, but by which time WGI and other winter pageantry arts circuits have cancelled their seasons. How many of you feel that no matter what the timing/circumstances, there is no chance that DCI would be the first marching arts circuit to return to action? In other words, is the return of either fall marching band or winter guard/perc/etc. a prerequisite to the return of DCI?
  24. The case fatality rate just divides deaths by known cases. We know that known cases are just a fraction of actual cases, though we don’t know exactly how many there are. So the actual mortality rate, which suggests the chance of dying if you get it, is much lower.
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