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  2. Hope they will be ok. I lost my 95 yo mother last year. For now, just make sure do not have direct contact with anyone beyond facility staff who use recommended precautions.
  3. My 91 yo step-father tested positive for Covid19. He is in the hospital. He lives with my 96 yo mother in an assisted living facility. She has not been tested yet and doesn’t really understand what is going on. They have not left their apartment since a week ago yesterday.
  4. This link was already posted by RetiredMusTeach DCP Veteran Posted Saturday at 07:29 PM Just saw this excellent opinion piece on Stephen Riley's Law Blog. "The End of Tresona" If you want to read the entire 31 page summary and judgement of the case; I posted on Sunday at 08:41 PM united states court of appeals for the ninth circuit It details the entire claim and judegement from the UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT between: Plaintiff-Appellant/Appellee: TRESÓNA MULTIMEDIA, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company. V. Defendants-Appellees/Appellants: BURBANK HIGH SCHOOL VOCAL MUSIC ASSOCIATION; BRETT CARROLL; JOHN DOE CARROLL, a married couple; ELLIE STOCKWELL; JOHN DOE STOCKWELL, a married couple; MARIANNE WINTERS; JOHN DOE WINTERS, a married couple; GENEVA TARANDEK; JOHN DOE TARANDEK, a married couple; LORNA CONSOLI; JOHN DOE CONSOLI, a married couple; CHARLES RODRIGUEZ; JOHN DOE RODRIGUEZ, a married couple. This is a 31 page document in "PDF" which can be downloaded and if you wish, you can convert the PDF to TEXT using any of the the Free on-line converting services.
  5. AS I said said they have been paid or will NEED to be paid. Contracts are in place for a reason.
  6. Harbor Freight has been great community stewards before all of this. Great place to buy tools but do have to pay attention to the quality of the stuff there. some good, some garbage. I spend too much money there when I go. Encouraging: my lovely bride's COVID test came back negative, so she'll be back to work on Thursday. And it looks like I'll be heading back to work next week, at least for a couple of days. Being paid to stay home and we're making a dent in the honey-do list, but I'd really rather be working.
  7. I think Madison will come out strong. In fact, I think all of the corps will be ok as long as they can get financial assistance.
  8. Hey I played a season on Corders....I have seen the end
  9. I thought my last post made everything clear, but fine, here is my proof
  10. IMO...regardless of gender...keep the swagger and for the love of God, stop mining the archives
  11. i only played bass, so i avoided the Stingray wedge. in facts we didn't use them that long and went back to regular styled Stingrays. remember...Stingray...the best reason to play Pearl! ( or yamaha, Premier, Ludwig, Dynasty, trash cans, bus seats.....)
  12. i don't think a lot of the payments you reference have actually been made yet. thats usually April/May when they start getting made
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  14. I got to play with one of the Ludwig Challenger HV's once. It made this satisfying "creaking" noise everytime you would crank the head that let you know that imminent shell collapse was just around the corner.
  15. yes and in true legendary Cadets fashion they will then scrap it and redo it in April 2021. Then they will teach it at ST and realize it is 17 minutes long and start the cuts they've won several championships just like that!
  16. My brother in-law and sister in-law both marched with Mighty St. Joe's. Sadly, not much exists of this great corps beyond audio recordings. I located the following links for you Mighty St Joe's Facebook page: VA Video clips: posted by MightyStJoes Video clip: 1969 St. Joes of Batavia drum and bugle corps at the Nationals VFW Prelims in Philadelphia. posted by Roy Perez Audio Recording: Mighty St Joe's 1969 Show.wmv posted by b40years Video Show: The 1970 St. Joseph's of Batavia performance at the World Open Finals. They placed 8th with a score of 69.050. posted by Ken Collum Audio Recording: 1971 St Joe's of Batavia at Garfield, NJ. posted by charles frost Audio Recording: St. Joseph of Batavia 1971 at Drums on Parade, Auburn, N.Y. Recorded by Robert Mullally posted by Jim Vivenzio
  17. The meat on the bones will be surprising. The DCA units are basically mid season on the budget. Alot of the budget has been allocated. Equipment, Electronics, Horns, Drums, Costumes has either been paid out or under contract. Alot of the staff has either been paid or will need to be paid as the Music and drum book has been written . Add to that the drill designers have either written the books and should have delivered it by now and are going expect to be paid. So there is a lot of expenses on the table that the DCA units are not going to be able to cover with parade fees and tour fees this season. I'm sure most of the remaining staff members will be fine foregoing their payments for the rest of the year. I am sure many of them understand the unusual nature of the crisis. But there may be contracts in place that have to be paid considering many of these staff members potentially gave up other paying jobs in order to satisfy the contract they are under. While some of the larger DCA units will have some pad in the budget to recover from this...I am going to suggest a great majority of the bottom feeders won't and will have to fold. Then there leaves the question about DCA responsibility under contracts with Championships. What monies did they guarantee? This is going to be interesting to follow. I do not see it ending well at all.
  18. I may do that. Beggars can't be choosers at this point. I would order online but everyone's online sites are SOOOOOO leggy right now. I'm sure it's because of the number of people shopping online. I may just venture to Olies and see what they have. I did manage to order some disinfectant spray that will be here thursday. Every store has been out for over 3 weeks now which I find insane. I also went to Harbor Freight yesterday to get some nitrate gloves. They were out because they donated their entire stock of masks, gloves and faceshields from every store in the US to local hospitals. They now have a life long customer.
  19. Oh, man - I *loved* those split shells. They did it again in '91 with the free floaters - it was beautiful. Mike
  20. Never thought of that thanks. Had an extended family member who was an alcoholic. Every time he went in for surgery (hip, knee, etc) he’d be good for 48 hours and then have visual hallucinations for the next 24. Had back surgery and 3 days later went into a coma for weeks. Best guess is he lied about his drinking and went into bad withdrawal.
  21. here is the most interesting interpretation of the opinion: This could be something DCI, DCA, BOA, WGI units can use to expand what they can use and how much they spend on licensing. It will be interesting if the activity can use this new precedence to "renegotiate" any agreements with Tresona...maybe capitalize on this decision...assuming it holds up upon appeal if Tresona appeals.
  22. Don't know where "here" is. But they are considered "essential " in N.J. The Record had an article on this today. One of main reasons is avoid forcing people with alcohol dependency into withdrawal and possibly into the hospital. My brother is an alcoholic. Once he tried to quit "cold turkey". He had severe withdrawal symptoms ,including "the shakes",tremors and hallucinations. Ended up in the hospital. They had to give him Valium, or something like it ,help him "detox" and prevent seizures. He was there for a few days. So I can understand not wanting more people to end up in the E.R.
  23. No - not at all. There was nothing in what you posted to be contentious with at all. I posted that from personal experience when I bought an office chair. Maybe I'm just difficult when buying a chair. The one I ended up buying is losing it's pleather surface 2 years later - and it took me a week of testing chairs to finally choose it. I had to put a cloth on it to prevent all the loose pleather from sticking to me when I get up from it.
  24. Liquor stores are considered an essential service here. They stopped accepting cash payments however. Credit or debit cards only now.
  25. I bought one for Jim a few years ago and he’s sitting in it right now. it seems as if you’re looking to be contentious with me. I have no idea why.
  26. There is an Ollie's about 15 minutes from me, in Toms River. I have not had of going there, but my wife stocked up on some stuff for a project her grand-niece is doing for girl scouts.
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