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  2. This was my first year attending regular shows. I took my son and a friend that was about 14 years old and we had a great time. Both boys were big Cavalier fans. They both bought shirts. After that I went to at least 2 or 3 events every year with my sons. The shows that made an impression to me as I remember: Cadets (it was so different) not sure how I felt about it but I still remember it; Cavaliers show was also so different and the drill so interesting; my son liked the Blue Devils and the drill of the gun; My son liked seeing the old guys out there..lol in the all age corps. These are the memories that come to mind first.
  3. parking is a challenge yes, as it's not a stadium like you'll get at most high schools or colleges or pro stadiums. Not sure how Uber will work and i believe there is still some construction on 22/Hamilton Blvd there by the stadium where the bridge going over the creek was being replaced after 20,000 years. Now by the stadium are many small private lots where for decent prices you can park and have a short walk to all of the fun. i'd be glad to message either of you privately
  4. you'll want to look a little outside of town...either out by the airport, or out in Fogelsville where Rt 100 meets I 78. The few right by Dorney Park generally get filled up with people going to Dorney park. if you belong to a hotel rewards group, you'll find some good options
  5. the key is getting a balance. talent alone does not guarantee success. some of the laziest people on earth are the most talented. You need all 3 to be successful in DCI.
  6. I wish they would rehash '91! That brass book. Oof! 🙂
  7. I've been going here for decades... My suggestion for Uber is to enter stadium on W Turner, but get there from (W Chew Street) and N 22nd Street. Get your Uber to the Volunteer Fire Station on West End (not the stadium). You can enter stadium entrance there which is literally across the street. Linden Street is not option as the corps busses and trucks will be there. Also Hamilton Avenue at bottom of hill is very congested. If you want to trek up the hill(mountain), you will have to go to East side as West side is corps entrance only. If you want to see warmups, then get dropped off at the park area on Hamilton Avenue around N Ott Street or a bit closer to stadium and walk in. It's a nice park and you'll probably see a lot of tailgating parties there as well.
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  9. Jeff, the problem with that for about 10 years now, is do you want work your ### off all day long or go to a corps like Crown, BD, SCV, Bluecoats, Boston and not the rigors of the other drum corps? I saw this up close over the past 15 years.
  10. There are not any hotels in the immediate area near the stadium that I know of which makes sense considering the stadium in spite of its size is meant for high school sports and is built near where people live. Parking can be tricky. I park each year in the same lot and arrive at the same time to park. Friday is never a problem, usually just $5, Saturday is $10 and good spots go fast. I would think Uber would be a disaster in Allentown. Connecting with an Uber driver would be difficult. Cars are not allowed on the road nearest the stadium. Traffic on Hamilton Street, the main road near the stadium is crazy. People are everywhere. Even if you have to walk a bit, a car nearby is the best option. I usually stay in either Bethlehem or Quakertown. Both are near the highway which makes a Saturday day trip easier. I don’t stay in five star accommodations. I splurge a bit in Indy but in Allentown clean and reasonably convenient are what matter most. I also make sure I have at least one breakfast at either Ham-Fam or Quakertown Family Restaurant. Chances are you’ll hear at least one juicy bit of info at one of these establishments which turns out to be true, and lots that aren’t, but if you don’t hear at least a few tidbits, your Allentown experience is not complete.
  11. Still remember the DCA Prelims trip my sister and I took. This was when Prelims and Finals were same day so early Sunday morning. Pull into a closed strip mall and guy asked with a smile on his face “you here for the show”. When I said yes it was “PRIVATE LOT MOVE IT OR GET TOWED”. So we parked on the street right in front of him. 😈 Leaving putting stuff in the car and happened to look up. Someone pulled out without looking and car coming up the street took all the chrome off the side of that car. Can still see the chrome strips flying up like little missles. I kept my head down, jumped in and said to sis “we didn’t see ####” as the drivers were getting out and 😡
  12. We stayed in a Hampton inn that was about 15 -20 minutes away. I think it was west of Allentown. It was 2014 so my memory is foggy. I was pretty uncomfortable on the bench seats and it rained on Friday. But I knew it was the last time I was ever going there so it was fine. It was my Allentown farewell trip. Parking is a challenge.
