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  2. Hey folks. We have a growing high school marching band program in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We're looking for some help to support the band director and make the program better. We are looking for somebody to help with drill design / overall show visual, marching instructor, and a band front tech. Obviously since I'm asking here, we're hoping to find folks with DCI experience at these jobs. The bulk of the help would be needed during the "band camp" period in August to put the show together, and periodic support during the season for competition preparation. Beyond this, I'm not really sure how or what to ask for. Do DCI programs offer help for high schools? Is there a community of retired / apprentice DCI drill designers and instructors who do this type of work with high schools? A gazillion years ago, our high school program had an amazing team that came together to help with our shows (I think we even paid travel for a couple guys to come in from CA for band camp.) Can anybody point me in the right direction to find this type of help? And of course, I will ask what type of stipend is customary for these types of positions (keeping in mind that we're a small high school program) so we can plan a budget. Thanks for any help and/or direction you can provide!
  3. Missed that thanks. Church I used to go to (Just closed its doors) had a large deaf/hearing impaired group. Couple of friends would interpret services. Tried ASL class but had no one to practice with so didn't stick.
  4. JimF-LowBari

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    Let's not lump show depicting violence in history (Spartacus, Bonnie and Clyde), opera/musicals (West Side Story) with anything depicting violence in society today (hospitals/schools/workplace). Still have no idea of the reasons for the guns in a John Q show. Has anyone seen the show to explain as movie was about costs of medical care.
  5. I said a few years back in a post there is no way a Civil War show where the South wins would be fielded today, and when these shows were fielded, it was a different time. Post Charlottesville 2017, which ironically happened on finals day in Indy, it would be interpreted differently. Also, as far as Bridgemen’s interpretation, who won was meant to add humor, but the peace flag and the blue and gray walking arm in arm was meant to show unity. That theme would be done differently today, and forty years from now, that show may be controversial. Who knows?
  6. Tim K

    The Cadets 2019

    I too read the Reddit post and agree with what you say. I know someone who has a child who marched with Cadets and much of what the Reddit poster said sound like her son’s experience, though she felt that staff was great about addressing concerns of parents and marching members which differs a bit from the Reddit post. What I did appreciate was an insider’s view of the season. Those kids took a great deal in stride and the staff gave more than their best. Regarding parental qualms, Cadets may well be the strictest corps regarding safety and boundaries. More often than not, when an organization faces what Cadets faced, they tend to be hyper vigilant. I don’t think recruitment will be an issue, and a staff working together months in advance rather than a month in advance is critical. Finances may continue to be a concern and while the challenges may be greater for Cadets, they are not alone in that regard.
  7. "Yankee Rebels 1969": The old Baltimore Yankee Rebels senior corps did a Civil War show, (The first of it's kind BTW), way back in 1969. They called it "Requiem for an Era" and it was written by none other than Truman W. Crawford, a serving officer (And Commander) of the USMC drum and bugle corps. The show was greeted with standing ovations, and a benchmark production for it's time. Garfield Cadets did an "America the Brave" type of show in 1971 & 1972, and Casper Troopers did a "Custer's Last Stand" feature in 1971. The Madison Scouts did a "Pirates of Lake Mendota" a few years back, complete with sword fights and a pirate captin being done in by his first mate. All of those shows were tremendous crowd faves. Elphaba
  8. IMHO, you could not be more wrong
  9. To play Devil's advocate here, it should be noted that drum corps are not beholden to any school districts for their very existence and who, more importantly, approve their budgets. Couldn't you see how, given that context, a show depicting kids being held at gunpoint *might* not be the wisest creative choice? Or that those who might find such a scene inappropriate at a high school band competition might have an understandable, if not valid point?
  10. elphaba01

    Corps That Made Top 12 Once?

    "One and Done" Royal Crusaders & Dutch Boy Elphaba
  11. garfield

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Besides, there’s already a waiting list for that job
  12. exactly how i feel about marching arts show design across the board. if i personally feel a design choice is ostentatious like this one, i'll give it a jab on dcp, but i don't want to turn into the old man yelling at a cloud over inevitable changes i personally don't care for.
  13. year1buick

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Imagine when video tarps come into play. (They will, one day.) Even crazier possibilities, though I’m still more of a fan of “less is more.” I guess the marching world is passing me by, LOL.
  14. The Starriders Youtube team is pleased to be able to show you a small season review today. The result is a video that summarizes the highlights of our 2018 season. Read the rest of the article here. View the full article
  15. Award-winning Santa Clara Vanguard staff members Matt Penland and Tyler Sammons are joining the Music City Drum Corps as percussion designers for the 2019 season. Matt will serve as the arranger for the percussion battery. Tyler will join Matt as arrangers for the front ensemble. Matt Penland is a percussionist in the U.S. Air Force […] View the full article
  16. This is some stupid S#!t. Drum Corps depict killings all the time. This was a segment of a show that depicted holding characters at gunpoint. I would love to see the whole show. Get off your P. C. soapbox and look at the shows you've marched, Applauded for and put in your favorites list.
  17. deftguy

    Show design puzzle

    The bugs can confirm this.....
  18. Last week
  19. I74

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Maybe so,, but old school is the way to go. Plenty of people out there with talent, - young ''or'' old .... Combine the two,, you have a, ''''Win - Win'''''' .
  20. Phantombari1

    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Unique doesn't get scores. Maybe you meant they are sneaking up on division 2. Phantom has beat the old tunes to death. It's time the move to modern classical. They also need to get away from the writers writing for themselves and start writing for the corp. Bring back the power and beauty that is Phantom. If they did that I'd be ok with Park and blow...Even though they are much more capable. The only time you hear talk about Phantom are the whispers in the crowd saying "what happened?"
  21. old vanguard

    Corps That Made Top 12 Once?

    Des Plaines Vanguard placed 7th in 1972.
  22. corps8294

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Any word from the Oregon Crusaders? That corps sounded like it was ready to completely fall apart after the season ended.
  23. deftguy

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    That is nowhere close to what TS is doing. They have taken it WAAAAAY beyond this level .
  24. RetiredMusTeach

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Finally starting to get some news from my home corps about staff. This looks exciting for the 2019 percussion people!
  25. Weaklefthand4ever

    Relative Newbie

    I think you hit the nail on the head and my guess is that it's honesty generational. My first live experience with DCI was in 1984 in Birmingham and I started marching in 1987. I'm drawn to roughly that same time frame of shows with very few exceptions and usually those exceptions are very much stand out's for one reason or another (2016 Bluecoats would be an example.) To my eyes and ears, the mid-80's through roughly 2011 had a great balance between M&M, sound, accessible (and entertaining) music all of which created highly entertaining shows that I can still hum from beginning to end to this day (as I type this '87 Sky Ryders "There's a place for us" just popped into my head.) I don't know if to my senses the horns line played more. I always felt through performing and playing, that the musical level (difficulty,) hasn't really changed much from then to now. The drill is certainly more demanding and I MARVEL at how these young adults fly across the field. There's just something about the fine balance of that "generation" of shows that makes them memorable to me more so that today's. My father hated the electronics being introduced but I truly believe that if used tastefully, they can add a tremendous amount of additional voicing to shows. As he got older, I would introduce him to shows with subtle uses of electronics and I truly don't believe he ever noticed. In short, I think the biggest difference came to me when I first saw PR 2010. That show, whether you are a fan or not, elicited an emotional response that to me, sums up a generation of drum corps sound which I continue to search for every year and every show.
  26. jjeffeory

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    I dunno that any corps would do that, but it HAS already been done in the marching band world.
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