  13. It’s beautiful. The humidity is lower and rainy season is over. If I see the pig, you got it. 🐷
  14. I remember the police lining the parade route in NYC In 1976 because people would throw stuff. But, in all the parades I’ve been in between band and drum corps, that was the worst thing I ever saw.
  15. I was looking to go this past summer but then changed my mind. I was looking at the hotels (google maps) down 222 close to I-78? I've heard parking is a real issue & wanted to Uber to stadium. I would be interested to see any info offered as well. 🤔
  16. Off topic a little: I don't see much lodging near J Birney Crum Stadium. Any suggestions for a first-time Allentown attendee?
  17. Released by Video Express in the early 90's, original VHS set in great condition, hard to find! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334243530287
  18. Original Video Express VHS set from the 90's, great condition, hard to find! https://www.ebay.com/itm/334243531325
  19. That's interesting......I heard from a pretty reliable source today.....He also confirmed "tinkering", but said that it was this.......a drill set change was made at a practice before prelims, and there were not enough reps....some members stepped over the front sideline, and the corps was penalized. That's a tough break, because without that, they would have been a 10th place finalist.
  20. Last week
  21. It's just depressing to think about. Everyone here saw ourselves in those band members if you watched the same video as me. It hit home even harder for me because I am from New orleans and along with mardi gras parades our band would do about five of these a year. The thought never occurred to me that some psychopath would start mauling us with a car, and that was about fifteen years ago
  22. Mr Haney explains MediCare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY3ncbgbUYk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY3ncbgbUYk
  23. Hope the weather is swinging more to your liking. If you see him, tell Arnold Ziffel I said hello
  24. Agree they may have slowed it down, but if, for whatever motivation, someone is hell-bent on doing something stupid, they will find a way to do it. But physical barriers like the trucks may give him a chance to pause & think about what he is fixin' to do.
  25. This thread is a “combination” of music, choreography, and of course Drum Corps … “May all of the “Memories” continue …” “West Side Story” [2021] comes to the Screen [AMC] … this coming Friday, December 10th, 2021. Director/Producer: Steven Spielberg … Executive Producer: Rita Moreno The [2021] film is NOT a REMAKE of the 1961 “Classic”. It is “based” on the 1957 Broadway musical … The music is still familiar, as are some of the characters. Ms. Rachel Zegler, as “Maria”, is a new “shining Star”. Ms. Rita Moreno appears again, this time as “Valentina”; replacing Ned Glass, as owner of the Shop. … The choreography … color schemes … cinematography … appear to be something to behold … Plz check out the Trailer dropS on social media. West Side Story [the “Movie”] opened Wednesday, October 18th [1961] … West Side Story [2021] appears a little more than 60 years afterwards. At least three [3] members of the original cast are no longer with us. Ms. Moreno will be “90” years old on Saturday, December 11th [2021]. Sidenote: She is the last remaining “Main” cast member of “Singing in the Rain” [1952]. The Cavaliers brought WSS to life 39 winters ago [1982] via WGI. For Drum Corps fans … who can forget the WSS based shows of the Garfield Cadets of 1984 [37 summers ago] & the Cadets of 2009 [12 summers ago] … how quickly time passes … Mr. Spielberg brings this iconic classic [WSS] to the Screen for “a new generation/audience” … I think it’s going to conjure up some beautiful “Memories” (in many different ways) for Drum Corps fans, performers and associated Corps members.
  26. Overtime. The staff was tinkering with the show all summer and left too much in the show.
  27. Your point could not be more clear. Blue Devils are rehashing 2006 next year.
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